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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The star of “Sannikov Land” she came at night Packed Newspapers to earn 80 rubles

Star of the famous Soviet movie “the Sannikov Land” Nasira Mambetova lives and works in Bishkek. In the fall she will go to the London theatre festival with a solo performance of “the Prompter.” And once she, the daughter of a shepherd, arrived in GITIS learn to be an actress. And fell in love with Moscow for all my life.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

“The first time I took part in Otar Iosseliani’s film “Lived a song thrush”.

We met with Neziraj in the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan — Osh city. Sitting in a restaurant, talking. Musicians learn favorite actress, sang in her honour the song “There is only a moment between past and future” from the movie “Sannikov Land”. And as always. This picture accompanies her through life. Nazir apologizes: “I am in Russian don’t speak”.

– Yes, many Russians do not speak like you. So much time has passed since the publication of “Sannikov Land”, and people remember him. What memories do you have associated with it?

– Nostalgic. I want to back then, and it is rapidly running. Was a beautiful day without any division: “are you a Kirghiz, and we – Russian. All General work done. On the set were Yakuts, Tuvinians, Russians, Chechen Mahmoud Esambaev. Representatives of different nationalities has created one good movie. I would like now to work together, something good to do.

– As to your destiny influenced this painting?

– In Kyrgyzstan it is often show. Our young people love old movies, says that it is now. Recently I had a meeting with students. As they are beautifully and intelligently discussed the film, such subtleties are noticed. I was amazed. When studied, didn’t even dream that will ever be in a movie. My first movie where I felt that the sound of camera, filmed at the Studio “Georgia-film”. This “Lived a song thrush” by Otar Iosseliani. I accidentally got there with two guys from our course. Assistant Otar Iosseliani arrived in GITIS, where we studied. One episode required a delegation from Kyrgyzstan. Here we are, third and invited. So my first film – “Lived a song thrush” by Otar Iosseliani. Then starred Irina Poplavskaya in the role dispetchershi in the movie “I – Tien-Shan” based on the novel of Chingiz Aitmatov “poplar in my red scarf.”

– I remember the years of study?

When I have difficulties, especially on stage, mentally go to GITIS. Remember what we told our teachers, led by Boris Bibikov. They teach us to find a way out when something does not work, taught live on the stage.: “Now we keep you safe, say, what to do, and life will be difficult”. And so it happened. Got the role and enjoyed working with, even if it is really small. I was suffering from, faced with envy and rivalry. Maybe it’s in the nature of the actor laid? But I don’t know what occurs in a person envy. Often you see the transmission and see how the actors hug and thank each other. I think your actors more culturally expressed. And we can be everything.

You probably spent all day at the Institute?

– I studied day and evening hurried to the theater. In the graduation performance in Chekhov’s “the Seagull” played Arkadina, in “the Last” Gorky — Sophia. But I was a country girl. I was given big roles, rehearse them on the student’s Desk is already a school. I am the daughter of a shepherd. How was I to know about the aristocratic manners Arkadina. Get everything you need in the theatre. In the afternoon we taught our teachers, and in the evening the study lasted for the shows. I lived in a Dorm on Trifonovskaya near the red army Theater, often went there, loved the Moscow art theatre and the Maly theatre. At night he worked in the printing of the newspaper “Trud”. The scholarship was 24 rubles. Here we have packaged Newspapers to earn 80 rubles. So lived well. On the fourth or fifth year, I barely studied, because starred in the film “I-Tien-Shan”, received at “Mosfilm” 120 rubles. Recently, I visited GITIS. On the second floor and walked into a large room, dressing room, went up to the third and fourth. I woke up so happy.

– What happened to your Kirghiz Studio?

-We had the strongest acting Studio at GITIS. 23 people graduated from the 27 received. Ten of them became people’s artists of the Republic, five well-deserved. Only four of them left the profession. All graduates joined the new Osh drama theatre. Especially for us, built a huge theatre building, we were given the apartment. I worked at Osh for 22 years. We graduated in 1972 and left Moscow with six diploma performances: “Green bird,” Gozzi, “the Seagull” by Chekhov, “the Last” Gorky and “the Guy from our city” Simonov and works of our national drama.

