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Friday, March 16, 2018

Mikhail Piotrovsky: “it is Necessary to develop the ideology of protection destroyed Palmyra”

In early July the group of experts of the Ministry of culture went to Syria to assess the scale and force of destruction of ancient Palmyra, to assess the possibility of restoration of monuments. The situation is certainly tragic. It seems that ISIS consulted with scientists or reading special books, knowing what kind of losses will cause as much pain.

photo: Alexander Stepanov

“In our power, the international community should at least partially fix the damage, restore although some of destroyed, — said the first Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov, and yesterday a group of our scientists went on an expedition to Syria (of course, such trips are organized by the Ministry of culture, Minoborony, with the consent and participation of the Government of Syria).

Russian engineering troops completely cleared the Syrian city (and it is 30 km of roads, 234 hectares, 2991 dangerous object), without damaging the survivors of terrorists, the objects of cultural heritage.

Another thing that is stressed in the words of our officials, the Western countries ignore the issue of preserving the cultural and historic values of the Palmyra and unwilling to cooperate with Russia. The Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic Riyad Haddad said that “Russia and Syria links cooperation in all areas at the highest level and in military, diplomatic, social, economic, cultural fields. Russia has provided assistance for demining dangerous areas of Palmyra, and now we need to make every effort, including by UNESCO for the beginning of the restoration of historical sites of this great city”. Haddad also emphasized that any new construction in Palmyra will not only restoration and reconstruction of existing buildings.

The wounds of ancient Palmyra: Russian sappers defuse daily one hundred minutes (24 photos)

Is not just destruction. It is an ideology of destruction of historical values, — said Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of Hermitage Museum (which, incidentally, kept ancient artifacts Palmyra), ” and the ideology of protection. The challenge is not just to restore the destroyed. Have to show and prove to the world many important things: it will be a new stage of development of the cultural heritage of the people, understanding that these cultural values should be protected.

Palmyra restored always something French, then poles, then by the Syrians themselves. Anticipated new stage using the latest technical means – satellites, 3D-reconstruction. According to the Director of the Museum of the peoples of the East by Alexander Sedov, recovery time and the costs of restoration it is “foreseeable” and “nezaoblachno”. Field work may take from 8 to 12 months. Although some monuments will require more time — about 3-4 years.

Watch the video on “Russian sappers cleared Palmyra “

According to preliminary data, the demining operation of the Syrian city of Palmyra will last about a month. The commander of group of mine clearing Alexei Makarenko has told about the basic security of the Russian sappers that of explosive devices most frequently found in the vicinity of the city. Details on the video.

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