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Thursday, March 22, 2018

President Putin heard the scientists, who asked to release them from FANO

Ahead for the elimination of unnecessary add-ons, or the death of Russian science. At the time of this writing the petition addressed to the President of the country Vladimir Putin has signed more than 150 of the most distinguished representatives of Russian science. Closer to the evening on Monday from the President the answer came: he heard the scientists and have to analyze the situation. “MK” together with scientists versed in the requirements outlined in an Open letter to the President published on the website of the Society for scientific workers.

photo: kremlin.ru

The authors begin the letter with a reminder that the crisis in Russian science began long before the reforms of the early 1990-ies. The poor financial position of complement of new and new “reform.” The result of these, often meaningless, initiatives of government officials becomes the only consistent degradation.

Reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) 2013 scientists call a “fatal blow.

As of the most ridiculous designs for the new “effective managers” from FANO (to him in 2013, the year has passed all academic institutions) the signatories called for the enlargement of institutions by combining them on a multidisciplinary basis.

Also notes other “results” achieved by the pseudo-reformers, since the beginning of the transformation system:

the decline in the authority of science in society, and of Russian science in the world

– complete destruction of the system of science management,

– demotivation and demoralization of the active scientists,

– a new wave of scientific emigration, especially among young people,

-a sharp intensification of bureaucrats and crooks from science,

– decrease in the proportion of high-quality publications in the world science.

Immediately academics propose a number of urgent measures to rescue the situation:

– All rights of the founder of scientific institutions should be returned to the wounds, making FANO integral part of it, responsible only for commercial issues and property management, but not for the management of scientific research and evaluation of the effectiveness of the institutions and their leadership.

– Immediately stop the destructive campaign of senseless restructuring of existing institutions of RAS, carried out without the approval of the scientific community and without a clear understanding of the goals and objectives, as well as the structure of modern science.

– To bring academic science from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of education and science. According to scientists, should generally form the new Ministry of education and the independent State Committee for science and technologies (SCST) as a Central body for applied research in the country.

– Fold increase of funding of academic science.

– To include active scientists, credible scientific community and global recognition in the system of state management of science.

Under the petition of 150 signatures among the signatures of such well-known academician, as Eugenia Aleksandrova, Zhores Alferov, Alexander Aseev, Lion Green, Boris Kovalchuk, Gennady Month, Alexander Alexander Nekipelov, Victor Polterovich, Mikhail Sadovsky, and 76 corresponding members of RAS, and 18 young newly elected professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said closer to the evening of 25 July that Vladimir Putin was informed about the letter from over 100 scientists who expressed concern that the Federal Agency of scientific organizations is a purely economic activity claim to lead the research and evaluation of the effectiveness of research teams ‘ work.

Press Secretary of the President also explained that the Kremlin has reviewed the materials published in the media about the open letter and with great attention to the concerns expressed by scientists.

However, he noted that the Kremlin is well know and alternative points of view, in particular, about the positive sides, which brought the reform of the Academy of Sciences. He stressed that now it is important to analyze these concerns in the background of the picture and putting in the balance all points of view.

Review of the President of RAS Vladimir Fortov:

“I have not signed this publication, because it was at this time in the trip. It reflects the main problem that has been discussed many times. It originated when there was a reform and separation of functions of management science between Russian Academy of Sciences and FANO. Then it was clear, and the President stressed that the idea of the scientific component and administrative will be triggered only when the separation will be clearly organized. This thesis we always preached. In fact, within two years, we have seen that our point of view FANO diverge, the border between us becomes more and more deformed. Was invented the principle of two keys, on the suggestion of the President was recorded in the form of an agreement. But now we see that this is not enough, because often faced with the fact that the boundary is extended to the side of science. FANO, we think, assumes the functions that are not peculiar to him. Everything else written in the letter is only a consequence of a breach of this important principle”.

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