– What language played Gozzi?

– In Kyrgyz. And studied in Kyrgyz. Now to go to GITIS, VGIK very few people can afford. Not every parent can send their children to Moscow, and we had gosobespechenii.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

– How old were you when you went to Moscow? The daughter of a shepherd brought in the acting profession?

– I was 18 years old when I arrived in Moscow. He participated in performances, sang, danced, played sports, played volleyball and basketball, was very moving. When I was in seventh grade, we were in the kolkhoz brought whether Italian, or Spanish film “Fatima”. His character was so beautiful, dark., with curly hair like me. The film made a strong impression, and I began to explode on the scene. When the rector of GITIS Matthew A. Gorbunov came to Bishkek to select students, the competition was a hundred people in the place. To negorelskoe actors traveled to the areas and farms, were selected gifted students among those who complete school. I heard that there is a set and went over there. The people were very much. We lined up by height. I got into the top ten. With me and started the exam.

Is it possible that the actress was prestigious? Recently I was told as a young girl from Central Asia, starring in the Russian pattern, was considered a prostitute.

– I’t told my parents that I received in the acting.

– What did you say to them?

– Arrived in Moscow. They are worldly men, shepherds. Knew how to count, how many of them are sheep. It was their wealth. They are not something that would not have wondered where I went, they rejoiced that going to Moscow. In Kyrgyzstan it is the concept of “Central University” – Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk. To do it was considered prestigious. From our school then the one I received. My older brother also entered the Saratov flying school. We have a year difference. His parents were happy that he will become a pilot. I was not asked: “who are you?”. The main thing that will go to Moscow. Only after the end of the second year parents were asked: “Everyone is asking what’s your major?”. I replied that I was studying at the Conservatory. They didn’t ask what it is. After the third year, when I went on vacation, a neighbor complimented me: “look at you. Learn where canned produce”. When we put the Scriptures and graduation performances, I sent a picture of his parents. Made them. Then they learned that learning to be an actor. Vs didn’t say anything, resigned. When I came up with the film “I-Tien-Shan”, I looked up and calmed down. Really thought my character spoiled woman, home wrecker.

– As a peasant girl accustomed to Moscow?

– It was a shock. In Russian, I very badly told. Although where we lived, were Russian. My brothers studied in a Russian school and knew the language. And I slightly. Gorbunov asked me if I know Russian. “Yes! You know: “Give us bread!” replied. Amused him from the first minute like. Until the last year he was protecting me.

“In the early 90’s there was no soap, toothpaste, it was impossible to get”

It was hard after Moscow to settle in Osh? Enthusiastically created a new theater?

The enthusiasm was, but I dreamed of Bishkek. In Osh came just in November because I was on the set of “Sannikov Land”, the dubbing of the film “I – Tien-Shan”. And my classmates already summer was in Osh. Then the city was different, it resembled a large village. Now I didn’t recognize him. Many changes happened.

– The years here have been happy?

Yes. I had a good role, played Gertrude in “hamlet”.

Does anyone needed a “hamlet” in a small town?

– In Soviet times people liked the theatre. Every day we had a full hall for 750 places. We travelled to districts, there came to us. I know what a full house. After the collapse of the Soviet Union we seemed to have dried up. Thank God, the last three or four years, gradually getting better. The Union also us of grants given, salaries, and the Republic could not do.

– Eked out a miserable existence?

– Of course. All went to the market. The whole day people bread earned, and in the evening he was not to the theater. A scary time. In the early 90’s there was no soap, toothpaste, it was impossible to get.

– I do not want to drop everything and leave?

– I surprised myself as suffered. In the theater there was no work, moved to Bishkek and nine years sitting idle, interrupted small roles. Subsidies, no money, no spectators. And I had a need for large works.

