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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mark Rozovsky about mozartizm and communal: “In Russia your Kafka”

…Mark Rozovsky, moving along the thorny road of life, between the 79th and 80th kilometers, collects, that is, the stones were there just at the prestigious festival of musicals in South Korea’s Daegu received a hefty prize as best Director for his legendary “Gambrinus”. Rozovsky is great because honest — it is not placed on a pedestal nor criticism, nor power, it is slowly, year after year, nurtured, cared for and cherished his theatre — bright, fresh, ensemble, reared on the ideals of Studio enthusiasm. Argued every day of their worth. In the first place itself. And won. In General, the performances Rozovsky very much felt that he is closer he is still, “nasonovsky” (theatre at MSU, where did the gold frames) the excitement, the atmosphere of sharpness and freedom. And that even today, in a moment of cultural stagnation and pragmatism.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

After the award ceremony at the Opera house in Daegu, where Rozovsky and his comrades walked the red carpet under the roar of applause Koreans, we decided to through it (Rozovsky) characters to talk about the present, but because it was an unusual interview from Amadeus and Anna Karenina to the inspector and the black square, so…

Amadeus. In quotes, without; the most famous production staged Rozovskim in what was then Mat (not Mat). Chekhov, Mozart played Vladimir Pinchevsky (later handleman), and Salieri, of course, tobacco (after which he actually went to Ephraim).

— It is curious that this play in the Moscow art Theater I set a time with the birth of theatre-studios “At Nikitsky gate” (1983).

And I’m glad that turned out to be the bridge, which got back together two artists — tobacco and Efremov, who was in a difficult relationship after the departure of Ephraim from “Contemporary”; to the rehearsals of “Amadeus,” they did not talk much, but still loved each other, and what I took, inviting Tabakov.

There was a dispute — how to play Mozart? Clearly, this whole story is a myth, on the other hand, this myth is immortalized Salieri (there is not a person important, and two different approaches to life and art). Comes to the aid of God. Mozart — the gift of God, freedom. Mischief-maker, a lover of women, life, wine, feasts, visionary… he’s a genius, which is really incompatible with evil. A sort of Pushkin at all times. By the way, Pushkin is very well shot and all laws had to kill this Dantesco like a fly, he was absolutely sure in his hand. Just wildly unlucky. But Pushkin defended his wife, his dignity, he did not murder. And that his light was right — absolutely mozartiana.

And what is solarism? This technology, the ability technologically to create a predictable high-art. Yes, Salieri beautiful melodies, mozartiana in style, but they have no freedom of genius. Jokes Mozart, Salieri tries. One man of God, the other only plays; one the earnest faith, the other is enclosed in the clerical shell. One wanted to spit on wealth, which is poverty, another lackey of the state. Mozart invincible, though and plays Salieri in the short run in life. One in the sump is buried (and we don’t know where the grave of the greatest man of all times and peoples), the other with honor and fanfare.

…I missed the play by Peter Shaffer many nuances in the Mozart, so I introduced a stunning story diary of a composer (filed on its behalf). Then, in 1983, it was a challenge to censorship, power, freedom, intrigue, meanness. And so far this call has to leave. Although censorship is protected by the Constitution, and any censor, who will come to my theatre, will be launched with a guard from the stairs.

Anna Karenina. Recent unusual theatre premiere of “Vladimir Nabokov “Anna Karenina,” the lecture”.

A scene from “Anna Karenina”. Lecture”. Photo: teatrunikitskihvorot.ru

— Most of my favorite artists in rehearsal listened, listened, then exploded, began to impose their vision: Karenin shouting, ” what a bitch this Anna, Dolly defended family values (lies), Vronsky (which I loved, but betrayed) began to prove that he had no choice… I didn’t oscal them, knowing that no justification for the way they play. But seeing that all at the same time and against Anna, at the same time — I realized that it was the essence of my performance. On the one hand, the Woman with the other — “our depraved Babylon, condemning her every with his right. Babylon crushed, strangled, betrayed that LOVE. After all, her love redeems all.

I shouted, “She’s a prostitute!” a prostitute guys don’t likes, she trades for money. Anna noble and honest, Yes, she is a sinner pay for his own life, drove her to a standstill. Because the betrayal of loved ones — generally unbearable thing for me, anyway…

Vysotsky. Rozovsky is the author of the filmed plays “a Concert of Vladimir Vysotsky in NII and play-smash-hit “the novel about girls” on the unfinished work of Vladimir Vysotsky.

— Vysotsky was not ranked as the poetic fraternity; were professionals, and he seems like a talented artist, good singing his songs — the most he received. And that’s the cause of his death mass of glory lies, I think, dosed the combination of his nationality and intelligence. Things seemingly incompatible. But it is enough to remember “the Ballad about the childhood” to realize how he was close to everyone “yard pet”, the fatherless punks, they are innumerable…

All lived together, modestly so:

system corridor,

Thirty-eight rooms

only one restroom.

