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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The American Congress of Democrats began with a series of scandals

The pre-election Congress of Democratic party in the United States was marred by scandal. Revealed the conspiracy between the Democrats aiming to sink Sanders. Sam Sanders urged his supporters to support Clinton, which caused another storm of indignation gathered. While Democrats save the tarnished image of the party and are reminded of “total evil” – trump, a Republican updates the records of popular support.

The democratic party of the USA by the end of the Congress at Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) adopted the election program. “Democrats voted for the most progressive in the history of the party platform,” – said on his Twitter page, the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in anticipation of Thursday. Clinton officially nominated in Philadelphia the candidate for the Democrats in the election of the President.

“We will keep Russian aggression”

“The Democrats have as a lesser evil to choose the person they absolutely, not in any capacity do not perceive”

In this election the democratic party is going to go with a 50-page document outlining its basic position on the most important issues of domestic and foreign policy. In the project mentioned the “platform” was included a separate section on Russia. In it, in particular, noted that the Democratic party is in favour of cooperation with our country, when it directly responds to American interests. “As we did with the elimination of Iran’s nuclear program, imposing sanctions against North Korea and supplying our troops in Afghanistan,” – said in the document.

However, “we definitely will to resist Russian aggression,” said the Democrats. “Russia is involved in destabilizing actions along the border, violating the sovereignty of Ukraine and trying to recreate the area of influence that undermined American interests,” reminded the members of the democratic party. In addition, Moscow supports the regime of (President Bashar) Assad in Syria, which continues its brutal attacks on its own citizens,” added the document.

In between the Democrats criticized the Republican candidate Donald trump for his stance on NATO, and respect for Putin, and then again promised to resist a favorite mereschatsya threat. “We believe in strong unions, keep Russian aggression, strengthen the stability of Europe and protecting our allies”, – assured the American Democrats.

The conspiracy of his and “we Want Bernie!”

Despite the friendly acceptance of the democratic “platform”, just before the beginning of the Congress the scandal broke. Thanks to the leak, WikiLeaks had revealed the conspiracy of the representatives of the National Committee of the US Democratic party (NCDP) that in correspondence we discussed how to help Hillary Clinton and prevent her opponent, Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, told Reuters. In the end NCDP was forced to apologize, in addition, the Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz promised that immediately after the Congress, will leave his post.

However, it is not forced to change your mind Sanders, who addressed his supporters urging them to support Clinton. “For anybody not a secret that Hillary Clinton and I disagree on a number of issues,” began the Senator. He stressed that their work on “brave and progressive democratic platform is closer to their position. Now our task is to see implemented this platform and the Clinton presidency. And I will do my best to make it happen”, quoted The Washington Post Sanders. “We have to win the Donald trump. We must elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kane (a potential candidate for Vice-President – approx. OPINION),” added Sanders.

Not all supporters of the Senator obediently embraced his call. First, not allowing him to speak, for a long time and the audience applauded, some eyes filled with tears. And when Sanders started talking and then switched to supporting Clinton, many have been dissatisfied with the noise and chanted “we want Bernie!”, said Bi-bi-si.

The American media reminded that this speech Sanders already spoke earlier, for his supporters it was not a surprise. But to accept reality, apparently, is ready not all.

“A woman can be President”

Meanwhile, to support Clinton joined by first lady Michelle Obama. Opening his speech, she said: “At the elections I am with her.” “There’s only one person I would trust this post. Only one person who has the necessary qualities to become the next President of the United States. And that person was Hillary Clinton,” said Michelle Obama. In her opinion, Clinton proved that “a woman can be President.” Moreover, Hillary embodies the American character, his strong-willed qualities. “I know that it doesn’t break under pressure and not looking for easy ways” – said the wife of the President.

In conclusion, Michelle Obama added: “America is still a great country, and it is not in any doubt” what the scientists saw a poignant allusion to Donald trump with his slogan “let’s Make America great again”.

