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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Owners of QIWI vs Roskomnadzor

Many Russians have ever used the payment system QIWI, and many continue to use it to this day. But, as recently discovered Roskomnadzor without any problems, the owners of QIWI wallet suffering from compulsive gambling may bet or two in an illegal online casino, which is prohibited by the Russian laws.

By the way, it is because gambling had almost disappeared from the web QIWI in the middle of this month, when Roskomnadzor has made the payment in the register of banned resources, and had almost blocked it forever.

The very next day, 15 July, Russian media spread information that “the payment service has eliminated all violations. However, it seems that the owners of QIWI group (CEO Sergey Solonin is included in the second hundred list “Forbs” – with a fortune of $0.4 billion, as well as the group’s President Andrey Romanenko and his father Nikolay Romanenko), once selectively perform the requirements of the Supervisory authority.

If you carefully examine the website of QIWI, it is possible to detect that it has been cleverly sanitized mention the possibility to pay foreign gambling operator. However, if desired, any ordinary user will be able to do it effortlessly.

It is possible to have an anonymous Kiwi purse, you can recharge it with a credit card and make payments to two gaming projects mosalasi eyes on many sites – bookmaker Fonbet and online casino “Volcano”.

Note the sites listed services and their mirrors a long time blocked by Roskomnadzor. However, you can replenish an account using the technology of the invoice in the wallet (to quote from the website): “Fonbet. Using Visa QIWI Wallet, you can pay for any order in this store for a few minutes”

See how simple it is to call it underground online casinos the online store, apply a couple of simple methods– and claims of Roskomnadzor as usual.

You can sign up in one of the available mirrors Fonbet, select QIWI as the payment method and to account to your QIWI wallet. It is noteworthy that the payment system carrying out cross-border transfer to the foreign company are not subjected to stringent identification of the payer.

And therefore, money obtained by illegal means, through QIWI can wash anyone? In addition, it appears that virtually unlimited access to gambling QIWI may have, including minors who are the easiest to lure to the bait?

On the other hand, what else would we expect from those, the majority of which are savings, and other assets registered in offshore zones in Cyprus and the British virgin Islands? Really transparent tax payments to the Russian Treasury?

We will remind, formally QIWI is a public company. Its outstanding shares on the American stock exchange NASDAQ, and the financial statements of the de jure public. But there are some – and strangest – nuances.

For example, the report for the first quarter of 2016 indicated that the largest proportion of the income of the QIWI group – revenue payments in the segment of electronic Commerce: 827 million rubles (over 40% of the revenue). While the turnover of the segment is only 17% of the total turnover of payments. Don’t you see the discrepancy in these figures?

Why is this happening? Perhaps this is because in the segment of electronic Commerce are the so-called clients “high risk” – in the first place, the representatives of the gambling business and Forex brokers. Traditionally, these customers are willing to pay a higher Commission and show high dynamics of growth. Now I understand what kind of profits are we talking?

In principle, any payment system can be turned into a large “Laundry”, to carefully launder the proceeds derived from questionable types of businesses.

The material provided by the electronic newspaper “the Age”

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