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Friday, March 23, 2018

Western media: the Games in Rio will be impregnated with the stench of deceit

The IOC decision to admit to participation in the Olympic games the Russian national team, but without athletes, deeply angered some Western officials and the media. British and German press writes that “Putin’s poodle” Thomas Bach “sold your soul “clean” athletes and even the woman is Yulia Stepanova. No one paid any attention to the statement by the IOC that the report of McLaren’s doping in Russia contains errors.

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has criticized the IOC decision on participation of the Russian team in the Olympics. “WADA is disappointed that the IOC did not heed the recommendations of the Executive Committee of WADA, which was based on the results of the investigation of Richard McLaren and has provided a strong and coherent approach. Report McLaren exposed managed government doping program in Russia, which seriously undermines the principles of clean sport, devoted to the world anti-doping code,” – said the head of WADA Craig reedy.

“Not everything that is written in the report of McLaren, is based on facts”

“The IOC has betrayed all the values he supposedly protected. The question arises: who now needs the Olympics?”

Meanwhile, the IOC Executive Board referred to the accuracy of the report questioned: “the report of Richard McLaren speaks of the three representatives of the shooting sports, whose doping samples allegedly disappeared – said Monday the President of the International ice hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Fasel. But this is completely wrong information as the identity of all three athletes have been installed, and it turned out that they were disqualified in accordance with all the rules. So not everything written in the report of McLaren, is based on real facts”.

However, the Director General of WADA, Olivier Niggli stressed that while the Agency “fully respects the autonomy of the IOC decision-making in accordance with the Olympic Charter, but the approach and the criteria established will inevitably lead to potential problems and decrease protection of “clean athletes”. In his opinion, the decision of the IOC is especially unfair to Yulia Stepanova – athlete who became an informant to WADA. “WADA was supported by Stepanova in her quest to act as a neutral athlete. She boldly spoke out to expose the biggest doping scandal of all time. WADA is very concerned about this decision, it is a bad message to future whistleblowers,” said Niggli.

In addition, WADA has extended the mandate of the independent Commission under the leadership of Richard McLaren, to enable it to conclude its investigation into doping at the Olympic winter games of 2014 in Sochi.

We will remind, on Sunday the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has allowed Russian national team to participate in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. With the authority on the admission of specific athletes and teams in selected sports the international federations. However, the Russian athletes will definitely go to the Games, since the Association of athletes, the IAAF has denied them this right. In addition, the IOC is not made before the Olympics informant world anti-doping Agency – the Russian runner Yulia Stepanova. It is worth emphasizing that Stepanova (Rusanova before marriage) in 2013, she was disqualified for two years for doping.

“Indicates the need for stronger sanctions”

The indignant reaction to the verdict of the IOC and followed by the Us anti-doping Agency (USADA): “the IOC Decision to participate is incomprehensible chaos, dealing a serious blow to the rights of “clean athletes”, – said the head of the USADA Travis Tygart. He also expressed concern about the exclusion of “CI”: “the Decision on non-admission Stepanova is unclear is contrary to the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) and will certainly prevent new informants in the future.”

Tough enough decision, the IOC thought and Deputy Minister of sport and tourism of the UK, Tracey Crouch. “Although it is solely the decision of the International Olympic Committee, the scale of the evidence in the report of the McLaren, perhaps, points to the need for stronger sanctions than passing it to the international federations at this late stage”, she said.

The Minister of health and sports Australia Sussan Ley, which is also included in the Executive Committee of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has said that “very disappointed” by the IOC decision because it “damages the reputation of the Olympic movement,” he told Reuters. In addition, Lay added that her “terrifying thought” that with those who are under suspicion, will compete against “clean” athletes.

And only the head of the European Olympic committees (EOC) Patrick Hickey said: “the EOC fully support the decision of the IOC. The desire of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) to ensure the “purity” of Russian athletes in the future is welcome. The EOC ready to assist OCD in this endeavor”.

“Putin is on about”

The Western media unanimously picked outrage from above. The Daily Mail called the head of the IOC Thomas Bach “Putin’s poodle”, stressing that Bach “Putin goes on about”. After the scandal broke, opened “the scale of the doping program in Russia”, many were absolutely convinced that the Russian team will not allow to the Games in Rio, said the publication. – However, the IOC took on the responsibility and for a couple of weeks before the Games are simply referred the matter to the international sports federations. Despite the “damning report” McLaren, the IOC ultimately adopted a “shock decision”, said the publication.

