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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The last Russian prisoner of Guantanamo will be released

A native of Naberezhnye Chelny, Ravil Mingazov to be released from prison on a U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay, where he spent 14 years without charges. However, the home of the last Russian most famous American prison will return is unlikely in Russia, the former Guantanamo prisoners on the loose are usually not delayed.

The interagency organization called the Commission, the purpose of which is to examine the personal files of prisoners at guantánamo, agreed that Mingazov does not constitute a threat to the national security of the United States and not involved in terrorist activities. Therefore, it will be freed, reported the Associated press. Lawyers Mingazova informed him about this decision during a specially arranged teleconference. “His reaction was emotional, the lawyer said, Garry Thompson. We still can’t believe that it happened. 14 years Ravil held in prison without charges. This is an amazing day.”

“We still can’t believe that it happened. 14 years Ravil held in prison without charges. This is an amazing day”

The first thing Mingazov has announced that they will be treated to dinner, the prisoners of the prison, and then will think what to do next. But in any case, the likelihood that he himself, would willingly return to Russia is small. Mingazova lawyers insist that he was sent to Britain where the political asylum he received his ex-wife and son. Perhaps the us authorities will do so.

Ravil Mingazov in the profession of ballet dancer. He is now 48 years old. In the late nineties he became a staunch believer Muslim. According to him, for his beliefs in the homeland were persecuted, so he moved with his family to Tajikistan and from there to Pakistan. There he took in the house, which, presumably, was the presence of Palestinian Abu Zubaydah – his government believed the United States recruiter “al-Qaeda”. Mingazova suspected of involvement associated with the terrorist organization Islamic movement of Uzbekistan. He denied all charges, claiming that he came to Pakistan just to live.

Anyway, Mingazov as Abu Zubaydah, were among the first Guantanamo prisoners. This prison on the grounds of the U.S. military base in Cuba, was originally intended exclusively for foreigners captured during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. In the minds of its creators, it had become a kind of filtration the point at which the total mass of the detainees of the intelligence agencies could find members of al-Qaida, including those relating to terrorist attack on the twin towers in new York on 11 September 2001. However, gradually it became clear that to identify involved in terrorist activities, and most importantly, to find evidence of their guilt, the American investigators did not so easy. The number of prison inmates increased, especially after the American invasion of Iraq. The total number of those who through it has passed is unknown, but apparently it’s a little less than a thousand. The largest group of foreign prisoners of Guantanamo are citizens of Saudi Arabia (over 130 people). The second largest group are citizens of Afghanistan (more than 120), the third – Yemenis (about 100 people). Was among the prisoners and citizens of Western European countries, such as Britain, France, and Germany.

The U.S. government, both domestically and abroad, have often been criticized for the existence of this prison. Angered and enveloping its atmosphere of secrecy (until recently it was not clear how many prisoners it contains, were not even known the names of many of them), unclear legal status of prisoners (they are not legally considered to be neither prisoners of war nor prisoners), and finally the conditions of detention. Prisoners repeatedly stated that they were subjected to the treatment which human rights advocates have described as torture, and threats of extradition to countries such as Egypt or Uzbekistan), where something that already can definitely be considered torture is practiced. In particular, about the torture inflicted to him of the CIA, told co-defendant Mingazova, Abu Zubaydah. Detainees through their lawyers have complained to various authorities.

Gradually the number of Guantanamo detainees has decreased. Many of them were convicted by the ordinary courts, 14 people headed by the alleged handler of bin Laden and the direct organizer of the September 11 attacks Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial at a military base directly. The part of the prisoners gave to their homeland, many were released. RIA Novosti, citing the special envoy of the US state Department for the closure of Guantanamo Bay If the Hairs are reports that only 8.3% of the released allegedly involved in terrorist activities.

U.S. President Barack Obama, during his election campaign he promised to immediately close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. But Congress blocked the initiative, deciding that the national security of the country it still need. However, it has established an interdepartmental Commission (it’s called the Commission), which dealt with each of the personal Affairs of a prisoner at Guantanamo. From it depends the fate of Mingazova.

He was the eighth (according to others, the ninth), the prisoner of Guantanamo, who have Russian citizenship. They were all taken by the us military and intelligence agencies either in Afghanistan or in Pakistan. Seven prisoners in 2004 were sent to Russia. It natives of Kabardino-Balkaria, Rasul Kudaev and Ruslan Odizhev, residents of Bashkortostan Ravil Gumarov and Shamil Hajiyev, born in Tyumen region Timur Ishmuradov, Chelyabinsk, Rustam Akhmiarov and Tatarstan Ayrat Vahitov. Evidence to indict these people in the terrorist activities of the us government not found. The other thing is Russia.

Here is the first among the released were behind bars, Shamil Khadzhiev. In December 2004, he was accused of involvement in a banned organization “Hizb-ut-Tahrir, as well as inciting ethnic hatred. He spent some time in prison, after released for lack of evidence. Hajiyev went to the Netherlands, where very soon he was granted political asylum. Gumarova and Ishmuradov in 2005 was charged in the explosion of a gas pipeline in Bugulma. There were two process. The first jury acquitted them, deeming the substantive allegations of the accused that from them beat out a confession. But in 2006, a new process, which insisted the Prosecutor’s office, they still were found guilty. Ishmuratov was sentenced to eight years in prison Gumarov seven. Vakhitov and Akhmiarov also, shortly after his arrival went to prison for inciting ethnic hatred. However, they were released for lack of evidence. Recently, there have been reports that Vakhitov was detained again, this time in Turkey on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack in Istanbul.

The most severe sentence of the released Guantanamo detainees has been in Russia Kudaev. He was arrested a year later after returning home and was sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in a terrorist attack by the militants in Nalchik in 2005. Probably the same sentence threatened and Digivu held in the same case. However, in 2007 he died in detention.

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