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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The scientists said that the tattoo ink is extremely dangerous

Scientists from the European chemicals Agency stated that the ink used for training, especially Reds, can lead to the development of a number of diseases, including cancer. According to the researchers, for the substances injected directly under the skin, the use of these paints is not subject to sufficient control by official bodies.

Rick Genest better known as Zombie Boy. Photos logiabarcelona.com

Although the most dangerous experts proclaimed red ink is also not too “behind” them blue, green and black, the researchers said. Besides the fact that they can cause allergies and pain, the ink from these can cause many other negative effects. Thus, according to the scientists, the popularity of tattoos is growing rapidly, but in the UK, where the study was conducted, the materials for them are not subject to licensing. Due to the fact that the quality of the ink, in contrast to the quality of drugs or food, is not subject to strict control, the market are products made in China, containing in its composition of highly suspicious substances, reports the Mirror.

Experts hope that their work will contribute to the ban of low-quality paints for tattoos. Interestingly, the study was highly appreciated by the British, working in the field of healthcare, and people relevant to tattooing as a business. For example, the head of the original British “trade Unionexperts on tattoos and piercings Rick Stevens agreed that additional monitoring would favor introducing them to the field.

The researchers and other problems caused by the lack of proper regulation in the field of tattooing. In particular, the tattooists are not required to wear gloves despite the fact that their customers often bleeding during tattooing. Also, according to experts, there are no restrictions that do not allow tattoo artists to use the same needle for multiple clients, potentially causing transmission of the infection.

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