Here tooth on tooth did not fall,

not warmed telogreechka.

Here I knew for certain,

how much is it, penny.

And the second hypostasis — his artistry, the unique power of the voice, priblatnennyi manner of singing, which continued the line Utesov and even to some extent of the world. Artistry intonation — he correctly emphasizes his poetry. Yes, being printed without voice expression, they have something to lose. But the fine and Vysotsky that he, like the ancient poets, have returned to the performance of his poetry bardowski way… and there arose not just poetry, but poetics. Plus the glory of the Taganka, Esenin scale, bare chest caught on the chain. It was clear, close your…

The authorities hated him during his lifetime, but after death I officialshave, smoothed, adapted to itself, made it the wrong Vysotsky, what he was, not the fact that I knew the almanac “Metropol”. If he were alive, he would have smashed the skulls of the people who published it by removing the sharp corners.

Hamlet. Landmark theatre Maxim by Zapaleniem and Valery Explanatory in the title roles, caused the approval of the critics…

A scene from the play “hamlet”. Photo: teatrunikitskihvorot.ru

— The myth of hamlet is obliged to warn us about the impending disaster. “I have no future!” he says. Once there he, why should it be us? And that same Almighty God, to whom hamlet does not talk directly, preferring a more General appeal — to the Sky?.. God is silent, as always; and the response to criticism of the world of hamlet demonstrative Shakespeare: the absence of God in earthly Affairs. Hamlet, come to terms with death, but do not come to terms with life, before the fight with Laertes is doomed to heroic dying. And the gravediggers, immediately came to his corpse, covered it with the other bodies total rag, hint at the global nonsense of everything.

Hamlet is not a priest, not a prophet, not a teacher of life. On the contrary, he is funny, ridiculous, powerless. But in its impotence it is significant. “For what?” — a favorite issue of my teacher she had before work. The answer in the course of the play. One thing is clear: hamlet is my alter ego, my DoppelgangeR, and even, if you will, the clone, and the idea of it — my personal story and tragedy.

Dostoevsky. In the Riga theatre of Russian drama first success was the “Killer” (“Crime”), and in Moscow later, “Crocodile” (Comedy on the theme of Dostoyevsky) that “does not love Russia is a crime, and love and punishment”.

— A classic must be able to recognize and reproduce. Is it possible to add? You can! Our historical experience is much better than the classics. Dostoevsky was a prophet, but we have gone through a terrible period when all his prophecies have come true. So from the standpoint of the beginning of the XXI century can and should pull out of the F. M. all the most relevant. We are obligated to actualize it! But it author. Not that under his name to sell his concept is absolute quackery, of which there are many.

…Saddam Hussein shortly before the execution I read “Crime and punishment” by Dostoevsky, it did not save him, though, may be helped to accept death. But the urge of the soul of the offender is interesting to us for analysis. Late in the day, however, started early.

Kafka. The play Rozovsky “Kafka: father and son” is not in the theater.

— I say simply. At a Russian Kafka. For Europe it is such a fantastic author, and Kafka for us is routine.

Meyerhold. Rozovsky wrote the play “triumph square”, dedicated to Meyerhold. The current Directors, who were often referred to as “Meyerhold of our time.”

At the first sound unique. The same powerful phenomenon of Stanislavski. Was right Vakhtangov, who said: “do not allow the roots to the theatres of the future. Future and reward him.” The master made a theatrical Convention the cornerstone of its aesthetic. It is clear that any now who uses these techniques, he fancies himself the “Meyerhold”. One day Petya Fomenko said when he started to compare): “Yes, I myself do not!” This is the exact position is not narcissistic, but a responsible Creator.

A current comparison… Meyerhold was a man of great culture, passed through the theatre, he was the first Replevin, published journal on the Commedia Dell’arte. In the current “maurolico” a culture completely not observed. No, Bogomolov, well-read, knowledgeable and versed in the cultural space of the Director. But who else would… he refused to single out anyone.

Meyerhold wrote that “wants to the fervent spirit of his time”. This flame eventually burned the lot. The experiment must be endured. Now we make the mistake of assuming that the experiment is the main path of development uncensored theatre. The notion of experiment as something artificially narrowed, it as “innovators” hang scribblers and charlatans, little able. Kafka did not receive grants and awards! And Jerzy Grotowski lived from hand to mouth. All experimenters should otgorodite your theatre, your experiment, your avant-garde. And it’s not good to call vanguard secondary, where a hundred years in the lunch — factomania, the use of a TV technician in the theatre and so on…

There are techniques, ad nauseam, say, a sex change (men playing female roles and Vice versa), my God! We consider this to be “find,” and this discovery is exactly the same price as any other vulgarity. Shoot me, but Chekhov did not write the way Arkadina in the form of the actor-men! For me it’s a shame theatre, and not because I’m a conservative and Orthodox, but because it is bad taste and nothing more. You can’t kill the author, claiming himself.

Nord-OST. Daughter of Alexander Rozovsky has experienced terrible terrorist attack.

