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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Munich the shooter was mentally ill and was not an Islamist

A resident of Germany, who opened fire in the shopping center Munich hardly had to do with Islamic terrorists. 18-year-old arrow-Iranian was depressive disorder, learning problems, he was fond of video games, and read literature about the sudden insanity. However, most experts were quick to call the incident an attack by Islamists because of the name of the offender.

Munich was the shooter, according to Bild, the name Ali David Sonboli, hardly had any relevance to the Islamist underground. The shooting of a shopping center similar to the attack, and the actions of a person in a state of mental disorder, according to German sources. Law enforcers do not exclude connection of the offender with the anniversary of the shooting of Breivik on the Norwegian island of Utoya in 2011 – it also happened on July 22.

The police, however, said that the ultimate motives of the shooter are still not clear. A suicide note was never found, and it is not clear whether it exists at all.

A loner with mental disorders

“Against him not previously been any police investigations. Intelligence agencies also did not have any information about this man”

The investigation is inclined to think that the shooter had a serious mental illness. “The details of the disease we have no other information, this is the first signal that we have received and which, so to speak, fits into the picture of what happened. Still need to check,” said attorney Thomas Steinkraus-Koch.

The home arrow was found the computer, which is investigating the investigators, writes Reuters. The relatives of the offender are not yet able to help the investigation, since they are in a state of shock. The shooter was completely unknown to law enforcement authorities, said the interior Minister of Germany Thomas de Mezieres. “Against him not previously been any police investigations. Intelligence agencies also did not have any information about this man,” – said the chief of police.

According to German police, the offender opened fire in Munich, was in a state of deep depression. 18-year-old offender of Iranian origin had to be treated by a doctor. According to the Agency dpa, he is also fond of computer games with shooting, he had problems in school. This including could shake the psyche of the Munich arrow.

On mental health issues indicates the contents of the apartment where lived the perpetrator. During the search on Saturday, police found in his room were a large number of materials from Newspapers and magazines with information about the attacks of individuals with firearms as a result of “sudden insanity”.

Among his belongings were also found the book “the Rage in my head: Why do students kill,” said the Prosecutor’s office of Germany, writes DW.

The way to attract victims, he also made an interesting choice: using the social network Facebook the name of a girl he lured people – mostly young people – to the Mall under the pretext of giving away free food, revealed the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. The fake account was opened on behalf of a teenage girl Selina Governor.

Law enforcement officials also said that the criminal was “absolutely had no relationship to the subject of refugees.” According to police, there was no evidence linking him to the terrorist group “Islamic state*”. The police have already managed to interview acquaintances of the offender. At the moment the police are inclined to think that the gunman had no assistance. The chief of police of Munich Hubertus Andre said that “there is no indication that, in addition to a criminal who killed himself in the events of Friday were involved with other people. From our point of view, it is now obvious that we are dealing with a loner.”

We will remind, on Friday, a German of Iranian origin named Ali David Sonboli opened fire in the shopping center “Olympia” in Munich. The shooter had dual citizenship – German and Iranian. Earlier, Spiegel reported that the suspect in the shooting name is David S., and later sources cited the full name of the offender.

During shooting, wounding 27 people, 10 of them are in serious condition. Shooter killed 9 people. He later committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. The victims of the attack were residents of Munich, they were between 15 to 45 years. Later it turned out that among the dead were three citizens of Turkey.

Eyewitnesses reported that the gunman shouted “I’m German”. Later, the German newspaper Bild wrote that the perpetrator shouted from the rooftops “You Turkish shit!”. Others heard on the video the following quote: “I was born here. In the area living on unemployment benefits. Lying in the hospital. I didn’t do anything!”. At the same time other witnesses in an interview with German media claimed that he shouted “fucking foreigners!”.

In fear of ISIS

Immediately after it became known about the shooting in Munich, almost all the experts and journalists called the incident a terrorist attack. It was mentioned about the notorious group ISIL, though it was not yet obtained any evidence of the involvement of terrorists. Moreover, it was not clear the motives of the perpetrator. However, on the basis of nationality of the shooter, almost all journalists and pundits were quick to call the incident a terrorist attack, and the gunman – terrorist and almost an agent of ISIS. Later, the police found the contrary.

We will remind, the similar situation occurred in March 2015. Then the second pilot of the aircraft A-320 Andreas Lubitz intentionally sent overboard into the mountains, killing 150 people. It later emerged that he had personal problems and he decided to commit suicide. The German police has published the suicide note of the pilot-suicide, in reading which it became obvious that he had deep depression. Although no one spoke of a direct connection of the pilot with ISIS, checked his involvement in terrorist organizations.

A similar situation occurred in the United States. Recall June 12 in the shooting at a gay club in American Orlando 49 people were killed and 53 were wounded. The attacker is a Florida resident of Afghan origin, born in the United States, Omar Matin – was liquidated by the police during the assault after a three-hour standoff. At the time of the attack, he expressed support for “Islamic state” suicide bombers “dzhebhat an-Nusra.” As reported by an eyewitness, the terrorist called and demanded the US to stop bombing his country.”

Experts and journalists believed it and called the incident a terrorist attack, linking the killer with the activities of ISIS. But it became clear later that the criminal himself was gay and frequented the club. The investigation reported that he was infected with HIV, gay partners, and he decided to take revenge. “We still have no evidence that they were directed from abroad”, – said the representative of the FBI.

Shooting in Munich – the second attack in less than a week. Responsible for first entrusted to ISIS, which probably was the cause of hasty conclusions in the case of the shooting of the visitors of the shopping center. Monday, July 18, 17-year-old native of Afghanistan attacked the passengers of commuter trains with axe and knife. In General, he is wounded about 15 people. The attacker shot and killed by police while trying to escape from the crime scene. German media reported that he shouted “Allah Akbar!”. Later, the Ministry called the incident a terrorist attack, and the Afghan – “a soldier of ISIS”.

The next day one of the official sites of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” posted a video in which the same Afghan with a knife in his hands said in Pashto that he was going to retaliate for attacks on international anti-terrorist coalition. “I’m a soldier of ISIS and begin the sacred surgery in Germany. It is time,” he said. German security forces later conducted a review and confirmed the authenticity of the video.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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