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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Natalia Belokhvostikova: “I with his face was doing everything possible and impossible”

We sat with Natalia Belokhvostikova in a cafe at a table on the street. People passed by… And nobody knew. Her the superstar of the Soviet cinema, the chief beauty of the 70s and 80s… And when I went to meet her and told about it to a colleague, he asked: “How and she’s still alive?!” I wanted to kill on the spot. And “the lake”? And “Red and black”? A “Little tragedies”? A “Glass of water”? People, ay, what’s wrong with you! How unfair…

photo: From family archive

“Come Fox, squirrels jump”

— Natalya Nikolaevna, are you a star?

— Not-e-et. I’m a man.

Is this how you answered this question?

— Absolutely! I am ashamed. When Gerasimov heard the word “star” from someone, he was grostal, and we were embarrassed. Since the days of Cinematography. The word “star” is something wrong. This is an Artist with a capital letter — it is good.

— You know, I’m at the office said they were going to meet with you, and some… began to remember who it is I go. Because you two weren’t in the media.

— In the media — Yes. But the paintings do not come out, rolled not. Natasha, the daughter, had made this wonderful film, where the last role was played Zolotukhin, — “In Russia it is snowing”, he almost never came out. I there, by the way, completely not like himself. Play belomancy who sings the Beatles ‘ lyrics, drunk with Zolotukhin sings… But nobody saw it. Very sorry. There is a great work Zolotukhin, fantastic, this is his last role. Very funny picture and very scary. Maybe it will show someday. We are now making “the Tale of Tsar Saltan”, but certainly it is under-funded we are.

— And who takes?

— Naumov, Natasha helps him. Took paketini. I play a SWAT Baba Babarikha, funny, wonderful material. But at least Pushkin is our everything… who to contact? Hangouts I don’t like, communicate only with those who are dear to me and close. And to get into what I see on the screen — I somehow feel sorry for time. Gone are the days when the bar was held, now she really is falling. So I want to do only what you want.

— What you want? To grow tomatoes in the country?

— No, I’m a city dweller. I had the festival, which was held twelve years. It closed. Now, I create a Fund. And now through this Fund will do some good things, although they are indirectly related to the movie. But I’m now interested. Then Volodya write a book, their stories. And it is interesting to me. And patch — no. I know, on a plot of forest. And those who are part of, it becomes a little bit uncomfortable because the house and oaks come… Foxes, squirrels jump…

But public events you still attend?

Very rarely I meet with the audience, I don’t really like. But the other day I went to a concert of Evtushenko. He is the best friend Naumova! His great poem “the Graveyard of the whales” is dedicated to Naumov.

— You say that you love poems. But here is Svetlana Kryuchkova. When it is not removed, just the verses and read Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva… she wants to be in work, to be in demand. You don’t want?

— Svetlana always wonderful to read poems, it was her life, she found some kind of outlet. I do this professionally and seriously was not engaged, I lived for its festival. And acting is not the only way in this life. The world is big…

— And the acting profession can be annoying? Well, like any other.

— Get bored? No, it’s a swamp, which had enough can.

— Swamp?

— I think Yes. Well, it’s Tina this. If you ever thought that Yes, managed to do it, then get bored can’t. And I always keep one parallel with the life cinematic was another still life.

Another life is that?

Human. I’ve never played multiple roles at the same time, never tried to grab something. Life is allowed to do it because I was in the rear, I had Volodya is. I had a lot of friends — and eat around the world. It gives me great joy. Can’t say that here, if I don’t play, it causes me some suffering. I know there will be something good. That’s what I expect. But really, the teacher was great and the bar has been high, partners were great, and play that anyhow you do not want.

— And the theatre?

Well, I say girl. I often tried to start something to rehearse in different theaters, I have often been called… I said, Yes, Yes, Yes, alright… But then the moment comes when I think: what am I doing! And run away in the movie. Probably not this 150 times to get up on stage. Still, art, cinema and theatre are two very distant things. So more Gerasimov said.

— You always remain a good relationship with partners in the films in which you play? Or you’re just such a positive? This is the same Gurchenko in the film “Five evenings” played with such love Lyubshin, and in life in General it is not noticed.

