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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A good life, people can grow to eleven inches

The highest men live in Holland, and women in Latvia. On average, people over the past century, “stretched out” to eleven inches. To such conclusion experts from the NCD Risk Factor collaboration, analyzing data on average height of people from different countries from 1914 to 2014.

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It was found, for example, that over the past century, most older Koreans. They added in growth as much as 20 cm For comparison, the Russian woman grew up only 12. But in the list of most high our ladies only on 23 – m a place. But representatives of the neighboring Ukraine and Belarus entered the top ten.

As for Russian men, they up the fair half of our country still grow and grow. In ranking they are only 42. Well, the short guys, according to NCD Risk Factor residing in East Timor (160 cm), and women in Guatemala (nearly 150). The main catalyst for growth changes of the planet’s inhabitants, scientists said that the improved level of health and good nutrition. Genes experts put not only the third place.

As explained “MK” Russian ethnologist, social anthropologist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Arutyunov, the most undersized people still live in Central Africa. They are representatives of the pygmies.

– By their standards, a man with a growth of 150 cm is already tall. And, interestingly, next, in the same country, there are three people of pygmies. Tutsi is one of the highest people on Earth. 180 cm is the average height for men of this nation. Hutu — medium height, stocky, and TWA — very short, – said Sergei Arutyunov.

The anthropologist gave one interesting example concerning the “size” of the inhabitants of Central India.

– I measured the height of the representatives of one tribe of this region, and I was particularly struck by the parameters of the two men. They were for 50 years, the growth of both one and the other, of 150 centimeters. One weighed 29 kg, and another 32. And with such low body weight that was healthy men, farmers who plowed the land, however, a very light plough, harnessed one ox. Such are miniature people.

As for the factors influencing the growth of people, it is best to track them, says the anthropologist, the example of the Japanese.

– Still half a century ago, the normal height for a woman in this country was 138 inches. Men were rarely above 150. In the military Museum there are the movie heroes of the Imperial Japanese army, so you wonder how small they are. My school uniform in the seventh grade was spacious, – says Sergey. But after the Japanese have introduced in educational institutions nutrition, in which there were fish and a rice, introduced in the educational process of physical education and set school Desk (used to sit on mats), height of the Japanese began to change on eyes. The first time I visited this country more than 50 years ago, went there in our time. I walked the streets and saw how people grew up. I think only during this period, it has grown on average by 6-10 inches. And no it’s not genes, but only good nutrition, physical culture. To sum up — better quality of life.

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