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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Trump was accused of working for Putin

Donald trump has confirmed its reputation as a foreign policy realist. On the eve of his keynote speech at the Congress nominated him for the presidency of the Republican party, the billionaire continued to anger the globalists, saying that before lecturing other countries America needs to eliminate clutter at home.

During the Republican national Convention in Cleveland trump gave an interview to The New York Times newspaper, which supported his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“When the world sees how bad the behavior of the US, and we begin to talk about civil liberties, we look not the best teachers”

During the conversation it was about the foreign policy views of trump and he continued to stick to their line, the one that actually is the main cause of hatred towards him by all interventionists in the United States, whether Democrats or Republican neocons.

Because roughly speaking, trump is an attempt of revenge by the national forces of the globalist, the national over supranational elites, which of course causes rabies in the forces that have long been determining American foreign policy. Trump doesn’t want the United States continued to be an instrument of a supranational elite in its policy of enforced globalization – that is the unspoken, but easy to read the essence of the position of the trump.

Yes, trump pleads not isolationist – especially on the question of whether or not filled with his slogan “America first” in the same sense that had invested in the 30-ies of the isolationists (that is, opponents of US intervention in the European conflict and war), he said that for him “this is a brand new, modern term, I never correlated it with the past.” Trump so decode its slogan – “First, we need to take care of his country, and only then worry about everyone else in the world.”

Of course, this formulation can be interpreted to try and in the spirit of “to build a world in us, we first need to strengthen their own country, but even in this case, it is clear that politics trump lead to the concentration of America primarily on domestic issues, at least for the next few years.

And it meets Russia’s national interests – even if the result of the anti-interventionists will not be able to take a long-term revenge on the globalists and America will not go to a policy of maintaining itself in the post-American world, after the trump return to the aggressive and doomed attempts to keep his dictatorial leadership.

Besides this recognition trump did at the end of the conversation, under the pressure of journalists and in the course of it he said so many things anti-interventionist, that it is clear what his views.

When trump praised Erdogan for the fact that he stopped a military coup, the journalists asked him would he demand from the Turkish leader to stop cleaning in the ranks of political opponents and abandon the suppression of civil liberties. Trump’s response was more specific than:

The policy applying for the post of President of the United States (infographic)”I don’t think we have a right to preach. Look what is happening in our country. How can we preach, when people in cold blood shoot at the police? When the world sees how bad the behavior of the US, and we begin to talk about civil liberties, we look not the best teachers”

It is completely contrary to the whole doctrine of American global leadership, as it is understood in recent decades that the democratic that the Republican administration. Not just to teach other countries, but to demand that they fulfil certain criteria, the same “human rights” (in recent years these include the rights of sexual minorities), the violation of which impose sanctions – that’s one of the pillars of American hegemony. And then – “we have no right to teach.”

The greatest resonance was caused by trump’s words about the U.S. allies in NATO. He said again, forcing the allies themselves spending money on their defense instead of the US who carry this burden for decades – and will cancel the old agreement, if they consider them adverse.

“I’d prefer to keep in force the existing agreements, said trump, but only if the allies stop exploiting American generosity that the country is now beyond their means. He wants to redefine what it means to be a partner of America and believes that the rest of the world will learn to adapt to this approach.

Naturally, trump was asked about “hazardous activities in Russia, which scares the small Baltic countries that recently became NATO members” – whether it is to protect them, becoming the Supreme commander. What trump said that if Moscow will attack them, he decides to help them, only examining the question of whether these countries are “its obligations”:

“If they perform their obligations to us, then the answer is Yes”

These words immediately caused a mini-panic in the Baltic States and attacks of the Clinton staff.

Republican, Democrat and independent, who helped build NATO the most successful military Alliance in history, would come to the same conclusion: Donald trump is not suitable in temperament and totally not ready to be our Supreme commander”, said representatives of the presidential candidate of the Democrats.

Former Ambassador to Russia McFaul wrote that trump’s words “threaten the consensus of Republicans and Democrats in support of NATO and former Minister of defence of Latvia member of the European Parliament Artis Pabriks called the statements of the billionaire is very dangerous, “such conversations actually destroy NATO, it actually encourages opponents of NATO to act.”

