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Monday, March 19, 2018

The expert advised the Prime Minister not meet with the felon Savchenko

She suggested. He agreed. What will be the consequences of a possible “meeting on the Elbe” Chapter DND Alexander Zakharchenko and Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko?

PR is it? Or a real attempt to spur on the “Minsk process” and start peace talks next?

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Andrei Purgin, a former Chairman of the National Council of the breakaway Republic, the founder of the movement “Donetsk Republic”, believes that to accept this date is not worth it.

– To begin with, something as sensational and provocative enjoyed this news in the press, still does not reflect the essence of what said Zakharchenko. He has furnished its theoretically possible agreement is much more soft, long, with numerous conditions. Yes, I also believe that Dating seems to be necessary, but when and with whom? And for what? Is it suitable for this purpose Savchenko? Who is she anyway? This is the man who officially found guilty of committing a particularly serious criminal offence. It’s not the level, not the “floor”, which is to descend to Alexander Vladimirovich. What good can come of it?

– Zakharchenko suggested that from her side it could be PR.

– I don’t think he himself is a PR need. Savchenko only one of the four hundred plus members of Parliament. No more. No special powers, it does not. For her, this meeting is a significant increase in status. As for Zakharchenko? They have Savchenko too different weight categories. It is no secret that during the military conflict warlords with one and other sometimes are forced to contact with each other, I was captivated, lost. This unpleasant side of the war. Have an agenda — they met. Although such meetings are not announced officially, but the process is constantly going. But it’s completely different, not a political level.

– Then why did the head of the DNI is generally said Savchenko?

– Reply must. This Zakharchenko has made it clear that negotiations are necessary, they can begin subject to certain conditions, in the presence of a serious mediator — it may be the international organization or another country. As speculation, Ukraine may appoint the mediator Poland, for example, but, of course, not Savchenko. About it and speeches cannot be.

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