While Democrats fought for clean image scale scandals, Donald trump after the Congress, the Republican party has again updated records of popularity, and lost to Clinton in only one of the four public opinion polls. Sociologists have called it the best result of the Republican, assuming that during the Congress he was able to attract people who are not registered voters of a political party.

So, according to CNN and ORC International organization, trump was supported by 48% of respondents, and former Secretary of state – 45%. Channel SVS notes that the gap between the rivals is low: 44% trump vs 43% for Clinton. The Los Angeles Times gives the following figures: 45,4% (trump) and 41.3% (Clinton). And only a survey taken by YouGov commissioned by the magazine the Economist, notes that Clinton give sympathy 47% of the respondents and the Tramp – 32%.

“Evil victory”

Because the scandal because of a conspiracy against Sanders and his abrupt change of course in the direction of Hillary overshadow the beginning of the Congress, agreed in conversation with the newspaper LOOK and expert-American studies, co-editor of the website Terra America Boris Mezhuev. “We see a potentially divided Congress,” he said. The analyst recalled that a divided Congress and the Republicans, but they still managed to create a sense of unity – Ted Cruz did not support trump in the end received no applause, said the expert.

“In this case is quite the opposite situation. Sanders supported Hillary Clinton, and he understood that this was the end of his political career. It was evident that his radical supporters did not agree with his departure. The mood of the delegates Sanders is absolutely critical,” said the source. He noted that voting will still take place as needed, Hillary would gain the necessary votes with the help of super-delegates. “But obviously that’s not a clear victory, while trump has won outright,” he said Mezhuev.

“Severe disappointment” vs “lesser evil”

A significant part of the hall greatly disappointed by the failure of the Sanders fight, said the analyst. Sanders could simply not support neither Hillary nor trump, saying that “he and the other disgust me”. Mezhuev reminded that in the fight against Senator Clinton has always stated the need for “political revolution in the United States.” Sanders struggled with Hillary not just as a competitor on the field, he struggled with it as with the embodiment of the status quo, the order, which is extremely not like him and his supporters as the embodiment of all evil, rich corporate America. And it turned out that this rich corporate America is still more than cute… It goes beyond the logic of “political revolution” that Sanders initiated,” said Mezhuev.

Among Democrats there are those who “all (even) too understands about Hillary.” “There is also not all big fans of wars, the proponents of financial capital. And even more sad that they have as a lesser evil to take a man, which they are absolutely not in any capacity do not perceive,” said the expert.

According to him, after such a “severe disappointment” Sanders is hardly going to convince his supporters to vote for Clinton, significant part of just not going to vote who might vote for trump and a very large part will vote for the candidate of the green Party, Mezhuev believes.

As for the Congress of Democrats, then, as the expert said, “the atmosphere, especially in revelations, plums correspondence about Sanders, hopelessly flawed. Despite the resignation of the Democratic national Committee, it’s hard not to understand that his leadership was in direct contact with the headquarters of Hillary Clinton.”

The only thing left to do to the heads of the election campaign Hillary and what they are doing – playing the danger of the trump. And this is possible only in extremely swing States, which 10. But two of them – Florida and Georgia – judging by the polls, mostly going to vote for trump. “The situation for the Democrats difficult,” – stated the expert.

“Elite crazy”

The source assured that the high ratings trump is not a short-term trend. “He’s a vivid media campaign,” – said Mezhuev. To trump the Congress was “the danger, the downside, it is not supported by a huge number of people – the iconic figures of the Republican party. And he is a minus turned into a plus, showed children, family unity and was able to hold a brilliant image of Congress, which in every sense must be a failure,” he added Mezhuev.

“Now I absolutely see no reason for him to lose in public opinion. Talk about the fact that trump bought Putin is not impressed,” said the analyst. He explained that “it operates in Europe, for them Russian threat – not quite an empty place, but the Americans have the feeling that the elite, which in all seriousness might suspect the effect of Putin has gone mad”. “Absurd situation”, – concluded the expert.

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