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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pathological liars and smokers suggested not to let into Parliament

Legislative Assembly of Karelia has launched a new initiative: its MPs propose to change the electoral legislation in Russia, banning access to the Parliament a number of categories of citizens. The bill is already available in the database of the state Duma.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The idea is to balance the requirements of the MPs and civil servants, which has now imposed certain restrictions.

Thus, in particular, we are talking about the restriction of passive suffrage (i.e. right to be elected) for persons with mental disorders, disorders of habits and impulses, schizophrenia, delirium, epilepsy and the inability to abandon the use of psychoactive substances.

Behind these formulations is hidden a number of very clear medical diagnoses. So, for disorders of habits and drives doctors include, in particular, kleptomania (morbid propensity for stealing), Pyromania (arson), coprolalia (the irresistible desire to swear) and even mitomania.

The latter implies that the patient is constantly deceiving others, talking about their amazing adventures and appropriating various merits, titles and ranks, including scientific. Thus he suffers from the disorder eventually begins to truly believe their lies.

To psychoactive substances accustomed to which the people of the Karelian policies also propose to prohibit elected are like drugs, and alcohol and tobacco.

Finally, mood disorder, doctors consider, in particular, depression and mania.

“The adoption of this bill, — the conclusion in the explanatory Memorandum, will allow to exclude possibility of election to the elective offices of persons not able to carry out this activity due to specified diseases.”

Recall that at the moment the state Duma has already left for the summer holidays, therefore on these elections, these restrictions will definitely not be widespread.

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