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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dying Aivazovsky “advertised” his exhibition

In anticipation of the opening of the most anticipated exhibitions of the summer – Ivan Aivazovsky – the Tretyakov gallery has released a very unexpected video. It depicted the last moments of the artist’s life (while working on the painting “explosion of the Turkish ship”), although the project is timed to the birthday of the marine painter. I wanted to say creators are not yet known. But we learned how to evaluate unusual advertising of the exhibition Metropolitan art piarschitsa Lera Gallai.

– First, if the exhibition was dedicated to the day of death, the movie would seem more appropriate, but here we are talking about the birthday… secondly, Aivazovsky often reflected in the works of victory over death, over the elements: for example, survivors of a shipwreck or a storm. Behind the scenes in the video sounds a poem by Fyodor Tyutchev, “You’re the wave to my sea,” which ends with the words – “soul, Soul I live/ Buried at the bottom of your”. Here, too, there is a contradiction. And finally, the video is missing the theme of creative continuity. Although Aivazovsky left a huge amount of artists-followers, among them his grandson, concurrently, the Soviet pilot Konstantin Artseulov, who, by the way, my grandfather mark gallay has dedicated the book.

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