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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Turkish authorities have found the extreme in the case of the downed Russian bomber

The ruling party of Turkey was found responsible for shooting down a Russian plane. The decision to attack the su-24 allegedly received personally by the pilot, without any command. Earlier it was reported that both the pilot who was piloting the ill-fated Turkish fighter, was detained for supporting gulenists. But these theories are not credible: it seems that Ankara simply “translate arrows” on the pilots.

The decision to shoot down a Russian bomber was made by the pilot of the Turkish fighter jet, said on Friday Deputy Chairman of the ruling Turkish party of justice and development, MP Yasin Aktay.

“The structure of military service is such that the pilot could not make a decision is always does the command center”

“The decision to shoot down the plane was made in the air. Such decisions are made by the pilot, and it is guided by rules of engagement. But he can afford the ability to shoot down aircraft that violated the airspace in the short term and intends to leave him,” according to the RIA “Novosti”. Aktay also said that “the violation of the airspace within 17 seconds and the repetition of such violations, of course, unacceptable.”

“The destruction of the Russian plane, which was clear, had already left the airspace, raises questions”, – he added. We will remind that earlier accusations by the government against pilots did not arrive. As said Aktay, Turkey defended the actions of his pilots, “not to question our rules of engagement”.

“The end result is Turkey and Russia have solved problems among themselves, thank God. But if the message about the detention of the pilots, who shot down the su-24) is confirmed, this helps to improve the relationship between Russia and Turkey and stimulates existing agreements between the countries,” he added.

Earlier it was reported that the pilots who shot down the su-24, arrested on suspicion of involvement in the coup attempt. The trial of the pilots was one of Moscow’s demands for reconciliation with Ankara. Also, the Russian side insisted on an apology and monetary compensation to the family of the deceased pilot, Oleg Peshkov.

Who is to blame and what to do?

Statements about the direct culpability of the pilots of the tragedy of the su-24 started to hear after a night of the military rebellion in Turkey. Ankara mayor Melih gökçek said one of the pilots supports Fethullah gülen and close to the “parallel state.” So Erdogan called the society of gulenists, mostly members of the organization “Hizmet”, created with the support of Fethullah Gulen. It is the supporters of Gulen, the Turkish authorities accused of organizing the mutiny.

“It is a “parallel state” has ruined our relationship with Russia. It was an incident (plane), which was attended by one of the pilots of this structure, one hundred percent say. He was one of the participants in the coup. To this day we sounded, kept to himself. But I, Melih gokcek, said that our relations with Russia are spoiled these rascals,” said the mayor of the Turkish capital.

About accessories pilots to the structures of the “parallel state” after said Erdogan. He said that currently there is a check on their relationship with its ideological opponent, the Imam Fethullah gülen. Add that to thousands of people in Turkey are now being tested for possible Association with gulenists.

The rhetoric Ankara regarding the perpetrators of the crash of a Russian su-24 remained the same since the incident. Although originally there were suggestions that the situation was rigged by the military, beyond the control of the Erdogan, the President along with then-Prime Minister Davutoglu was actively denied this version. It is, we should note, appeared not on an empty place: the President of Turkey has serious problems with several military. Many high-ranking officials in the military command came under a court case about operation Hammer” that caused the anger in these circles. But the President and the Prime Minister showed that the situation is kept under control of the authorities. Erdogan publicly stated that he considers the actions of the air force is correct, the Commission for the investigation of the incident was not created, about the involvement of gulenists too, not a word was said.

In the media featured even version that Davutoglu personally gave the order to shoot down a Russian plane. However, the then Prime Minister denied it. “I did not give the order to shoot down the plane. Is it possible that me in 17 seconds had to go, and I would give such an order? No, it is impossible,” he said. In fairness it should be noted that Davutoglu said then about the available instructions, used by the air force and that he signed himself. In these instructions spelled out what to do in a situation, what was with the Russian fighter.

The Russian side has repeatedly said that Turkey is lagging in terms of revealing the perpetrators of the death of the pilot Oleg Peshkov. Meanwhile it became known about the arrest of Alp Arslan Celik – militants allegedly shot dead a catapult Oleg Peshkov in the air. But he, we note, was not charged with murder. As for the pilots, who shot down a su-24, it still was not even known their names. And on July 18, Bloomberg reported on their arrest.

Just on suspicion of involvement in the rebellion arrested about six thousand people, including at least 103 of General and Admiral, despite the fact that the Turkish armed forces only 359 generals and admirals. Among them, air force General of Turkey Hakan Evrim. Information about his arrest became the basis to assume with greater confidence that the military was involved in the incident with the Russian su-24.

“The authorities have a desire to translate all the arrows”

Leading researcher of the Institute of world economy and international relations Victor Nadein-Rayevsky recalled that after the incident, the then Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu admitted that he gave the order to shoot down a Russian su-24. “It’s a lie, of course, was. An outright lie, because Davutoglu is not disposed of by the armed forces, commander in chief – the President. The Prime Minister there is no such authority, so initially Davutoglu laid the blame on himself to protect Erdogan. It lies immediately came to the surface,” said Nadein-Rayevsky newspaper VIEW.

With regard to the application of the Act regarding the powers of the Turkish pilot, it seems the expert is doubtful. He stressed that now both pilots detained and charged that they are members of the Hizmet movement.

“The authorities have a desire to translate all the arrows at the spiritual leader of the movement, which is in the USA, I mean Gulen. To coregulate relations with Russia, the withdrawal of such options. While that is not very true, but the motives of the Turkish side clear,” he said, adding that Russia is watching the situation and expect a full investigation to establish all those responsible.

Director of the research centre “middle East – Caucasus, Stanislav Tarasov, meanwhile, notes that this history is still very much unclear. He recalled that after the recognition of Davutoglu was followed by the statement that all powers were transferred to the General staff, which, in turn, pointed to the armed forces.

“This is a red herring. Accurate information we do not possess. This is due to the events that are currently developing very rapidly in Turkey, due to the fact that there is a sharp criticism of the West carried out in Turkey’s repression”, – said Tarasov newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the statement of the Act does not clarify but obscures even more the problem. “We will not soon learn the truth, that has actually happened, who shot down the plane. Now, many say, including some Russian experts that the Turkish aircraft was flying from the Incirlik base. This is an international database under the responsibility of NATO. There is also evidence that these aircraft arrived the day before the incident from Germany.

There is a version that the missile could be controlled from the ground, and the mechanisms of launching missiles from the pilots were blocked. And now we are told that the pilots themselves took the decision! The structure of military service is such that the pilot could not make a decision is always does the command center. Who acted in this role – the Turkish General staff and NATO headquarters – no one knows. You can build the most incredible version of,” – said Tarasov.

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