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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why the Kremlin does not dismiss Mutko

“Never before such did not happen, and here again the same!” said once my favorite Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Chernomyrdin. Usually aphorisms Viktor Chernomyrdin exclusively accurately reflect the Russian reality. A situation where on the eve of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro was our sport, is a rare exception.

The phrase “and here again the same!” — in this case highly inappropriate. This is really “never happened”. We are faced with an unprecedented national humiliation, an unprecedented reputation crisis, unprecedented managerial collapse.

Of course, in the history of domestic sport was very different pages. In the period from 1920 to 1948, our country do not participate in the Olympic games. Our representatives was not in 1924, in Paris, in 1932 in Los Angeles, nor in 1936 in Berlin. In 1980, the us boycotted. In 1984 we staged a retaliatory boycott — again “went to Los Angeles, which in terms of our participation in the Olympics, apparently, is “enchanted” by the city.

But all these hurtful moments in history, from my point of view, and nowhere near what is happening now. In all the above cases no attempt on our sports honor. In all the above cases, the domestic sports was an innocent victim of big politics.

Now the situation is fundamentally different. A country that used to consider themselves one of the main sports powers of the world, are accused of sports fraud on an industrial scale. This mark, from which it will be very hard to get rid of.

Of course, Russian officials, the first violin among which is the relevant Minister, Vitaly Mutko, and now say: our sport is in no way to blame. Our sport once again became the innocent victim of the big dirty political intrigue on an international scale. I must say: I do not understand sports, don’t understand the hidden inner mechanisms of its functioning and therefore have no moral right to give a value judgment on purely sporting issues.

But I flatter myself with the hope that a bit about politics. And so I want with all responsibility and with all certainty Vitaly Mutko: if you seriously think that the phrase “we have become the victim of a monstrous intrigue!” is to guide the sport at least some justification, then you are a very big wrong.

The man who appointed Vitaly Mutko on a post of the MinisterVladimir Putin — in September 2004, spoke the following words: “the Weak get beaten!” I fully agree in this question with the President. Agree 100% convinced that if the Russian team was able to complete the program “to beat” in the international sports instances, it primarily demonstrates the weakness of Russian sports leadership.

“Years mi SPIK from may HART” — this spoken in broken English famous phrase Vitaly Mutko in Zurich is no longer considered just a curiosity and a cause for ribald jokes. In this phrase, in my opinion, still contains a full explanation of how we came to such a life, as the Russian activities was in the pit.

Big sport is in the administrative sense, the same thing that big-time politics. Here it is necessary to know all the ins and outs. Here you should be able to take a punch and fight back. Here it is necessary to know people and be able to speak one language. Vitaly Mutko, apparently, this man was not.

“We are faced with a cynical, dirty and unprincipled game that was very clearly are very skilled people”, — the interlocutor of the inner circle of Vladimir Putin has described to me the cause of the misfortunes that have befallen the Russian sports. As I said above, I’m willing to accept this version of events. But if Mutko was not able to oppose the cynical but skillful game”, he is clearly not in place.

However, that is what I spend time and newspaper space to the criticism of the professional qualities Vitaly Mutko? People who are considered successful and useful of his activities as Minister of sports in the country, I think, remained one-two and obchelsya. All is the question: why Mutko has not yet retired? Why, despite all the new scandals, failures and setbacks, he is still in office?

I think the issue here is not a point of Vladimir Putin’s inability to “pass their”. Putin is a realist. He understands when the time came to leave this or that position and go to the next prepared line of defense. The Ministerial career of Vitaly Mutko de facto for a long time came to an end. He completely lost the fact that in English the word is characterized by credibility — credibility, credibility, credibility. But that Mutko’s resignation from the post of Minister of sport is not yet formalized, there is a reason.

On the backdrop of the crisis faced by Russian sport, one individual Ministerial career — that’s right, nothing, not a bargaining chip. The resignation of the sports Minister should be held at a time when it will do the most political, moral and reputational benefits to the country. Conversely, the resignation of the sports Minister should not lead to a deepening of the problems of the Russian sports. Putin is very right to choose the time for personnel changes in our sport Olympus. Perhaps such a moment has passed — or has not yet arrived.

Mutko’s dismissal should not look as if Russia succumbed to pressure from the outside, surrendered, in total panic. The dismissal of the sports Minister must be an integral part of the overall upgrade of the Russian sports. At the moment the Russian leadership completely lost the political initiative in international sports matters. The impression is that Moscow can only helplessly watch. This situation must change. To the helm of the Russian sport should be new (or well forgotten old) captains — people who have the real authority inside and outside the country.

The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is almost already cut a slice. Or we don’t get at all, or we get her as a pariah — “whipping boy” of the Western press and the Western “progressive public”. But at the Olympics in Rio life does not end. We need to save football championship of 2018, we will certainly try to take. Such a statement is made by former WADA head dick pound, who,by the way, and began doping scandal against Russia.

And Vitaly Mutko can make a “feasible contribution” to this salvation — time to leave the office and head of Russian football Union. To render the Home more useful service, he is not able to.

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