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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sitting less than ten hours a day was safe for health

A group of scientists from the University of Texas, medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota presented evidence that the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases only in the case that a person spends in a sitting position for more than ten hours a day. However, as the study showed, sit for less time people can, without fear for their health.

photo: pixabay.com

The researchers summarized the results of previously conducted nine major studies that have collectively attended by 720 thousand persons aged 18 years of age, 42.9% of whom were men and 57.1% women. Each of these people participated in a particular study for many years, and experts have collated data about how many hours per day they spent in sitting or lying position, and how did they have problems with the cardiovascular system. Including was taken into account 25 769 events such as heart attack, stroke and so forth that occurred during the research.

According to the result gathered by the cardiologists, the risk of problems in people sitting two and a half hours a day and those who daily sat an average of nine hours, fundamentally no different. At the same time, those who sat more than ten hours, the risk increased by 8 percent, and those who performed in the sitting position most of the day (12.5 hours or more), have experienced problems with the heart or blood vessels 14 percent more often.

Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that to sit ten hours a day safe for human. However, the specialists underline that we are talking about the total time spent in a sitting position – at home, at work, in transport and so on. Thus, to exceed the ten-hour barrier for most people is not too difficult. To solve this problem, experts recommend the development of new methods of work organization, allowing employees to sit as little as possible.

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