— No, I’m different. I can only work with people who have a team, understanding each other. With people of the same blood. If a hedgehog runs, I have absolutely are preparation and don’t know what to do with it. I don’t have a bad relationship with my partners, with anyone. But unfortunately, many partners have not — favorite, darling.

— For example, Vasily Shukshin… He was a complex, explosive, unpredictable man.

— I did not know. I saw his sparkling eyes, in which it was impossible not to drown. He told me, 17-year-old girl, just helped every second. Even when shot it is not his shot, he stood behind the camera. It is fortunate that Shukshin was my first partner. You know, the more powerful the man, the artist, so it is kinder to the world.

“I was doing a senile make-up for 5 hours”

— England what do you think?

Okay. I grew up there. Yes, I to all countries are good, and you can only live here.

Well, you have such parents…

— Yes, the diplomats. Dad is the Ambassador. I remember that was going to the coronation of Elizabeth II. A lot of experience, although I was a little quite. Movie me there for the first time brought. But it was still a Soviet upbringing, we lived a very closed, at the Embassy. In kindergarten I went to the Embassy. And when I was five years old, we went back to the Union.

— But then came back?

— Yes, a few times. When filming “Tehran-43”, for example… But I’m more enticed to Italy, where I was shot. I love all of these humpback towns… I love Tonino Guerra and everything connected with it. I with it communicated a lot. Me to Italy well. I remember Fellini, Francesco Rossi, people I knew…

And Giulietta Masina? Konchalovsky has told, that when at the end of the film “Nights of Cabiria” he’s watching the episode where she is robbed and laughing through tears, he cries. Always.

— Tonino Guerra said that I reminded him Juliet Mazina. And I him for those words grateful, because starred in the film “White holiday” on his script. And then he said about me: “I really want to read my poetry.”

Naumov had to make a film with Marcello Mastroianni under the scenario of Tonino Guerra. Marcello came from the hospital to the house, Toni, and the three of them and Naumov wrote the script, and I was allowed to sit in the corner. Such a buzz I have not experienced anymore. They laughed, wrote…

— What language is spoken?

— English. Besides Laura, his wife, Toni, all translated in Russian. Marcello said, as he their wives gave all the time… that not only gave! They bantered over each other, these great old men.

— Natalya Nikolaevna, you’re in the 70-80-ies was one of the main beauties of the Soviet cinema. Was there a moment when the Director asked you to undress and to play an intimate scene?

— At me such was not.

— But if asked, would you agree?

— And who knows me.

But have you ever used your beauty, playing a role in a movie? Because the beautiful actress is very dangerous, sometimes, but cute little face in there is not too much. Example? Marilyn Monroe.

The destinies completely different. Here I am with my face-doing all that is possible and impossible. I made myself a senile make-up for five hours. I created a mess that no normal woman does not allow it. Even an extra wrinkle.

Is in the movie “the Beach”?

And “Beach”, and “Teheran-43”. Then face hurts skin hurts. And you’re not getting any younger after all these procedures. But I here’s crazy, did this and was happy that the screen turns old.

But you have no regrets because something is not played? Or have you no ambition?

— I clearly know that he devoted his life to what you believed to be right. From so many roles, refused, Yes. But I never look back and say to myself that was not right. I was always intelligent, always thinking what to do, and if twenty years ago, thirty years ago acted the way he did, it was for reasons.

— It’s called no regrets.

— Yes, I do not regret. I don’t look at their pictures, I don’t revise. I’m going forward.

— And my favorite “Little tragedies” are not reviewing?

— I do not. Other scenes — please, for God’s sake, when does the Donna Anna is all off.

— Vysotsky told you that you are beautiful? Or that this talented?

— No, didn’t say anything. We talked to him a bass when he was shot, because I was sick crazy. And both laughed and the whole group laughed. He was very giggly. Anna — she is Spanish and black. And there is this scene when the “black hair on the marble pale scattered…” — Pushkin wrote, not anyone else. And the Director Schweitzer was convinced that the angel in Russia should be with white hair.” Volodya came to the pavilion and said, “And the wonderful hair on the pale marble will scatter”. We took off, trimmed Pushkin.

