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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The cruiser “Moscow” was awarded the order of Nakhimov

The Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu arrived on Friday in the Crimea, to inspect the progress of construction of military garrisons. However, the main purpose of Minister’s visit was the awarding of the flagship of the black sea fleet guards missile cruiser “Moscow” the order of Nakhimov.

Photo: mil.ru

The cruiser stood at anchor in big Sevastopol Bay. The Minister arrived aboard white Admiral’s boat. On Board the “Moscow” already lined up the crew members, veterans of the fleet and the representatives of the Junior military movement – young boys and girls dressed in light trousers and a blue Polo shirt. A live webcast of the awarding ceremony was conducted for the residents of Sevastopol from the side of the ship.

In Crimea now summer, the weather plus 29. The ship rocked lightly on the waves, so care of the boys, the officer explained, “if someone suddenly becomes ill, you immediately say, we have a doctor on Board, it will help if someone wants some water to drink, don’t be shy – drink up”. Guys with a smile looked at the Colonel. “We’re local, and to heat used to pitching, so don’t worry, everything will be fine!”.

There was the sound of a military horn, which symbolizes the arrival of the Minister to the ship. When Shoigu has set foot on the ladder, struck for a March arrival. The Minister took the podium and opened the solemn ceremony.

Photo: mil.ru

“In Sevastopol today, the guards missile cruiser “Moscow” is awarded the order of Nakhimov, the Minister said. This war medal was established during the great Patriotic war as a sign of respect for the bravery, courage and feats of the sailors who made a huge contribution to the victory over the enemy.”

Shoigu said that in modern Russia, the order also began to reward ships that distinguished themselves in combat missions.

The Minister stressed that the crew of the cruiser “Moscow” reliably protects our southern Maritime borders, successfully solves the problem of securing the transportation of Russian military cargo to the Mediterranean, with dignity, shows the flag of St. Andrew in the long March and in the combat service in strategic areas of the World ocean.

Shoigu thanked the crew for exemplary performance of military duty and contribution to strengthening of defensibility of the state.

“This obligation, and the award named after the legendary naval commander and hero of defense of Sevastopol Admiral Pavel Nakhimov,” said the Minister, Recalling the dictum of the legendary Admiral, who said: “the seafarer hard or easy way. There is one way – nice.”

Then the banner group with a flag under sounds of solemn March out to the center of the site and the Minister attached to the banner of the sash and a sash. Thundered three shots from the guns and the crew cried out triple “Hurrah!”. New order’s flag ship hoisted over the stern. The commander of the cruiser captain 1st rank Alexander Schwartz on behalf of the crew thanked for the award.

“Put the crew tasks are performed. Astern there are thousands of miles of storm, successfully performed hundreds of rocket, artillery firing and military exercises, ” said Schwartz. Our strength is in high-proficiency and professional skills. The order of Nakhimov and lift on the cruiser Order naval flag obliges us to do so doubly.

He assured that the crew of the red banner order of Nakhimov missile cruiser “Moscow” is ready to perform combat tasks and faithful to his motto: “where the guard – there is victory!”.

Yunarmeytsy, hardly waiting for the end of the ceremony, ran to the defense Minister to be photographed with him for memory.

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