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Sunday, August 20, 2017

The boycott of the Olympics would be the best gift to our geopolitical enemies

On Wednesday Vladimir Putin meets with our Olympic team leaves for Rio. It will be a weakened team – many of our athletes were not allowed to play because of a doping scandal. Although the struggle for them is still ongoing, many consider that after the incident, Russia had a boycott of the Olympics, why go after such humiliation?

Although the IOC has not backed calls to suspend the Russian team from the Olympics, our team in Rio is far from complete – not coming athletes in other disciplines can not be made by individual athletes, which naturally will affect the results (especially when, for example, takes out one of the four rowers, in fact, removed all four).

“Russia should not be provoked and get into pre-prepared a trap for us”

Doping scandal, bloated against Russia, has led to the fact that this Olympics has become for us the hardest of all in which we participated. So why to go, say supporters of the boycott – let’s give a worthy response to the humiliation and prejudice against Russia and will decline to participate. With a loud, clearly condemning the “double standards” of international structures and expose the conspiracy against Russia. In war as in war – how much can you endure humiliation?

The word “humiliation” is key in the mouth of a boycott. Do we continue to tolerate, above us in the open sneers of the world, Western press, as we are put to the pillory and depict “the violators of the conventions and morals, and just criminals? Enough to endure – it’s time to fight the holders of the world order, those who think that the right to set laws that in the world of sport, in Finance, in politics. It is clear that we are talking not about the sport – it is just an excuse for a new round of controversy about the tactics and strategy of Russia in global Affairs, about our place in a changing world.

There are political arguments. Supposedly, participation in the Games after this humiliation and bad impact on the trust of citizens to power – they see that for admission to global projects our “elite” are willing to endure any humiliation, to put up with the way smear the honor of the country”.

So why not boycott the Games?

The campaign “Russia – doping” is meant to build our country’s image a global criminal, you see, these Russians are all over breaking the laws and rules that they pose a threat to the world. Disgust, fear, contempt – that must feel towards Russia in the world. And, as a consequence, to exclude Russia from the circle of “decent” powers, to make an outcast like before it was Iran and now North Korea.

It is clear that with Russia this will not work – two years after the Crimea showed the hopelessness of these attempts. But what passes in full, does not negate the attempts of local subtransactions of the same global sport which is an important part of the global competition. Off Russia from the international competitions – good propaganda success in the overall standings of the confrontation between Russia and the Atlanticists. The problem is that even that our opponents have no strength – that showed the story of the doping scandal.

Despite the most open (and doubtless even more powerful hidden) pressure of the Anglo-Saxons on the IOC, the proposal for the withdrawal of Russia from the Olympics is not passed. And what is IOC? This is a peculiar cast of supranational, but primarily European elites – there converge the most intricate and sophisticated mechanisms of influence of “old money” and “old aristocracy”, national structures and national interests. What IOC President Bach called “Putin’s poodle”, demonstrates the level of tension within the global elite – there is no agreement on the “Russian question”.

Some forces, supporters of the accelerated implementation of the project “Atlantic globalization” put on rigid containment and confrontation with Russia, the isolation and the destruction of our country. Others, including a large part of European elites in favor of agreements with Russia on key global issues, expecting soft power to make our country, if not an ally, but a partner.

In this situation, Russia is building its strategy as the object and subject of global games. All of Putin’s policies aimed at Russia’s return to independent status in world Affairs as one of the key centers of power, as a power that will together with others to formulate new rules, postatlantis, world order.

It is our goal towards which we need to strengthen our country from within and to strengthen its weight on the world stage, and to correctly relate (and in some cases directly to coordinate its actions with the policies of other centers of power, as well as we are not interested in victory, “the Atlantic globalization.” These centres – almost all the world’s leading civilization, our objective allies in the work of dismantling “of the world-American”. But none of them is interested in a simple collapse of the existing world order – everyone needs a gradual, careful operation, to replace it by a new one reflecting the current balance of power and order.

Therefore, no one collapses the dollar, will not declare the United States the main threat to peace and requires their isolation is too big a risk to be buried under the rubble of a crumbling Babylon. Not for Russia and China – but our countries want a peaceful, not military changing milestones. So behave gently with one hand, trying to reform the IMF, participating in the West of supranational structures, and with another – building up its own global structures and networks. Given that the Anglo-Saxon project has its three centuries of world domination, and Russia has recently been in the collapse, the last thing we need is dizzy with success.

Russia is now, and throughout history, much weaker Atlantic world – but that doesn’t mean we can’t win. On the contrary – the objective historical process works for us, for our interests and our goals. We ride the wave of history – and if we keep the wisdom and the will, are not going to do anything stupid, not to get bogged down with internal squabbles and conflicts, it will provide Russia its rightful place in the world. Most importantly – do not be provoked, whether in Ukraine or the Olympics – not to climb in in advance prepared a trap for us not to do something that we are pushing the senses insulted by the humiliation (deliberately caused by the enemy) and defeat.

Remember that the defeat of the temporary and tactical, and victory will be real, remember that the test only harden us, and to humiliate myself I can only we ourselves – if we cease to believe in their own strength, give up your goal and fight for it.

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