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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Historians have found children’s drawings on the margins of medieval manuscripts

On the margins of a book 1327, written in the Franciscan convent in Naples historian Deborah Thorpe of the University of York found the picture drawn by the child, or, at least, looking like children’s drawings. In all likelihood, the book fell into the hands of children, which it was ornamented, after a few centuries after it was written, suggests the researcher.

photo: morguefile.com

Studying a variety of medieval manuscripts in the framework of another research project, Thorpe stumbled upon a children’s doodles, which immediately attracted her attention and, as it turned out, in the past have not been studying, writes The Guardian.

On several pages of the book were drawn creatures with long thin arms and legs and body, and head, representing a single rectangle, and horns — these figures are likely to depict hell in the children’s performance. In another picture you can see the animal (perhaps a horse or a cow), which leads to the rope. If you look closely, the body as such, there’s a man there “is” it solely from the legs, the head and the other end of the rope.

After studying the drawings, the psychologists who helped Thorpe in the work, suggested that their author (and most likely, several authors) had four to six years — this, in particular, by the characteristic created in this age pattern of the proportion of the body including long legs and a short body. In favor of this assumption is the fact that the head in the figures is given significantly more attention than other parts of the body.

Deborah Thorpe notes that earlier images in medieval books, not directly related to their content and, in all probability, drawn out of boredom in the past has repeatedly met various researchers, however, as a rule, authors of these images were obviously adults, this time we are talking about children’s drawings. Scientific article on them, published in the journal Cogent Arts and Humanities.

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