– So you went to Bishkek anywhere?

– I just ran, nothing concrete I had, and ended up in theatre for young people. We have a varied repertoire – for kindergarten students and a more adult audience. I now have four performances where I play the main role. One of them – “the Prompter” play Sultan Rayev – soon to be shown at the London theatre festival. This is the fourth in my curriculum vitae the role of the actress. Before that played Chekhov Arkadina, actress in the play “Salt island” Kyrgyz playwright nobleman Gaparova and people’s artist of the USSR Buoy Kydykeeva which gave its name to the theater in the play “the Fate and talent of Zhanysh Kulmanbetova.

– Play actress – it’s like that yourself?

– It is interesting sometimes to dig myself. Arcadio I’ve played almost as a child, so did not compare their fate with her biography. At the Osh theater gave me a age role. The heroine-actress of the sick, but thirsty work, life, love. I was given an award for “Best actress of the year”. So, something happened. In the play “Talent and destiny” I also played a complex actor’s destiny. 30 Dec my character gets hit by a car and she hits his face becomes unrecognizable. All this happened in the life of an actress Buoy Kydykeeva. Only 19 days it learned the Technicals. “Prompter” just for me wrote a Sultan Raev, and he himself had staged. This is the internal monologue of the actress, not some specific about how she lived life her loved ones, she had the audience and the partners on stage, some men were met on the way. She shares it with suflera, which mentally puts in front of him, recalls how she played Mary Stuart.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

– Your character is entirely subordinated to the life of the profession? And you?

– She’s fickle and proud. Gave herself to the acting profession. We have that in common. Recently, Sultan Raev, answering a journalist’s question, who is the prototype of the heroine, he replied: “She is.”

– Are not you afraid that you open yourself to the world?

– No. That’s life. In October we held an international festival, where our performance was shown out of competition, in 22 hours. The jury did not see him, but came to criticism. One of them was from Moscow. The next day they made a boom with his statement, expressed surprise that we weren’t included in the contest. When their London counterpart came to Moscow to choose the plays, learning from the Russian criticism of the “Prompter”, called in our Ministry, we talked with the Director, arrived and he watched. He promised within 20 days to report, invite us to London. You can’t even imagine in what condition we were waiting for the answer. The fall will play there “Prompter”. From the moment I found out about it, in place of joy came anxiety. What I therefrom come? At least one remark to hear that it’s a good show. Don’t want to be unnoticed.

– Have you ever experienced defeat?

– Of course. Experienced with their work. I’m a pessimist.

– Ever regret that you became an actress?

Never. Until I get to torture their partners. I have a bad temper. It is often difficult. Here is an example. Film Director Sadyk Sher-Niyaz invited me to his film “Kurmanjan Datka” on the main role of the Alai Queen. Deep down, I dreamt about her, but then started to panic. I was scared. We Kurmanjan Datka study in the school curriculum. All Kyrgyz people know who she is. I played it at the Osh theater. But cinema is quite another matter. There are four age of the heroine, starting with a four-year old girl and 90-year-old woman. It is, however, played another actress. The audience then said that it was necessary for me to wear out.

– What Kurmanjan Datka attractive to you?

– She’s a woman and a mother, was protecting his people from the scourge. She had developed an intuition that allowed in advance to anticipate what will be. She and her husband told them what to do in any given situation. Kurmanjan, a folk heroine who sacrificed their son for his people. In the world there is another woman. She’s a person, and therefore remained in the history.

– Should people have to give in the name of his own child?

– And how could she then do? There was a war.

– As you took the film?

– Have rated it very highly. After its premiere in Kazakhstan, one critic asked about the film’s budget. Learning that he was one and a half million dollars, said that we are the heroes. There is nothing to compare. Budget “Nomad” shot “Kazakhfilm”, – $ 38 million. The festival “silk road” in China “Kurmanjan Datca” won the prize of spectator sympathies. And there I met Oliver stone.

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