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Monday, March 19, 2018

Unsportsmanlike policy: the depoliticization of sports of Russia should start with yourself

The President calls sanctions against our athletes, “the recurrence of political interference in sport”. And that’s the truth: if Russia and the West returned to a state of “cold war”, the doping scandal would not have assumed such proportions. The slogan of the depoliticization of sports is really relevant today as ever. However, as rightly pointed out once living classic domestic policereform, restructuring should begin with ourselves.

There is, of course, and another course of action: to stretch horn, continue to be offended by the injustice of the world and not to change anything. The benefit of experience, the legal predecessor of the Russian Federation did not participate in the Olympic games throughout the first half allotted to the history of the period up to 1952. The right to participate in the first post-revolutionary Olympics in 1920, Antwerp — we were denied due to the fact that the majority of the then members of the IOC did not recognize the legitimacy of the Bolshevik regime. Then started to invite, but he has balked the Country of the Soviets, did not participate in “bourgeois” amusements. Alternatively they have a “proletarian” Olympics.

If we prefer this way, then no problem at all. Let the dogs bark, the Russian caravan will move on a parallel course, in a parallel sports universe, giving new records clear, although not recognized in the rest of the world, the names. However, judging by statements of officials, this is not our way. We don’t want to stew in the juice of home-grown games, we want to get out of isolation. But you need to restore the reputation. Thanks to the sensational revelations of recent years concerning the Russian sport, and alas, today has the presumption of guilt. You can — and probably should — be angry and protest about this, but we cannot ignore the fact that we a priori do not believe.

What to do to believe? It is unlikely that the case will seriously help litigation. This path is extremely long and, as shown by the recent decision of the court of arbitration for Sport, leaving in force the disqualification of the Russian athletes, unpromising. There’s only one option: to wait when the world will SAG under us, and to transform themselves. And these changes require much more than temporary removal from office of Vice-Minister of sport and the creation of a “public Committee for monitoring the fight against doping”.

Details of the restructuring can be discussed, but the contours of it in General is clear: the Russian sport should be incomparably greater than at the present moment, distance from the authorities and political situation. You might have to sacrifice not only Vitaly Mutko, but to all Ministry of sports. In the end, most countries that are called civilized, well do without such a bureaucratic structure. And in our country until 2008, once treated. Yes, at the Olympics, then we got less medals than in Sochi, but with the reputation of the Russian sports great.

In fairness it should be noted that big-time sports are not left without supervision officials before the advent of moskowskogo of the Ministry, just for answer structure of a lower calibre. However, in the history of the country it is possible to detect the time when no sports Department did not exist: from 1959 to 1968 the management of sports work in the USSR was fully vested in social forces — on the sports companies and federations. And anything, the sky collapsed to the ground. Moreover, three of the six conducted in the winter and summer Olympics, the Soviet Union excelled in the number of gold medals, and the rest were in second place.

The Ministry of sports is not the only symptom of the disease. In that sport in Russia is more than a sport, it is a political phenomenon, can be seen by looking at the governing structure of almost every Russian sports society. The Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Supervisory Board of the Russian volleyball Federation, Chairman of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin — the higher Supervisory Board of the Russian swimming Federation, Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin, the Board of Trustees of handball Federation of Russia, Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, the Board of Trustees of the Federation of rowing slalom, an old friend of the President and the businessman Arkady Rotenberg — the Board of the Federation of hockey… just the same indissoluble unity of power and sport is found at the very top of the domestic sports Olympus. The President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov is simultaneously the first Vice-speaker of the state Duma and a member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia”. And Vice President of the ROC Vladimir Kozhin and Igor Levitin — the assistants to the President

“I don’t know how to do it, but, comrades of the Central Committee, remove Lenin from the money, so price it high!” — wrote when-that Andrey Voznesensky. The poet meant that the portrait on the banknotes diminish the image of Lenin. With regard to the presence in Russian sports structures of the authorities in the broad sense of the word (government officials, party functionaries and oligarchs), the situation is the opposite — the problem they create themselves. At least the image. So, “comrades of the Central Committee”, remove politicians from the sport! Of course, this does not relieve us from all our ills, but, in any case, will be the first step on the path to healing.

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