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Sunday, March 18, 2018

To see the world from Russia

Without leaving the gallery the audience is in different countries, finds in every corner of the world something new and different for myself – a feeling leave photographs meticulous to detail of the author.

Photos Veniamin Golubitsky

He visited even those places where no foot of the ordinary tourist. And the photo no staged picture! Life through the camera lens of the wizard is shown as it is: no artistic exaggeration and without embellishment. All photos are portrait, landscape, colored, juicy and vibrant, strict and black-and-white – editorial character.

As recognized by Veniamin Golubitsky, who has been in photography for more than 15 years to make a good shot, he had to overcome thousands of kilometers and transfer gigabytes of memory on my camera. His new exhibition is a kaleidoscope of amazing experiences, where before we rush far country and near the city.

Tellingly, the photographer Golubitsky is one of the authors of a new direction in contemporary art. The cultural revolution of the XXI century is associated with the spread of the photos – this is what passion refers to the transition from the person reading to the person looking. When replacing the thoughtful bibliophile comes a new type of “contemplative” – intellectual whose interests and ambitions are connected with the visual field. This type attentive viewer and gambling “latch”. The man who seeks to “capture the moment” in order to Express yourself.

The exhibition presents the collection of photos gathered over several years of travelling photographer. Each of them asks a simple story, but conveys the diversity of the world and its mysteries. The eyes of the photographer, viewers will be able to see the capitals of many countries of the world; paint Brazilian carnival; ostriches, frozen in the hot clear air of the African Savannah, the plane, as if hovering over a skyscraper, and people of different nationalities with different range of feelings and emotions.

“It’s those moments that made a strong impression on me,” says the author of the exhibition Benjamin Golubovsky. – Somewhere it was immediately flash, understanding that it “only forever,” bright moment. And somewhere for me to work the lens properly from the outside world to isolate some object, showed it, and I thought it was important. To snatch from the everyday lives of her piece and understand its symbolism and significance – this teaches photography. But in order to make a good shot, you do not need far to go, the material can be found everywhere. So I’m almost always with a camera.”

Veniamin Golubitsky often removes the open spaces from the top point. In different parts of the Earth he looks for the place where the horizon is expanding in the literal sense of the word and the world opens from a different angle. By the way, these photographs of distant countries was peculiar to the photographers of the mid-nineteenth century, and Veniamin Golubitsky, his work has revived the genre in a new, expanded perception of space.

The exhibition “only forever” is timed to the exit of the same photobook (published by the Ekaterinburg publishing house “Autograph”), which presents photographs of Veniamin Golubitsky, where he tried to catch the same moment, to show the viewer what is happening on our planet in the here and now.

A well-known critic, art historian Mikhail Sidlin said that photography is a unique language. “Author – photographer who travels and a journey – the best way to gather his collection of observations,” wrote a critic in the Preface to the book of Veniamin Golubitsky.

A gallery of photos of Veniamin Golubitsky present Multimedia art Museum, Moscow / Moscow house of photography “and “White gallery” (Ekaterinburg). To visually explore possible until 14 August 2016 in the Multimedia Art Museum (Ostozhenka str., 16). To oversee the exhibition will be the initiator and Director of the Moscow house of photography Olga Sviblova.

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