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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Terrorism, Brexit, trump: the experts explained than bad in 2016

“Very bad year” – David bell, author of the publication in the prestigious publication Foreign Policy, said about 2016. Year, which, as he said, was only half full. And is it not then worse? Indeed, chickens are hatched, but the results of the first six months it is possible to draw certain conclusions. Just look at the events of recent weeks: the terrorist attack in nice until the military coup in Turkey. “MK” asked the experts, who shared his thoughts on 2016.

photo: pixabay.com

Alexei MAKARKIN, Deputy General Director of the political techniques Center: “Indeed, 2016 is a very tough year. And perhaps, actually the worst in the current decade. Add the scandal to the Olympics in Rio and the participation in it, at least by Russian athletes. And as a maximum – the entire Russian team. This was not very long ago. The last time one of the great powers, boycotted the Olympic Games in 1984. Plus a completely never-ending war in Syria, where ISIL (Islamic state is a banned terrorist group) is once again trying to break through to the liberation of Palmyra. A lot of stories that are dramatic.

The American political class with the thrill of waiting for November, when presidential elections will be held. Trump there for most of the surveys while losing Clinton, but the campaign is just beginning. And the arrival of trump on the role of the candidate in US presidents from Republicans – this is a very strong challenge to the American political system. Last year imagine such a thing was simply impossible. Most likely, he will lose the election, but these words already spoken with less confidence than they were pronounced in the spring. Brexit is also made very serious confusion in the minds is not only a serious blow to the investment attractiveness of Britain. All hoped that at the last minute the Brits will vote to stay in EU, and they voted against it. After that they started talking: “and suddenly trump choose?”

The President of Austria was also chosen as will now be peregolosovyvat, third round. By the way, in the Austrian presidential election there is a sense that gives one of the keys to what is happening. There are people who fit into the modern global world, it is a great chance. And there are a huge number of people in this global world either do not fit or fit with big problems. It is very different people who are unable to unite. For example, a Briton living in the province and looking at the “come in large numbers here” migrants: tired, I want to close the borders, return the old warm world. And on the other hand, Islamic radical, who looks on the Western world and thinking of how to blow it up. And those and others do not fit. And those and others, much of what is happening in today’s world causes a strong emotional rejection. Some try to preserve its old world, others to build a new scary utopia. And as a result of these processes the linear pattern that is associated with the ideas of Fukuyama about the triumph of democracy completely falls apart. The challenges have two sides: when some want to shut the other blow. When in Turkey, the country is becoming more Islamized – a very serious rift between the educated middle class, wishing that Turkey was Europe, and another part of the middle class, traders, artisans, small businessmen, who are faithful Muslims and who rose on the wave of economic growth during the reign of Erdogan (especially in the 2000-ies) and who do not want to Europe.”

Alexander RAHR, a German political scientist: “For Europe 2016-the year is one of the worst in decades. For America – no. For Russia – no. As for Europe, Yes indeed. And the next in 2017, for Europeans can be generally a complete nightmare. Western experts fear the Alliance between Moscow and Turkey. Europe’s dependence on Turkey – a year ago this one and to imagine this could not. From Erdogan depends the fate of Europe, whether it is to ignore the refugees or not. Depend on the political fate of such politicians like Merkel. You know what this means for Europeans? They never saw themselves in such a situation – and now they are in it. And no one six months ago, did not allow the victory of trump. It was thought that the Republicans would never allow such a candidate to the finish line, and he’s at the finish. And can win. And what he says, for the Europeans – is a quiet horror! And he says he will review the functions of NATO that manly will speak to the leaders of those or other States. Scares Brexit for the history of the EU, no country has ever left this “sacred temple”. If I left Greece, well, God bless her – but Britain was the financial center of Europe, a military power. One-two – and left. And in the middle East, the Europeans are unable to cope with the situation in Syria, and ISIS moves in Libya, closer to the European borders. And terror: France and Turkey have become targets for terrorist attacks that no one can stop. Erased the comfort that has defined the life of Europeans over many decades.”

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