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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Nicknames of dogs Belka and Strelka appeared on the orders of Marshal Nedelina

The details of the renaming of the first dogs-astronauts told “MK” in the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS. As we reported earlier, is actually the Arrow name Drop, but a Squirrel the Villa.

Drawing from the diary of Oleg Gazenko

The world learned about it just recently from a scanned page of the workbook Oleg Georgievich, Gazenko, one of the founders of space biology and medicine. The diary was exhibited among the exposure of archival materials, SSC RF “Institute of biomedical problems RAS” in the Memorial Museum of cosmonautics.

Leafing through the yellowed pages, written by the legendary academician Gazenko… working material, a diary in which she recorded all the important biological parameters of the animals of the arrangements of electrodes on them, and more. Only towards the end, when we get to the page with the numbered location of major sensors on dogs, read near one drawn test: “Drop (Arrow), adjacent to another: Vilna (Protein)”.

Help “MK”. Flying Squirrels and their Arrows were held on the ship “Sputnik-5 on 19 August 1960. It lasted more than 25 hours, during which the ship made 17 orbits around the Earth.

In order to understand why dogs changed names, tell you how to do delicate held selection of candidates on the flight. The criteria were strict: the dogs had to be low, up to 35 inches, and weigh no more than 6 pounds. The age limit is also taken into account from two to six years. We selected only females because they were not required complex sanitation devices (toilets). But even if there ever was a contender for a place in the crew met all the requirements, but it was a brunette, she too was given the heave-Ho. Space dog, according to scientists, was supposed to be a light to the best of their observation of the monitor screens, and, equally important, to have an attractive face, in case they will present to the media. Naturally with this selection the leaders of the experiment could not give the values and names of animals.

Say that almost not the commander in chief of the strategic missile forces Mitrofan Nedelin has demanded change of some foreign names of dogs in Russian.

So among the 12 selected the flight candidates, the best of the best was Vilna, which later became a Squirrel, and Drop “turned” in the Arrow. Although a more careful reading of the notebooks in an attempt to understand their original names Belka and Strelka staff IBMP RAS, came across something interesting, namely that the name Drop was already the second time.

Here’s a list of the name of the dog from the “first unit”: “Fox-Seagull Silva-Vilna, a Martian-Weasel”. As you can see, the Drops, there is no, – tells a press-the Secretary of the Institute Oleg VOLOSHIN. – If the dog Vilna “is” almost through the entire book, the second favorite changes periodically. First, obviously, it was Silva. But the 4th of August instead of Silva in the pair already mentioned the Martian. On page 83 you can see that Vilna was trying to rename to VEGA (presumably 5 August). The first appearance of the nickname “the Drop” appeared in the notebook only the 13th of August (p. 91). So far we have failed to understand who, exactly, called the Drop – Silva, or a Martian.

Alas, I could not figure it out and we, as of old employees IBMP we were not able to find in hot pursuit of those who worked directly with Belka and Strelka (the Villa and Drop). But we found then physician assistant, now doctor of medical Sciences Yuri KREIDICHthat is already in 1966 year sent into space another pair of four-legged — Breeze and Ember.

– If Ember we flew with their own nickname, the Breeze was originally a Peer, ” says Cradic. And it was named so because (sorry) constantly spoil the air. Naturally, the senior leadership of this analogy is not liked, and was given the Directive to change the name of the Peer on the Breeze. By the way, the flight of Wind and Coal was the longest flight of dogs to human flight, it lasted 22 days. We first concluded that in long-term space expeditions can not go without prevention.

Help “MK”. Menu Belka and Strelka IBMP RAS, on the eve of the flight (from the diary of Oleg Gazenko): “Feed 2-3 times daily only fresh food: 300 grams of meat, better cooked, chicken bones do not give fish to give the soup either.”

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