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Monday, February 26, 2018

Without coordination of collision of Russia and the USA in Syria is inevitable

American media reported that the June strike of Russian air force hit a military base used by special forces of the US and the UK. The incident could not be, if the American side has provided data about the presence of its forces in Syria, meet in Moscow. In fact, U.S. forces are dispersed over a large number of objects without the coordination with Moscow incidents are inevitable.

The American newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the Pentagon and White house, reported that on June 16, Russian attack aircraft carried out air strikes on a military base in the village of Al-TANF near the border with Jordan. According to their information, this database is used by the special forces of the US and the UK and was the focal point of Western forces.

“In large part not controlled by the authorities of the territory, the Americans create their own infrastructure. And here it is necessary as-that to agree. Otherwise there will be clashes”

Base Al-TANF is located in the South of Syria, near the Jordanian and Iraqi borders. In the area of this base is, in principle, nothing special, it is on the South of the country. It is difficult to say what is the interest in this area may be from the US or the UK.

The incident closed

Commenting on the alleged attack on the base of U.S. special forces, the Russian military-diplomatic source said that in June the matter was settled. The Russian and American sides have already discussed the June air strike of Russian air force in the South of Syria, no reason to renew this discussion, reports “Interfax”.

“The Russian side has already been given to all explanations. This was the subject of conference between the American and Russian military”, – he added.

A Russian source notes that the U.S. military has not indicated referred to in the WSJ article object in a number of areas where the observing the ceasefire the Syrian opposition.

“In addition, the international coalition against LIH* (banned in Russia) warned in advance about the strikes of the Russian space forces in the area. No reaction on their part was not” – says the source.

The Russian defense Ministry, in turn, also made an official appeal. “Representatives of the defense Ministry of Russia convincingly explained that the object subjected to the bombardment, was more than 300 km outside the territories claimed by the American side as the regions where the opposition parties to cease hostilities,” said June 19 the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov.

“Russian space forces acted within the agreed procedures with reasonable prior notice of the members of the US-led coalition on the selection of ground targets for attacks. In the course of attacking the Russian space forces us side was not represented the coordinates of the areas of controlled opposition groups, which did not allow to take measures to clarify the actions of the Russian aircraft,” – said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of defense.

It is noteworthy that two dozen British military left the base the day before Russian air strikes. “The fact that British special forces left the facility for days, only confirms that the international coalition were notified in advance of the Russian air strike in the area,” said a Russian source.

Airstrike Russian HQs in mid-June, had taken place. It sparked outrage from Washington. Later, June 18, in connection with publications in the American press between the military of Russia and the United States held a teleconference.

It was then that the us military stated that the Russian space forces deliberately attacked by forces of the Syrian opposition in southern Syria despite requests from the United States. However, no word was said about the fact that on the basis of could be the US military or the UK.

“Otherwise there will be clashes”

The Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia semen Bagdasarov said that the area where the American base, gradually develop into a separate quasi – Federation of Northern Syria or Syrian Kurdistan. “There the Americans had created a number of databases. Out arrangements with Damascus they are creating in Syria the infrastructure including the controlled by the Syrian opposition,” – said Bagdasarov newspaper VIEW.

According to him, now on Syrian territory may be over two thousand soldiers and officers of NATO armies. Half of the personnel of these units are Americans, the rest French, German, British and Danish special forces, engineering units.

“Often they work where are based the groups that are fighting against the Russian coalition, so there is nothing surprising that a blow was struck… it is difficult to tell where the Americans and what is not” – said the expert.

To avoid such incidents, the United States and Russia should coordinate their actions, otherwise it may lead to serious conflict.

“Today, we have to assume that the territorial integrity of Syria no longer exists. A significant part of the country controlled by the Syrian government in Damascus. The same Federation of Northern Syria – is almost the whole valley of the Euphrates river, most of the border with Turkey. And in large part uncontrollable by the authorities of the territory, the Americans create their own infrastructure. And here it is necessary as-that to agree. Otherwise there will be collision. There were clashes between the Syrian army and self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds.

Such clashes are already taking place. We need to understand who controls what and what it leads to. In the end, such incidents can lead to serious consequences,” warns semen Bagdasarov.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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