Sports columnist Matt Lawton in another article he added: “Shame on Bach – the toothless President of the IOC, which has extremely close relations with Vladimir Putin, and shame on the spineless Board members of the IOC… the Shame of Russia – it is pumped doping athletes will now arrive in Rio to compete for medals”.

Bach the nickname “Putin’s poodle” and liked the German Bild, which placed it right in the title. The newspaper recalled that, when Bach led the IOC in 2013, his first on the phone congratulated Putin. In addition, in recent years, Bach often visited Russia, said the newspaper.

“The stench of deceit”

With the fact that MOK took on the responsibility, and on a large scale,” agreed The Times. According to the authors of the publication, the international sports Federation will simply follow the example of the Committee and will evade from the proceedings.” Swimming Federation and judo earlier said they oppose the suspension of Russian athletes, said the newspaper.

The publication also protested that denounced the Russian doping system Stepanova on Games will not go, unlike the majority of Russian athletes. Thus, the IOC failed and athletes, and fans, and all those who hate corruption and fraud”, said the newspaper.

“The IOC was the best opportunity to demonstrate that the manipulation of doping in sport is unacceptable, and he turned it down – said The Times. – The games in Rio will be impregnated with the stench of deceit, and even future Games are unlikely to get rid of the stench”.

“Sold your soul “clean” athletes and female

The IOC has tried to be good for both sides, but it did not work, noticed in comments to The Guardian, British Olympic champion in long jump Greg Rutherford. The IOC decision he called “the worst in the world.” However, the newspaper noted that governments, as well as all of us should not succumb to panic, to go into the rhetoric of the cold war and aggravate the already difficult situation.

“The international Olympic Committee sold its soul… And what’s worse – sell all “clean” athletes and woman (Yulia Stepanova – approx. OPINION), which decided to talk about the dirty secrets of Russia”, – said the portal of The USA Today. He noted that many members of the international Olympic movement, the leaders of the federations connected with Russia. It’s all in the money that “a lot of Russian, and the sports federations – no,” said the Olympic champion Katie Olender in comments to The New York Times.

“No chance of a “clean” Game in Rio”

Journalist, author of a series of movies about doping, Hyo Seppelt called the IOC decision “very, very weak,” reports DW. He explained that in such a short period the international Federation will not be able to determine whether a particular athlete is part of the Russian state doping program. “I don’t see any chance that we will get “clean” Olympic games in Rio” – says Seppelt.

“A terrible fraud” considered the decision of the IOC and Professor, head Institute for biomedical and pharmaceutical research (IBMP) Fritz Sergel. “The fact that Russian sports officials are happy with this decision serves as a strong signal that it was a hoax, says an expert on doping. No one would believe that the IOC did not discuss its decision with the international federations in advance.”

The decision of the IOC “anti-doping weakens the system,” said National anti doping Agency Germany (NADA). The mistake was to refer the question of admission of Russian athletes at the level of international federations, since they have to do “there are no uniform rules and a uniform qualified approach”, said NADA. Refusal to allow to participate in Games Yulia Stepanova weakens the system of voluntary informants, added the Agency.

“Putin knows how to use the chance”

The German Frankfurter Allgemeine has published in the Monday article “Why such the Olympics?”. “The IOC has betrayed all the values he supposedly protected. The question arises: who now needs the Olympics?” said sports columnist edition of Peter Storm. “The transfer of decision-making on the admission of Russian athletes shows the cowardice of the leadership of the IOC. The Olympic games are held not of the Federation for individual types of sports, and the IOC,” said the author. In his opinion, and now Putin “will think that abroad it deals only with shorts. And as a man like him knows how to use this chance,” said Sturm.

Vladimir Putin must be truly able to scare. The only way to explain the decision Sunday the IOC,” said The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper added that, once the IOC is not taking seriously its own anti-doping rules, it is not necessary to wait and from others. Just have to decide which of international sports organizations deserves greater contempt of the whole world football Federation FIFA or the IOC,” said the authors.

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