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Friday, March 16, 2018

The Republican Convention is over: Donald trump said acceptance speech

Thursday, July 21, in Cleveland, Ohio, completed its work the Republican national Convention. On the last day of the Congress activity held under the slogan “let’s Make America once again United.” But judging by the presentations and especially the final speech of Donald trump, the Congress and its outcome will make US even more isolated.

photo: AP

In the debate were the most zealous supporters of the trump. Jerry Falwell Jr., the leader of the evangelists, and the President of the largest Christian University, called trump a “billionaire blue collar”. He told the story about how his father Falwell Sr., met with Chelsea Clinton, he said to her, “We were threatened and threatened Osama, Obama and your Mama”. Since then, Osama bin Laden did not, Obama stayed in the White house for about 6 months, and mum Chelsea — Hillary Clinton will remove from the road trump.

Republican Brock Miller barely limped on crutches to the podium. He told about how the doctors gave him only 1% that he will survive. “The same was given and the Tramp, when he began his campaign for the White house,” Miller said. — I propose a toast for these Onoprienko, trump and me.”

Peter Thiel, who played for Miller, a rare bird. And it’s not because he’s gay. He is perhaps the only billionaire in Silicon valley, which supports trump. He said that if the Democrats think the “great debate the issue of latrine use, the trump and his party care about the future of America.” He expressed his indignation that “instead of Mars, we moved to the middle East.”

The debate was on the rise and finally through “the toughest Sheriff in America” Joe Arpayo, came to daughter trump Ivanka. The appearance on the scene Ivanka caused universal admiration. It was difficult to recognize in this slender like a statue the girl is beautiful “as a fleeting vision, as the genius of pure beauty,” the 34-year-old woman, mother of three children: Arabella 5 years old, Joseph 2 years and 4 month old Theodore. She wakes up at 5 a.m., exercise, running with my husband, taking a shower before to make Breakfast for the children and the spouse.

Ivanka, in his speech drew a few relaxed portrait of his father, and then submitted it to the raging audience.

It was, perhaps, the most important performance trump for his entire life. He agreed to accept nomination as Congress President from the Republican party. Then the tramp drew a very grim and chaotic picture of modern America, thicken the paint. The Trump came out that he is almost a Messiah that could save this country that is about to fail in Dante’s Inferno, to hell, and Hillary Clinton.

“Our Congress is in a moment of crisis in our nation, — said the tramp with a metallic voice. — The attack on our police and terrorist acts in our cities, threaten our way of life. The politician who does not understand this danger, can not lead our state.”

The Republican candidate has listed the names of those States, which had recently been killed by police officers. The Congress burst into applause and trump back to the main topic of his speech — “Law and order”. He repeated these words four times, each time emphasizing the syllables.

Trump recalled the unrest of the 60-ies of the last century, and the consequences of the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001. He was distracted from optimistic phrases and said that after President Reagan, i.e., for more than 30 years, in the US not a feeling of being under threat. Trump criticized the last Republican President George Bush for the fact that thanks to his policy, America is already 15 years of war in the middle East.

The politician called the “forgotten men and women of our country” workers, miners and Union members, earning low wages. These people, said trump, working with extreme stress, “But they have no voice, and I will be their voice.”

Despite the fact that the Republican party is not in the Union, trump tried to electroplating and to combine at least those Republicans who have filled the building of the Congress.

When trump went to one of his indigenous issues on illegal immigration, the room erupted with exclamations: “let’s Build a wall, build the wall!”

Despite the fact that the speech of acceptance of the nomination is traditionally aged in an optimistic spirit, trump spoke quite pessimistic about the current situation in the United States. So for example, the word “threat” was that they used 7 times. He cited figures of murders in the United States, and stated that thousands of illegal immigrants burst into the USA with a criminal record. “The time has come to show the world that America is back again stronger than ever”, said trump.

As soon as trump finished his speech on stage poured all his family and friends. They were joined by candidate for Vice-President Mike Pence, who also brought with him his wife, children and even elderly mother. From an upper part of the hall the delegates were struck by the hail of multicolored balloons. Behind the balloons was followed by confetti. The whole room was covered in balloons and confetti. The Republican party Convention that finished its work.

Watch the video on “Donald trump appeared at the Republican Convention like a rock star”

Donald trump appeared on the scene during the Republican Convention in the best tradition of rock stars: the first was seen only by his silhouette against the dazzling white screen, and its output was accompanied by the music of Queen. The candidate in presidents of the United States confined itself to a brief statement “we will win, this victory will be very large and the view of his wife, who gave a speech, largely copy the words of Michelle Obama in 2008.

Video published on the website youtube.com user Wechat

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