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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hillary Clinton chose a “partner-corrupt”

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton called the pretender to the position of Vice-President. He became a Senator from Virginia, Timothy Kane. Republican candidate Donald trump immediately accused him of corruption. Kane has very strong policies that can provide Clinton the votes of minorities, Hispanics and the LGBT community.

Hillary Clinton finally called his “partner” to the position of Vice-President. He became a Senator from Virginia, Timothy Kane, who soon will officially present at the party Congress on Saturday. Clinton said this in his Twitter.

“Kane can help Clinton to attract the votes of ethnic minorities, voters-men, and Latino-Americans”

“With excitement to announce the name of his partner, Tim Kane, a man who has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of others,” — said Clinton. Kane, in turn, replied: “Just got off the phone with Hillary. I’m honored to be her partner.

The first joint appearance of Clinton and Kane will take place in the most important for the presidential race in Florida. And next week, Philadelphia will host the Democratic Convention, which will be approved by party candidates in the upcoming elections.

“The cane?”

Donald trump immediately pounced on Timothy Kane. “This is the same Kane, who took gifts to the hundreds of thousands of dollars, as Governor of Virginia, and who were not charged, unlike Bob.” – asked rhetorically contender for the U.S. presidency from the Republicans.

“Bob M” trump meant the ex-Governor of Virginia Robert McDonnell, who at the beginning of 2015 in U.S. court was sentenced to two years in prison for corruption.

Eccentric presidential candidate expressed confidence that “Tim Kane, when he used to take a lot more money as Governor of Virginia” than McDonnell. According to trump, the reason is that in the US “the system is built on fraudulent principles”, reports TASS.

Recall that Donald trump was formally approved by the candidate of the Republican party on Tuesday. Trump took his companions of the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, who received “comprehensive support in the Congress.”

VZGLYAD looked in detail at the candidate Pence. Its main drawback – the lack of awareness in the country – has to trump any difference, because the trump Megasite, and Pens are well known in political circles. Although the Penny is among the notable governors, and before that was the number of prominent congressmen, of course, he was not so promoted at the national level, just as Christie or the Governor of Ohio Kasich.

Strong Vice President

Timothy Kane concedes in popularity to Republican Pence. For it does not appear any major speeches on the subject of foreign policy, but it is quite an interesting person. Previously, he was elected mayor of Richmond, Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Virginia, and in 2013, presides in the upper house of Congress. Kane is Chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic party, which is very important for Clinton, as it provides almost full support of the Democrats.

In addition, Kane was born in Minnesota in a working class family that will help attract hesitant States and poor Americans. He graduated from the University of Missouri and Harvard law school. It is noteworthy that the former lawyer Kane worked with Catholic missionaries in Honduras, which can also attract the votes of the Catholics of America. His political career, Kane began in 1994 when he was elected to the city Council of Richmond. From 1998 to 2000, he served as mayor of Richmond.

It is important to note that Kane was one of the first who supported the 2008 candidacy of Barack Obama. Many experts and journalists in the US even believed that Kane is the successor of Obama. Moreover, Obama was considered by Kane in as his Vice President, but later stopped on the candidacy of Joe Biden.

Kane has a deep connection with the national minorities of the United States, African-Americans, that’s why he’s almost the perfect candidate for Hillary Clinton. In turn, the newspaper The New York Times writes that Clinton and Kane close, almost friendly relations.

In General, Kane has always been considered the most likely candidate for Vice-President Clinton. The American media, including CNN, write that 58-year-old Kane can help Clinton to attract the votes of ethnic minorities, voters-men, and Latino-Americans.

In addition, the American newspaper the Wall Street Journal reminds us that Kane supports gay marriage. “I believe that all people, regardless of sexual orientation, should be entitled to all the rights under the Constitution of the United States,” – once said Kane. Note that the Kane is married and has three children.

Trump is catching up to Hillary

The candidate in US presidents, Donald trump, meanwhile, reduced the gap in popularity from Hillary Clinton, according to the results of a national Ipsos survey.

A rating of Donald trump almost caught up with the performance of Clinton. So, according to the latest Ipsos and Reuters obtained in the period from 18 to 22 July, trump the election in November of this year on average were willing to vote 38% of the respondents, Clinton intended to support 41% of respondents. Thus, the gap between the candidates was only about 3%. We will remind that earlier the gap was 7% in favor of Clinton.

Former Secretary of state as a whole has always been ahead of trump in terms of popularity. However, the billionaire is gaining rating.

It is very important to keep in mind that trump is ahead of Clinton in popularity among the population in Florida and Pennsylvania. From the views of those States, especially Florida, it depends very much.

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