— God forbid anyone to survive it. At the age of 14 for three days to be under a real threat of death… if by strength is present. On the second day it was clear that the storm, and if storm, then blood will be shed. The blood was shed, but more than 130 people died from a gas attack and its consequences.

In our theater, worked as actress Vic Zaslavskaya and her boy Arseniy Kurilenko died. He sat next to Sasha. There sat the girl, Kristina Kurbatova. Found her in the morgue… I Go every year to their grave.

So I am eternally grateful to that unknown soldier who saved my daughter, pulling her first one. But this injury for the rest of my life. And I try not to argue with her, these conversations, these memories. It is, of course, remembers everything. The doctor from the hospital in Sokolniki (where we are already the day she was found) said that Sasha is a strong man. She, when I was called, managed to call the name. But not the address. Swollen face, swollen cheeks, the shadows under his eyes. Then it’s all gone. In the first year reflexively shied away from women in a burqa, from commandos. It is now one of the leading Actresses in Ramtha, in June gave birth, so I have a granddaughter…

Songs of our yard. Communal. The two most popular performance of the theatre, who, for 20 years, and they are made in a week.

A scene from “Songs of our court yard”. Photo: teatrunikitskihvorot.ru

— “Where are your 17 years? On the Big Carriage…” And my to — Petrovka. Half the country was sitting in the camps, the other half lived in communal apartments. And I lived to be 83. Amazing? Yes, in the basement, which was all my childhood. Corridor system and room, room, room… in a bucket alive rat sits. And we, children of war, play with the rat: we had sugar to put, to stand, to sit 10-15 minutes, the rat ran out, grabbed the sugar and crack in the floor! I’m still not afraid of rats. And the most high was when she was taken. Then you’re everyone’s hero!

In our communal everything was. Scuffle. In the pan spit. This was Val, and Valya was ment to love her room came. The walls shuddered. Valya had a son Jean, whom she at this time expelled. And he was jealous and fought with her mother, the COP defended. My father, after serving ten years, decided to come to Moscow (to arrive where he had no right, but I wanted to see my son, I mean me). Everyone knew that “Lickin husband back”. We were very afraid that Val and her COP will report on the court, and the Pope will be taken for violation of the passport regime. But dad few days we have spent. And what do you think? No one was told.

Although seemingly “hated the Jews”… but not told. Not sold. And this 1947 anti — Semitism flourished. My grandmother was shot in the leg during the bombing (I was saved, I was under her belly), all hovered in the water for my swollen foot. And that’s the neighbors Tyapkina see grandma nothing, called to him, poured some soup. So lived rather amicably.

Tatiana Revzin, wife and theatre Director.

— Where did you see the principal who, when necessary, take broom and to clean the toilet? And she did, her Studio leaven, for all its secularism and refinement (the musician, after all, behind the Gnessin Institute). Talent is important, but also important is the devotion and constancy. And Tanya is a true friend.


— In the “New auditor” we have hell and demonic, came to us together with the bureaucracy: the man in the clutches of the system. And actors improvise in front of the audience and together with her. The final scene — the mayor speaks directly into the hall, saying, now will be the last of the famous phrase about the visit of the auditor, so let her rehearse with you. Two hundred people stand up, take Gogolevskiy postures — bend over, big arms, frozen.

Black square. In this performance, the theater, Andrei Molotkov is inside the “Black square” by Malevich, inside uncharted space, where the eye can’t see anything, vision be fooled, do not rely on that, and lead you can only spirit…

— A black hole of civilization, — concludes his monologue Rozovsky, is what gnaws at me most of all — “the man in the meat grinder of history”; humanism in the XX century has become a laughing stock; he may have been to Auschwitz, but not after. The private life of each was under tremendous pressure from two sides: on the left, Nazism on the right — Stalinism. Fascism and Bolshevism resulted in millions of casualties on both sides.

How to survive in this historic battle? How to keep yourself, your family, dignity? It turned out to be almost impossible, because the destruction is exposed to all. Even Goethe, when human life was declared as a gift of God) there is that black void that we call the devil. Dostoevsky, Goethe and other thinkers warned about the terrible development of events, but we did not heed. Allowed inside the devil and started to themselves and others lie-lie-lie (17 times write that word), and busy from morning till night and from night to morning.

The devils created the October revolution, then collectivization, the Great terror, created the society where the people at the cost of phenomenal the victims tried to save himself, his soul. But I can’t say, we defeated fascism. We won it militarily, but the violence left in us — as the main way of solving all problems. How many of us rabid mutual hatred. Demonic has entered every home, every family, parents and children. We say: “Culture drops”. Culture is immutable, we fall, we are degrading. Culture as such is not threatened. Why is my “Gambrinus” is 30 years with great success? Because taken the theme of international brotherhood… and we live under the conditions of enmity, all kinds of phobias, growing radicalism. Every day we see severed heads and shooting guns…

And from this darkness we can bring the spirit, we must be able to hear his voice.


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