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Monday, March 19, 2018

Hat Parajanov in Yerevan brought Kirill Serebrennikov

The Museum of Sergey Parajanov in Yerevan this year marks 25 years. The European film Academy said it honoured sign that now greets visitors at the entrance. And this is not the last role was played by the film Director WIM Wenders, who came to the film festival “Golden apricot” a few years ago. Now the Museum of Sergey Parajanov entered the list of “Treasures of European film culture”.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Hat and shawl presented by Alla Demidova.

We speak with longtime Director and founder of the Parajanov Museum Zaven Sargsyan.

— We received a letter from WIM Wenders, in which it was reported that two years ago the European film Academy has established such a notion as “treasures of European film culture”, and now added to our Museum. The list was then five objects. We were the sixth.

— Who is in the top five?

— The Potemkin stairs in Odessa, Eisenstein-centre” Naum Kleiman in Moscow, the Centre of Italian Tonino Guerra in Pennabilli, home of Ingmar Bergman on the Swedish island of Faro, the lumière Museum in Lyon. It was assumed a certain ceremony of this sign, and we offered to hold her during the film festival “Golden apricot” in the presence of members of the Academy and other filmmakers who came these days in Yerevan.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
The sign, “Treasures of European film culture”.

This year our Museum turns 25 years old. So the honorary sign of the European film Academy’s evaluation of our labors, first of all, the Parajanov, during life, deprived of all honors. As he wrote in a prison letter, time will put everything in its place.

— Except honor sign something gives?

— Only honor. If we get a visitor and sees that the Museum is recognized as a treasure of European film art, it already means a lot. Recently was the seventh object — the giant Ferris wheel. I don’t know why.

This is associated with “the Third man” in 1949 based on the novel by Graham Greene, among whom there are writers Orson Welles, who played there one of the roles.

— Then you have to include Rome, the Normandy town of Deauville, where he starred in great movies…

The Museum was given the honorary sign, I think, because WIM Wenders personally visited him, when he came to the “Golden apricot”.

“Of course it played a big role festival. Otherwise known people such as Abbas Kiarostami, Fanny Ardant, Claudia Cardinale — in life if we have not arrived. Tonino Guerra loved our Museum twice here. He is one of the chapters in the poem dedicated to the scene from the film “Sayat-Nova”, where the boy is, and rustle the pages of books. It’s called: “Books, talking with a boy.” Tonino said very precisely about Sergei: “Few people could poetry do hands.”

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
The Director of the Parajanov Museum Zaven Sargsyan.

— I see that in the Museum appeared a hat and a scarf…

— Sergei Parajanov once sent Alla Demidova two hats as a gift. One of them, she recently put up for auction in Moscow to help “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov and. Each of our Museum bought. And Kirill Serebrennikov brought us this gift. Together with the hat was a handkerchief. The second hat, he probably stayed at Alla Demidova. She must be made Parajanov box Seagull from under her.

You and three Italian works.

— Their author — Antonio Marras from the island of Sardinia. Once he saw on TV fragments of the films of Sergei Paradjanov “Color of pomegranate” and “Sayat-Nova”, was shocked. Under the strong impression made fashion show, where he used the carpets as Sergei in the frame. Then Antonio visited our Museum and later sent three of his work, which used a reproduction fabric.

— How to mark the anniversary of the Museum? What you are missing to complete happiness?

— We have the traditional “Autumn meetings” where we invite friends of the Museum. This year will be devoted to the 25 anniversary of the Museum, cook dolma with the grape leaves. The Museum has become an integral part of the city. Some people specifically travel to Yerevan to visit him. There are no museums of Fellini, Pasolini, other distinguished Directors… and so much like Sergei, no one did. As he said: “I was forbidden to make a movie, and I started to make collages”. In 1990, during his life, organized the exhibition “Directed draw” in Munich. He was sick and I took him to Germany. There were Eisenstein’s drawings, the work of Tarkovsky, Gabriadze, Ilyenko, peer Parajanov Vladimir Naumov. But the most interesting collages of Parajanov. They are very different in range, technique and meaning.

Any thing could push on the work. Saw Mongoloid doll appeared in “the Childhood of Genghis Khan.” Couldn’t be that he planned this work, and then searched for a suitable doll. I do not believe, knowing his impulsive, as he himself said — eccentric Armenian character. In one letter he wrote to his wife: “We are Armenians”. Like, take me as I am.

About Sergei just said Yuri Norstein: “Parajanov turned spirit into matter”. This is the secret of his art, which has a powerful effect on people. For 25 years we have had 65 exhibitions in 31 countries. None of our Museum, but even all together, not so much spent.

— Do some thing, the existence of which you know, but to get it you can not?

— There is a collage in “the Crying of Leninakan in the family of one of our composer. Sergei did after the earthquake. There are good jobs in America, but there are also many fakes. His works are sometimes difficult to recognize — especially early, when there was a period of searching. Among them — the ones that painted in gouache, tempera, even oil, as the portrait of his wife. If to show someone, they will say: this is not Parajanov. But I know that he painted. His wife Amy is such work. The first collages of Sergei’s very timid.

An interesting thing told his friend — the sculptor Nikolai RAPI: to prison, when Parajanov was showing his work, it was important to our professional opinion and after prison, when he had honed his skills, he is not interested in anyone’s opinion. He understood that he became a master, there was absolute freedom.

“Echo of war” — a prophetic work. We were using kerosene lamps and bulbs, energy crisis — Sergey all had that feeling. Many rejoiced when it started in connection with Karabakh demonstrations when people came to Tbilisi on the Rustaveli square… And he said, “I feel pestilence and famine after that. This is not good end”. Parajanov didn’t understand how the people living nearby, can to kill each other.

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