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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Doctors: insomnia destroys the brain

A group of researchers from China have found that the insomnia from which a person can not get more than a month, has a negative impact on the structure of the white matter of his brain. It may have a negative impact on the relationship between different parts of the brain, experts say.

A scene from the movie “Fight club.” Source konbini.com

It is known that insomnia can lead to feelings of chronic fatigue, mood swings and temporary reduced cognitive abilities, and in some cases to depression and anxiety disorders. However, about how insomnia is caused and why it provokes such effects are still not well known, experts say.

To fill this gap, researchers professionals using magnetic resonance imaging have studied the brains of 23 people suffering from so-called primary insomnia (in contrast, secondary insomnia, it is not a consequence of some other disease, and due to the directly physiological characteristics of the individual). Also, scientists scanned brains of 30 people with insomnia are not suffering – they were the control group.

The study showed that people suffering from insomnia, in the brain was disturbed structure of the white matter. First and foremost, this concerned the right hemisphere, especially its departments, such as thalamus and corpus callosum, involved, including, consciousness, sleep and alertness. The scientists also found that insomnia was Koroliova reduced in the brain of myelin, the protective sheath of nerve fibers – perhaps the weakening of this protection and led in turn the destruction of the white matter.

Scientists presented the results of their study in the scientific journal Radiology.

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