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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Second Rostov

The second international festival of motivational movie “Bridge of Arts” will be held 24-28 August 2016 in Rostov. Last last year, the first in the history of the don capital the festival has become the event of the year and won the silver prize of the national award in event tourism Russian Event Awards in the nomination “the Best event in the field of culture”.

This year the organizers promise to make the festival even more interesting and bigger. Cinematic part will consist of selections of domestic and foreign motivational films that will take part in competitive and non-competitive programs, special screening and environmental family movies, as well as nights “short film”.

The first pancake

“In the coming years, Rostov-na-Donu can become if not a movie Mecca, it is certainly in the regional center of the Russian film industry”

The first in the history of the Rostov film festival, gave the capital of the don “red carpet” at the Theatre square, has aroused great interest. Especially among the skeptics, not believing that in Rostov there will arrive stars of Hollywood, European and Russian cinema, film Directors, scriptwriters, producers, athletes.

The festival has become not only a purely cinematic event, but sports throughout the week at various venues of Rostov, Azov, Taganrog with participation of stars of cinema and sports (personally attended by the President of the festival, the world champion on struggle without rules Oleg Taktarov) held competitions and sports show.

Interestingly, the organizers of the festival changed its format during training. Initially it was assumed that it will be only shown a number of paintings by leading contemporary filmmakers, but interest in the film festival prompted organizers to create a competitive program, which was selected more than a dozen tapes from around the world.

“A lot of positive, positive emotions have received not only the festival, but all the residents of the Rostov region and Rostov-on-don. We will make every effort to keep the festival has received in Rostov permanent residence. Now we know how it should be, and, of course, next year you can count on more powerful support from Rostov and the Rostov region”, – promised the first Deputy Governor of Rostov region Igor Guskov.

Confirmation of the ambitious plans received by the organizers of the awards at the regional and Federal stages of the Russian Event Awards.

The latter is particularly important, because, as usual, skeptics predicted a “one-off” nature of the festival.

Steppe Hollywood

Another important consequence of the emergence of the film forum on the don were the plans of leading domestic film industry to create in the region a kind of “branch of the match.

Current conditions for Rostov region satisfy the basic requirements of filmmakers and producers – the availability of the resource base, location and private actors. This will allow you to expand in the don capital the shooting of feature films and kinoserialov.

“For the Rostov region of the Russian cinema, announced by the President of the country, is a special event – said the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev. – Don land rich in talent. And they need to tell. They should be aware not only in the Rostov region, but throughout Russia and in the world. We are proud of their famous countrymen Chekhov, Kalinin, and Zakrutkina, Ranevskaya. This year will celebrate two anniversaries: Kalinina and Ranevskaya. We are proud of those who began their creative life on the don land”.

According to producer and Director Sergey Ginzburg (“Love-carrot”-3, “Our rush. Eggs of fate”, “the Life and adventures of Mishka Yaponchik”) today “the only engine of the film industry in Russia is a television movie”. That is much more cheap to produce the series.

At the same time in 2014 of 12 produced in Russia series, only one was made in Moscow. So, today filmmakers are looking for filming is clearly a capital city.

Those just may be the city on the don, which is the necessary infrastructure.

– Today, only three cities in Russia have their own “face”, – considers g-n Bagirov. – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov. Because of its local color, mentality, specific dialect and culture. Without Cossacks unthinkable, no movie about war and revolution. In Rostov have what it takes to shoot: the availability of resource base, location and private actors.

He was echoed by the Chairman of the jury of the iconic Italian producer Ugo Tucci (“ARS Amandi or the Art of love”, “Oh, women!”, “The last shark”, “Maniac and cool police”): “that’s the best you can do is to hold the festival in Rostov. Your don in Europe well know, this is a great promotion and the city and movie. And here is another opportunity to attract young people to the movies about the sport.

In the coming years, the city can become if not a movie Mecca, it is certainly in the regional center of the Russian film industry, which will involve local production and creative resources.

The organizers of the festival hope that this year in the don capital in the motivational movie festival will gather not only international movie star of the first magnitude, but also the first persons of the domestic film industry. Today about participating in the festival, said such international stars as the legendary Director, actor and musician Emir Kusturica (Serbia), actor and Director Michele Placido (Italy), actor mark Dacascos (USA), actor, film Director and martial artist Dolph Lundgren and others.

As in the past year as part of the downtown festival will include master classes from leading actors, Directors, producers. One of the workshops will be led by Emir Kusturica, Michele Placido will present in Rostov for his 14th film, “Choice.” Also, the festival will be pitching scenario applications. In the past year were selected for several applications, which are planned shooting of several TV series in the Rostov region.

In the sports part will take place demonstrative performances of masters of cheerleading, powerlifting, karate, rhythmic gymnastics. Events of the festival will also take place in several cities of the Rostov region – itself the capital of the don, Taganrog, Azov.

For publicity

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