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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In preparation for the eruption of the volcano of humanity is only a year

If the Earth will be a SUPERVOLCANO eruption, which would endanger the existence of mankind, the impending catastrophe people will be able to know in advance — however not earlier than a year before the super eruption. To such conclusion the group of scientists under the leadership of Guilherme Gualda from Vanderbilt University.

photo: pixabay.com

According to experts, a number of processes prior to the eruption of the volcano, triggered tens of thousands of years before the event — so time is required to under the volcano has accumulated a sufficient amount of magma. However, that eruption is approaching, people will be able to judge only fixing the beginning of the process of decompression, in which stand out bubbles of gas, giving strength to the eruption. This, according to scientists, it will be possible in less than a year before the eruption, and that means time to prepare for it, people will have quite a bit.

Experts have studied quartz crystals from the volcanic Bishop tuff in Eastern California where 760 thousand years ago the eruption of the volcano. First, the researchers drew attention to the surface edges of these crystals which, as previously known, begin to form less than a century before major eruptions. As it turned out, more than two-thirds of the edges of the crystals formed about a year before the volcano starts to spew lava. According to the researchers, this suggests that at this time we have a period of decompression.

A research paper is quite loud under the heading “the Year before the super eruption, scientists published in the scientific journal PLOS One.

Recently, the eruption of the volcano was named one of the most realistic “doomsday scenarios”. In the material published on the website of the prestigious scientific journal Science, States that last disaster of this kind has put mankind on the brink of extinction — for example, 74 thousand years ago, these effects did the eruption of the volcano Toba in Indonesia. One of the key dangers of super eruption, according to the researchers, is that after them is a huge part of the land is covered with ash, which at least will threaten agriculture and, therefore, will deprive humanity of a stable source of food.

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