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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The scandal before the election: the United States will soon be non-partisan

Left behind, the Congress of the Republican party of the USA (18-21 July), at which the party apparatus antitarnish suppressed the uprising. Next (July 25-28) unfolds like a drama on the Democratic Convention: a large part of the delegates and the electorate of the democratic party requires that Bernie Sanders disavowed his support for Hillary Clinton and joined her in the struggle.

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Internet-Politico the day of the opening of the party Congress of Democrats has published an article titled “the Democrats have Congress in the midst of the reigning chaos.” On the eve of the opening of the Congress announced his resignation (after the Congress) “the unpopular Chairman of the National Committee of the democratic party,” Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. This lady was indeed extremely unpopular among his own party during the whole period of his presidency (may 2011), but the scandal with the emails literally let it derail even the closest associates said that Debbie has to go, and as quickly as possible.

We are not talking about the emails of Hillary Clinton – that continued troubles in connection with the investigation of the illegal use of private servers instead of secure servers of the Department of state for official correspondence. (The Ministry of justice freed her from criminal charges, but the state Department continues an internal investigation). No, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz your iMelody scandal. Some evil hackers (as I suspect, Russian) hacked e-mail Debbie and splashed out of her mailbox 20 thousand incriminating e-mails. They talked about how must rot Sanders (in particular by mentioning that he is an irreligious atheist) and how to defend Hillary from attacks of the opponent-Democrat Sanders and Republicans.

Debbie openly lobbied for the election of Hillary as a presidential candidate from the Democratic party, which is a violation of the rules of the American electoral system. Supporters of Sanders claim that they were deprived of a chance to see their candidate nominated at the Convention. Not only that, Hillary Clinton’s team gave the votes of almost all the so-called “superdelegates,” i.e., the party bosses and apparatchiks, so it is still during the primaries got more votes due to electronic ukazivka” Wasserman-Schultz.

But Senator Bernie Sanders, who recently positioned himself as a critic and outsider to the political establishment, soon returned to the mainstream and Toot the same tune with the party-state leadership. He refuses to hear the calls of their supporters and to withdraw its official support (endorsements) Hillary Clinton as a candidate of the democratic party for President.

At the democratic Convention in Philadelphia Saunders opens the first day of a series of performances of the main parties, one purpose of which is to demonstrate the indestructible unity of the party ranks. (Forgive me reader the Soviet lexicon, but it is oddly appropriate in this story about the American party life). Other stars of the congressional tribune – U.S. President Barack Obama (he will speak on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden, first lady Michelle Obama, former President bill Clinton and, of course, “bride”, received the “anointing” of the party leadership at the presidency, Hillary Clinton.

The most important of the primary – Obama and Hillary – immediately reacted to the announcement Debbie Wasserman-Schultz regarding her upcoming retirement. They praised the outgoing “chief of party” for their work and for the constructive response to criticism. The cause of the party in good hands, say the heads: the duties of the main boss will be Deputy Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, a veteran democratic party apparatus Donna brazile. In General, we must quickly forget about the unpleasant moments and go to the fanfare of the first category, as I hope the Democrats have a woman President in U.S. history.

But smoothly the Congress of Democrats is unlikely to pass – too many people feel cheated. Rival Hillary, Donald trump, for obvious reasons, enjoys the chaos in the ranks of the “competing firm”, but he fared not much better. Although he received a nomination from the Republican party, a significant portion of the electorate wants to vote for such a candidate. Similar story for the Democrats that many voters of the democratic party will go to the polls November 8 – because they don’t want to vote for Hillary. Some will vote Trump – just as some Republicans will vote for Hillary. The number of “defectors” is expected to be more than usual.

Will not help candidates for the position and their chosen companions, which they tipped as the Vice-President: trump: Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, Hillary – the former Governor of Virginia, Tim Cain. One right-wing conservative, a rabid supporter of the movement of chapiteau another, much more left than Hillary, “progressives” (to match the Sanders, but not Sanders). They, as usual in America, will assume the role of “attack dogs” appearing far less diplomatic than the first person.

This whole sham democracy rather tired of American voters. Rosa Brooks, Professor of law, Georgetown University, in the pages of Foreign Policy magazine enlisted the Republican elephant (the symbol of the Republican party of the USA) in the category of endangered species: coming soon, like, this party may even cease to exist. But the democratic donkey (symbol of democratic party) is also on its last leg. All other political parties – from libertarians to Communists – exist more on paper than in reality. Well, to be non-partisan country – America.

New York

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