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Friday, January 19, 2018

Highlight the viviparous cockroaches will save the world from hunger

To solve the problem of hunger in spite of the growth of the population by using nutritional secretions of the viviparous cockroaches of the species Diploptera punctate. With such an unusual proposal was made by an international group of researchers, which included experts from India, Canada, France, USA and Japan.

Photos bio.umass.edu

The allocation in question, represent a kind of “breast milk” is the only known species of viviparous cockroaches, in which they feed newborn birds. While nutritionally this stuff is superior to cow four times. This gave scientists the idea that a sufficient quantity of these excretions, which is a complete food, you could feed the people.

Experts don’t suggest “milking” the cockroaches – that would be ineffective, traderelated and ugly from a purely aesthetic point of view. However, scientists admit that a substance similar in composition, could be obtained in another way – for example, creating a yeast that would produce. Now scientists are studying the question of how such to implement in practice.

Assess how serious the problem of hunger will face humanity in the coming decades, is very different. Some forecasts are very optimistic – for example, according to a recent report of the Ministry of agriculture of the USA, by 2026 the number of hungry people in developing countries will be reduced by more than two times, which will contribute to improving the welfare of people and the decline in prices of some food products. At the same time, shortly before a team of researchers from the University of Leeds in the UK made a statement that after 10 years due to global warming affecting the yield of many plants, the problem of hunger, on the contrary, will stand before humanity urgently than ever.

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