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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Three of the “Primorsky partisans” got a life sentence

“Primorsky partisans” got the time

April 28, 2014, 10:47

Text: Ivan Chernov


Regional court of Primorsky Krai announced the sentences to the participants of a gang “seaside guerrillas”, hunted robbery and murder and the attackers, including the policemen. In the end, three defendants received life sentences, two from 22 to 25 years in prison, another to eight years. They intend to appeal the sentences.

The court found the members of the gang “Primorskaya partisan” Alexander Kovtun, Vladimir Ilyutikova and Alexei Nikitin guilty of the murder of police officers and civilians, kidnapping and robbery and sentenced to life imprisonment. Punishment they will be serving in a special regime colony, RIA “Novosti”.

Life sentence demanded for them and the state Prosecutor, stating about the special danger of the defendants to society.

During the court hearing Alexander Kovtun asked to direct taken money from him the wife of one of killed by a gang of policemen. And Ilyutikov in the last word asked to take into account that he surrendered to the police voluntarily, and to make his sentence less than life. In turn, Nikitin asked to justify it at all points, and to take into account his family situation and the presence of a disease.

Two more participants of a gang have received long sentences: Roman Savchenko was sentenced to 25 years in strict regime colony and two years imprisonment, Maxim Kirillov to 22 years in strict regime colony and also two years of restriction of freedom.

The Prosecutor demanded Savchenko to 25 years in prison, despite the fact that he Savchenko insisted on the justification. Kirillova, the prosecution asked to sentence to 22 years imprisonment. The defendant was asked to punish him, not very strictly, insisting that “the Prosecutor’s arguments not proven”.

Finally, the last, the sixth defendant is a brother of Alexander Kovtun Vadim was convicted only of complicity in the murder of one person (not a policeman) and sentenced to eight years and two months in a strict regime colony.

Vadim Kovtun got off the court the most lenient punishment. Despite the fact that the state prosecution asked for him 15 years of imprisonment. Kovtun himself in the last word asked to justify it at all points. But stipulated that if he would be sentenced to some term must be taken into account that “his efforts were negligible.” He also drew the court’s attention to the fact that he has a small child and good performance of work.

The court also partially granted the claims for compensation for moral damages, the total of which amounted to 16 million rubles.

We add that the verdict has not yet entered into force and may be appealed within 10 days. And lawyers “seaside guerrillas” have already declared that will appeal against the decision, considering the sentences of all defendants “unreasonably strict”. According to the defense, the result of the investigation it was necessary to “pay more attention to such a complex case.”

The lawyers plan to try to challenge the verdict, to reduce the timing of his client or even to achieve the complete abolition of punishment, marks RIA “news”.

Interestingly, the costs of lawyers, “seaside guerrillas” will incur the Federal budget. The cost of the work of lawyers, according to some, amounted to about 1.3 million rubles.

In turn, the prosecution agrees with the verdict, noting that five of the six accused was appointed sentences, which requested the Prosecutor’s office, ITAR-TASS reported.

The victims – relatives of victims of gang – said the Agency, which also satisfied heard in court on Monday.

Recall that the sentencing concluded a process that lasted seaside court about one and a half years. Preliminary hearings on business “seaside guerrillas” began in June 2012.

And on July 3, from the courthouse went missing three volumes of the case. On the given fact criminal case under part 1 of article 325 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (Abduction, destruction of official documents”). Who was kidnapped, is still unknown.

Due to its complexity, inconsistency and huge resonance for a very long time failed to form a jury. Collect them managed only the fifth time.

The first such attempt was undertaken in July 2012. Then in August, the court again failed to form a Collegium of jurors due to the low turnout of candidates.

The third attempt to form a Collegium was scheduled for September 18. But in the process of selection, several jurors got motivated to challenge.

17 Oct attempt to assemble a jury failed for the fourth time.

And only in November 2012 was formed by a panel of 22 jurors: the 12 major and 10 spare. Mainly to the bar were women of retirement age.

In January 2013 began the trial of the defendants in this case.

Finally, on 4 February this year a jury unanimously found the members of the gang “Primorskaya partisan” guilty of murder, attempted murder of police officers, looting and banditry.

Initially, defendants were six people: Alexander Kovtun, Maxim Kirillov, Vladimir Ilyutikov, Roman Savchenko, Alexey Nikitin, Vadim Kovtun. Guilty in the killings of the police jury named the first four of these defendants. At this Savchenko was convicted of two murders.

In addition, five of the six “Primorsky partisans”, a jury found involved in the murder of four civilians.

Brother Alexander Kovtun Vadim jurors a gang member not guilty, but still decided that he was involved in one of the crimes.

Here are the main episodes of activity “seaside guerrillas”.

The gang members were found guilty in murder of four inhabitants of the Kirov district of Primorsky Krai in 2009 and the murder of militiaman Ilya Kovalchuk in Vladivostok and a policeman Carp in the village of Rakitnoye in 2010 and a number of other serious crimes: robbery, theft, attempt at life of law enforcement officers.

According to investigators, in September 2009 in the woods near the village of Kirov, the attackers killed four people. Then four people went missing. It was found that Alexander Kovtun together with other defendants committed the murder of four drug addicts to seize in their drug and their subsequent sale.

In February 2010, in Vladivostok on the street Davydova gang committed an armed attack on employees patrol-sentry duty of militia. One of the policemen was killed, the other seriously wounded. The attackers stole service weapon, his ID and money of the murdered officer.

11 Jun 2010 the location of criminals was established. However, not wanting to be detained, they have rendered armed resistance and wounded two police officers. On the same day the criminals were arrested in an apartment house in the street Timirjazeva in the city of Ussuriysk.

We would add that the protection of the “Primorsky partisans” to the last tried to prove their innocence. And even after a definite guilty verdict of the jury at the end of March this year, the defense asked for new trial, on suspicion of jury bias. But they were denied review.

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