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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kirov oblast the eyes of an outsider

I went on a cruise. Do not envy, relax in a cruise to orphanages in Kirov region. Missed four days — and this, together with road there and back. And a one-way road, by the way, takes 14 hours. A joke from Moscow to Kirov 1000 km, and a significant part of them — not the best roads.

There are some White detractors will gleefully rubbing their hands: “Ah! Here and road this corrupt White bad!”

And here and there. Not bad roads in the Kirov region, and on the way there. And the way there are two: Kostroma oblast, and Nizhny Novgorod through.

So, if you are going to Kirov, through the fire, do not go is all tin. Immediately after Kostroma, almost to the border of the Kirov region (which is no less than about three hundred kilometers), a solid — tough “comb”.

About “patching” heard it all? Heard, but not everyone knows that it can be done with the head, but you can in another place. So, in the Kostroma region did via alternative head on. Instead of pits formed lumps. In such tubercles almost all 300 km from Kostroma to the North-East. I have the feeling that they were going along the tracks.

I drove 150 miles, came out — and I was reeling. Do not disassemble: not vibrating the disease, not the concussion. Saved by the fact that almost immediately after the border with Kirov oblast asphalt as velvet. After Kostroma-boy — just pleasure.

Back I took another route — via Nizhny Novgorod. There’s another problem: after Kirov region Nizhny Novgorod starts a rut. Did not seem so shaken, but very scary — when you go with the counter wagon and track throws you and the car partially out into the oncoming lane. Well, who knows, he understands what I mean.

As Nizhny Novgorod oblast is rich. Not like Kirov. In Nizhny Novgorod how many companies. However, with the roads the problems are still the same. That’s what I to travel to Kirov knew that in the Nizhny Novgorod region I children’s homes of about twenty. So that the city and region had to go, you know the topic.

As for the Kirov, I had to hear complaints from citizens that “the roads in Kirov terrible.” What can I say? Go to the glorious city of Orel. That’s where a lot of tough sections on the suspension hits like a sledgehammer. In Orel I also have a lot of orphanages, so traveled far and wide. But Orel to Moscow 600 km closer Kirov, and the region is richer and stands on a busy highway. It would seem that all the conditions for development are. With Kirov their capabilities just do not compare.

In General, the Network repeatedly across such a widespread belief that the Kirov region is “depressed region” that there is “bad”. Traveled 7 of orphanages, located in 5 different directions from Kirov — in all directions. A special depression is not noticed. The fields are planted, the normal way, in small towns and villages, some local companies work: someone makes the furniture and woodwork from local forests, someone’s skin excrete and shoes from her sewing (!), someone fur does.

By the way, in the Kostroma region, if leave for Kostroma in the direction of Kirov, all overgrown with weeds. No villages in sight, nobody cultivated fields. But also to Moscow much closer.

The Kirov — city atmospheric, there is something European in it. This is probably due to a large number of well-preserved pre-revolutionary buildings, which are well integrated into a modern infrastructure. There are many lovely places to relax.

While went in the Kirov region and the regional center, periodically started to discuss: corrupt if White? In memory surfaced circumstances of “detention red-handed”.

I Nikita Belykh not a lawyer and not a Prosecutor. I’m a person White was never interested in much. In a way, I shaggy year someone from well-wishers, volunteers in the email sent me a link to LJ White, where he is the subject of the promotion of philanthropy in the Kirov region have discussed. Everything I read seemed too speculative, divorced from reality. That’s all my “acquaintance” with the work of Whites.

Some are trying to present White Savior of the region. So, the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman in the comments to my previous article on “charity” White writes: “You don’t understand what you’re talking about. Regional budgets are not enough for anything. This underfunding has built up over decades. The region was killed in collectivization, then pulled tendons in the war, then postwar reconstruction. In Kirov there was not a single simple ring, or one 50-meter pool, waterfront, etc. There is nowhere to take money for the repair of facades, basic landscaping”.

Because I go to orphanages throughout Russia, I have something to compare, so Roizman said that “in the collectivization we have killed the whole of Russia, and not only the Vyatka province. Were the regions that suffered serious. In Russia 70-80% of subsidized regions, and, accordingly, it is possible, as well as about the Kirov oblast, to say that “there is no place to take money for the repair of facades, basic landscaping”. However, throughout Russia have built fitness centres, swimming pools and so on. All this is Federal budget money for the program of development of sport and physical education. If the region is poor, the charity will not help. In any case, it is not a tool for the Governor. It’s not about Whites specifically.”

As for orphanages — orphanages and boarding schools, something with them is also okay. The poverty and devastation I found. There are the orphanage with fresh, good repair, with quality, expensive furniture, there are simpler, but also decent. Ragged shoes on their children did not notice, although the staff and children were pleased with everything we brought them, and sneakers, and denim shorts, and even pink jeans that we seven years ago gave the volume a trucks and we are still handing out. In other areas, meet children’s homes, where orphans are more spoiled by the attention of philanthropists, and the administration of such jeans is refused.

Overall impression of communication with students and administration of children’s homes positive. Children are educated, teachers are adequate. The Director is simply brilliant, true professionals and enthusiasts. I want to note the Director of Velikoretskoye orphanage-school Chernyshov, Georgy Valentinovich and Director of the boarding school goroda slobodskogo Galina Leonidovna Bacova, honored teacher of the Russian Federation. Here is a reference teachers and Directors of educational institutions.

The attitude of Governor White. Of those seven children’s homes and boarding schools, which we visited, Nikita Belykh took one. Here the Director of the Governor praised. Other Directors anything about the Governor could not say, did not sing praises, and some even abused. But cursed, so to speak, “ideological opponents” — Pro-Communist-minded headmistress hung on White and his former assistant Maria Gaidar all dogs. Here if you listen to her, and the “road in the field of horror,” and “impoverished people” and so on.

Well, I have region a different impression. And I have something to compare — I have children’s homes in 25 areas. More than two hundred orphanages and boarding schools for orphans there. It was because many today were closed. And thank God! I hope to live to that beautiful time when all the orphans in families and hand out children’s homes do not remain.

In the penultimate orphanage when we gave all that he had brought, and I put the remains in the car, one pupil asked me:

— And you to us still will arrive?

— I don’t know, ” I say.

— And who knows?

Yes only God knows.

— So have to ask him?

Well, probably.

Five minutes later the same question is asked to me by the headmistress:

— Well, are you still coming?

— If the money will come. You know, we can not empty-handed for the 1000 km ride.

Well, God willing, we will. We have in fact in Russia one hope — God.

The Arrest Of Nikita Belykh. Chronicle of events

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