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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Students found on the Costa Brava, 200 ancient silver coins

200 Roman silver denarii found during the excavations of the Roman city of Emporia students-archaeologists, held at this time for a summer internship. Ancient coins, as well as 24 amphorae of wine, two bracelets and a bronze bowl for sacrificial libations, was discovered in the basement on the Costa Brava in Catalonia.

photo: pixabay.com

Finds dated to the first century BC. In all likelihood, the owner of the coins in the past hid them in his basement, and then for some reason lost, after which the coins were lost. Although coins in ancient ceramic amphora were not the only valuable items found in the basement, for the value, both historical and actual, they far exceed all other findings. According to archaeologists, two millennia ago, the owner of these coins was to be a very wealthy person — only 2 denarius in those days you could rent for a month the whole house, and the soldiers for a month of service paid about 10 denarii.

Denarius was one of the most common coins in the territories under the authority or influence of Rome and one of the few silver coins of the time. Name denarii translated as “ten”, and they can be seen the Roman numeral X, reminiscent of about this value.

How to say Italian researchers, excavations in the city of Emporia have been conducted for more than a century, and during this time, this area pleases specialists of new unique finds. This town was founded by Greeks in 575 BC and the I century BC was a Roman colony.

We will remind, recently the old — although, of course, and not so old as the Roman coins found by the Russian archeologists who have studied previously discovered by road workers at the Theater square in Moscow, the tavern of the eighteenth century, which, as it turned out, stood on this spot for over 50 years, “survived”, at least four emperors and empresses.

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