— And nobody noticed.

And nobody noticed, yeah. Vysotsky liked what he removed. In General, I am very sorry that it is so little played. Wrote him a script. And Schweitzer claimed it three months, said not start to withdraw until approved Vysotsky. Plans were unthinkable, but it was his last role. This picture was taken July 23 and 25th, he died. He had not seen the film.

— Remember the story when Jennifer Lawrence starred in “asse” Solovyov? Still, the Director of the venerable, was Solovyov something to give, and he said to him: “You’re an actor, your place in the cafeteria. You never tell anything to the Director?

— I’m not in conflict, but defending their position. I am not conflict, but do what you want to do. I’m just externally, white and fluffy… And really not white and fluffy. Different.

“If I don’t like something, I better not say anything. My dad is a diplomat

— Naumov is well known? Or you initially used?

— We got married in ‘ 72. Just found each other, no one has used. We were comfortable together from the outset. He knew that I was an artist, he saw the movie “the lake”. The man who played a three-hour monocordio, can be neither mumble nor slave. But if I hadn’t met Alova and Naumov, my fate would be completely different, and we will be with you now, not sitting and not talking.

— When Alova did not… As Naumov has experienced it?

— Gone best friend in the first place. Since my youth. Naumov went black for a whole year, it was a complete nightmare. Olowu was only 59… They were a single entity. The morning began with a call in the evening — a phone call, despite the fact that the whole day at the Studio and lived in neighboring houses. It was a real friendship, which I never anybody did not meet. They became friends in the Institute of Cinematography, at the 49th. And in 53-m removed “Alarming youth”, then “Korchagin”. In Kiev, they began to shoot. The entire course was very well known: Parajanov, Ozerov, the film…. Star course!.. Alexander Alexandrovich was a terrible concussion during the war, he walked with a cane. The war he finished off years later. We knew that he was sick, but he never showed it. I didn’t see that he was tired, he was always smiling…

— I recently watched the film “swimming Pool” in 1969 a young Alain Delon…

— I love Romy Schneider, she is a great artist!

— But finally you met a little bit later — in “Tehran-43”. In this film, he was not a “guest star” worked?

Yes, Alain absolutely not pretentious. As a child, like all of us, artists, touchy, and Moody, and experiencing how it happened… All the same. In General, actors — it’s one nationality, in my opinion.

— And not require a separate trailer?

— Never in life! We’re very much like him appeared. It is the only partner in my life who isn’t eating. Here begins the lunch break, all go to lunch…, I go one room, I in another, we drink tea and talk with yourself… you Know, he loves to be right. Once he made a mistake, messed up the text and just become gray. But in life he is lucky, of course, always wins.

— Listen, you some air. For you bad people do not happen? You all saying good.

Yeah, even if I don’t like something, I better not say anything. My dad is a diplomat.

— You are not to blame, it’s the genes!

— Position in life — smile, keep your back straight and do what must be done. Good parents were wise who taught to treat everything right. Speaking of Delon. He, too, is not only movie. Horses, dogs, he makes spirits his helicopter… I don’t know what he was doing in his life. He now says: “My favorite place — my country house, my dogs. Bury me with them.” And nothing you don’t do. Everyone has their own way.

But your way still so that Cyril have appeared. He is now 13?

— Yeah, and he’s taller than me.

— 13 — transition to adulthood. It’s not easy, I remember.

— No, he’s great. The fact that Cyril was so difficult in the first years of his life must have left its mark, because he sympathizes, pities, suffers for all. Wants to give everything, to help everyone. But he’s a terribly talented guy, is going to become a mathematician. So we have time. You know, my parents never told me “no” once, and I am grateful for that. Therefore, parents should have the wisdom to say: come on, we can help you.

In addition to film and family that you still care about in this life?

— I’m the daughter of a diplomat, I’m a peacemaker in life. That killed Pavel Sheremet and I’m up to three nights did not sleep, tossing and turning, although I personally was not familiar with. Me, it’s just smears on the wall, I don’t know what it is. I’m scared. Because people aren’t born to do this. Maybe the world has gone mad?..

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