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Friday, March 16, 2018

Munich has been a terrorist attack

Friday night in Munich shooting occurred. Police called the incident a terrorist attack. The city declared a state of emergency: the transport stopped, people are asked not to go out. Victims of criminals, the number of which is set to become at least six people. Experts say the new reality in which Europe will have to get used to

Friday night in the shopping center “Olympia” in Munich, the unknown opened fire. Information about this appeared on the Internet. Twitter user Thamina Stoll was one of the first said that to DH rushed at least 30 police cars, and the scene began circling helicopter. Other witnesses began to broadcast live from the scene through a Periscope.

“German society are faced with a completely new reality in which Germany will have to exist in the coming decades”

Channel N-24 showed a video of an eyewitness, it shows a male figure in the background of the restaurant “McDonald’s”, heard the shots and the screams of the fleeing people. Perhaps this is the beginning of the attack. “I have video footage of the shoot, it was a man, and he was oddly dressed,” said live girl leading introduced as a witness of the incident.

Munich ambulance service said it fixes the shooting incidents in several places of the city.

Accurate data about the attack yet. According to preliminary information, the shooting only at the “Olympia” killed at least 15 people. Judging from official data, voiced by the German police killed at least three. In addition, the tabloid Bild claims that one of the perpetrators allegedly committed suicide.

Representatives of the shopping centre initially did not comment on the situation, reporting only “a problem”. But later one of the workers “Olympia” told reporters that he saw a man with a rifle.

Law enforcement can’t tell the exact number of terrorists. “Shooting could lead one or more employees, colleagues is now in place, find out all the circumstances. While it is impossible to say what the scale of it all. If there is a victim or victims is specified”, – told in law enforcement bodies.

But later the police said that the attackers were three, and asked people to avoid in public places. This information was voiced by the interior Minister of Bavaria Joachim Herrmann, who said that criminals “at least three”. Where there are criminals, too, remains unknown. But the city was halted metro, ground transportation and even traffic on several highways. Were evacuated Central station.

According to the publication Focus, only the operation to neutralize the criminals involved “hundreds of police” and the criminals have “backpack with explosives”.

In addition, the blogs and the media reported about the shooting on the Karlsplatz, which is approximately 5.5 km from Olympia. “This information is untrue”, – emphasized in law enforcement.

Many observers noted that about the events in Munich in the Internet there is a lot of misinformation and fakes. Meanwhile, some eyewitnesses claim that the assailant shouted the phrase “I’m German!”. And the other the offender, which was combat boots, allegedly shouted “Fucking foreigners!”

This is the second attack in less than a week. On Monday, the 17-year-old native of Afghanistan wounded four people in a commuter train in the South of Germany. He was armed with a knife and an axe. Overall, victims were about 15, including people who are in a state of shock. The attacker shot and killed by police while trying to escape from the crime scene. According to the Bavarian authorities, to talk about the motives of the assailant yet. German media reported that he shouted “Allah Akbar!”, but it is not officially confirmed.

“Germany directly faced with an explicit, blatant threat of Islamist terrorism”

Deputy Director of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Kamkin recalled that at the beginning of the year, shortly after the Cologne “night of the long hands”, the German police arrested several groups of radical Islamists in aspen, Hanover. They were preparing terrorist acts. Was seized explosives, guns. The fact of the presence of cells of radical Islamists in Germany is no surprise, and it is a sad fact. The Germans, in fact, like Israel, now become the constant target for terrorists,” said Kamkin the newspaper VIEW.

Moreover, the expert believes the sad position of the official political establishment, for example, in relation to the Afghan who hacked to death and stabbed with a knife several people earlier in the week. “The leader of the faction “green” in the local Landtag said that the police had allegedly exceeded his authority, that it is not the killer and the victim, and that police had shown a penchant for racism and xenophobia. This ethnic suicide of the German political establishment unable to understand any reasonable person”, – he stressed.

According to him, despite the large number of unconfirmed information, in Munich “is clearly something like a terrorist attack or it was a showdown between some ethnic groups.” “It was probably the group pumped Islamism migrants who decided to prove their loyalty to the “Islamic state* and to prove, as has repeatedly happened in Europe. Perhaps it was a German Breivik, though it’s unlikely,” he said.

Kamkin added that on the General background of the migration crisis, groups of radical Islamists that are present in many European countries, “we can say that Germany is directly confronted with an explicit, blatant threat of Islamist terrorism from the Middle East.” “German society are faced with a completely new reality in which Germany will have to exist in the coming decades. Just isolate themselves from these problems will not work. To turn back all the guests, too, will fail: it will be against European values,” he said.

With regard to the development of the situation, Kamkin did not rule out that Europe will either continue to sink into chaos, “either the Europeans will come to their senses and adopt more stringent immigration laws”. “These phenomena – the massacre in the train in Nuremberg, that the shooting in Munich – it is extremely dangerous in the long term incidents which will not give the burghers of confidence in the future. It will be water on the mill antiemigrantskoy parties such as “Alternative for Germany”. Also it will be a bad example for those who took a radical ideology from the Internet. To reverse the situation, has not yet passed the point of no return, will require tough and unpopular measures from the European governments”, – concluded the expert.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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