Estonian President then reported that his country belongs to the five NATO allies in Europe, which is committed to defence spending of 2 percent of GDP” and “we without reservation participated in the only case of application of article 5 of the NATO in Afghanistan.”

Article 5 – this article is about mutual aid and waiver to the address of defaulters are threatened trump. It is clear that his statements are mostly propaganda – but even in this form it is extremely unnerving Atlanticist, who actively promoted the myth of “Russian threat to the Baltic States and Poland”.

So they immediately accused trump that he “has exposed himself as the actual agent of the Russian President. Jeffrey Goldberg at the Atlantic wrote that “singing is probably the most secret desire of the Russian autocrat, trump openly questioned the fact that the United States should honour their commitments to NATO”:

“I’m not saying that Donald trump hired by Putin…. I say that trunovskoe understanding of the role of America in the world corresponds to the geostrategic interests of Russia; that the American democracy he criticizes in the same spirit that the Kremlin; that ideology and the character he is in many ways similar to Putin”

The election trump immediately cause a wave of instability in the world, scares Goldberg – “the allies understand: Trapm, in all probability, will destroy the international order created by the United States after the Second world war”:

“Such an evasive, self-serving allegations are unprecedented for the Republican foreign policy – invite Putin to a more destructive interference in the Affairs of countries outside NATO, such as Ukraine and Moldova, as well as direct intervention in the Affairs of NATO members, primarily the Baltic States”

By the way, Trump the word of the Baltics, said in the Kremlin – Putin’s press Secretary Peskov said that “in vain to utter the phrase about a hypothetical Russia’s attack on someone, is not a very good formulation”. This is not a criticism of trump is a reminder of what has already become a stamp in the West, the argument about the “Russian threat to the Baltic States” absolutely far-fetched.

During the interview, Trump constantly “put on” that his unconventional foreign policy views – in particular, he recalled that his approach to allies and adversaries of the United States is radically different from the traditions of the Republicans, whose candidates after 1945, almost entirely played for internationalist policies of America in which the United States played the role of peacemaker and “indispensable nation.” That Nixon (whom trump respects and which, in fact, was the last President who attempted to go contrary to elite opinion) are not so behaved.

But “today is not what it was 40 years ago,” retorted the tramp and said again about his desire to bring home American troops stationed around the world: “We’re spending a fortune on the army, losing $ 800 billion (meaning not spending on troops, and trade losses in America due to unfavorable country agreements), I think it’s not very clever”.

The New York Times points out that trump has repeatedly talked about the global interests of America in purely economic terms – “questions about America’s role as peacemaker, as the nuclear deterrent and of deterrence of adversaries such as North Korea as a fighter for human rights and guarantor of the inviolability of borders allies, he quickly brought the theme of economic benefits for the United States”. In particular, trump said he was ready to abandon the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada, if he fails to negotiate much more favorable terms for the United States.

Trump called Assad a bad man who does terrible things”, “but “Islamic state*” represents a far greater threat to the United States.” Speaking about opposition to “nuclear and missile threat from North Korea and China in the South China sea,” trump admitted that the forward deployment of American troops abroad is preferred but is not necessary:

“If we decide that the need to protect the United States, we will always be able to transfer troops from the American land. And it will be much cheaper.”

The trump stressed that the need to increase funding for military construction, starting with the modernization of the US nuclear Arsenal:

“We have a lot of obsolete weapons. We have nuclear weapons which we don’t even know if it works”

Speaking of those with whom he consults, trump called former secretaries of state-Republicans James Baker and Henry Kissinger, from which he received the “great knowledge”. This in itself is significant – Kissinger is among the most reasonable of American geopolitics-realistic. The man who was co-author of an independent foreign policy, Nixon in the 70s (and would like to increase the bombing of Vietnam, and to negotiate with Brezhnev), during the conflict over Ukraine talked about the fact that the West did not take into account the interests of Moscow, but now calls for the restoration of confidence between the US and Russia.

Kissinger, like trump, you know that in order to remain as a state (even a superpower – but not a world Empire), America needs to shift from interventionism to internal problems and go from claims to global leadership and dictatorship to build a system of global checks and balances – balance of power. Trump yet demonstrated a clear willingness to do – which is not bad. And for America and for Russia.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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