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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Savchenko measured American ship bare heels

Nadezhda Savchenko never ceases to amaze the people of Ukraine for its unpredictability. Patriots “square” barely managed to record it in the “agents of the FSB” and “dove of peace” after the words of the pilots about what the residents of Donbass need to apologize, as Nadia returned to jingoistic rhetoric. During a meeting with inhabitants of Odessa Savchenko suddenly announced, “Rostov — Ukraine. So it was hundreds of years ago and so it will be in the near future. You need to be aware of not only Ukrainians, but also Russians.”

photo: facebook.com

Still a few eggs harvested by the radicals of Odessa, before appearing before the inhabitants of the city of Hope flew. But serious harm did not bring her. Taken aback by the Odessa Maxim of Rostov-daddy, Savchenko returned to a favorite theme of the talks with the heads of DND and LNR. The patriots are again tightened. It is a sensible idea pilots that she is ready to talk with the devil himself, Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, with everyone who can make the decision to release our children, to exchange all for all”, put them in a deadlock. On the one hand, negotiations with the separatists for Ukrainian patriots is something seditious. On the other — for the sake of a sister that will not go? And so vary the Ukrainian media, not knowing exactly what characteristic it is time to give Savchenko.

The fact that the halo of the Martyr, with whom she returned to the Ukraine two months ago, slightly faded. If her first speech was made Patriotic media of the prophecies of the Messiah, but now her speech commented gently. And advisors to the interior Minister does not mince words, calling Savchenko “Trojan horse.” Petition of depriving her of the title “hero of Ukraine” and the medical examination on the website of President Petro Poroshenko gained 1.6 thousand signatures in the 25 Grand needed for consideration. Ukrainians, once praising Hope to the heavens “honesty and truthfulness”, can’t accept that in Ukraine she continues to say what he thinks without regard for consequences. Here it seems to her that for the sake of peace in Donbass is possible to get on your knees and repent, she says it. And at the same time, to Rostov Ukrainian land, which “required return”. Not fit it in a certain framework. Wanted to offer her the position of head of the national security Council (of the Council for national security and defense) — she refused. Because she’s in the bureaucratic chair closely. She shoes it closely. Ukrainian media again barefoot discuss the emergence of Hope for the people, and how! Savchenko bare heels lit up on the American ship that arrived on the doctrines “XI Briz”, next to the Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili. The Americans Hope, said nothing, and the head of Odessa region nothing criminal is not noticed. A social network of Ukraine broke to buy anything she someone shoes” – vote in the comments. Soon will require to buy her a muzzle so she did not say superfluous. Or get used that Savchenko was not the Messiah, and not a Trojan horse, and a girl with character, who can not keep their thoughts-horses with him.

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