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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Expert: Trump will have to abandon some of the statements

Businessman Donald trump formally confirmed his participation in the presidential elections in the United States from the Republican party. In its nearly 70-minute speech at the party Congress in Cleveland (Ohio) politician told about their plans, focusing mainly on domestic issues – such as the economy, employment, and migration. The Director of the Center on global interests in Washington, the political analyst Nikolai Zlobin said that the meaning of the statements trump and what his campaign will continue.

photo: AP

In his speech, trump most of the time dedicated to domestic policy. What is the evidence?

– It is necessary to keep in mind that trump was the latest stage of selection of candidate of the party. After it starts it’s real confrontation with the democratic candidate. Obviously, it will be Hillary Clinton. Then the competition will be the other meaningful. If trump still fought with his fellow party members, now he will fight with his political opponents. It’s a big difference. Speech trump – transition. I would not give it much importance. He decided his task this speech, showing that he is ready to play the role of the person for whom the Republicans have to vote. As we know, a significant portion of Republicans skeptical about the candidacy of trump. In that speech, he removed the most unacceptable for the voters of the wording and there were a lot on foreign policy, and added a lot of things that’s interesting about the voter.

All American elections are conducted on the basis of domestic politics. Partly in the previous step, she left the discussion, because right now the US economy is more or less all right. There is no crisis, there is a small but steady growth and no acute topics on which you can make some “publicity”. And in matters of foreign policy quite a lot of such opportunities. Scandalous trump grew as time either due to controversial statements about migrants, women, etc., or because of statements on foreign policy. So he won in the party. Next will not work. Now he needs to speak meaningfully, directly addressing the American voters about the problems that concern them. And foreign policy does not interest them. To draw their attention to what is happening in Syria, in Russia or in England – certainly to lose the election. Who will fight – not for the party apparatus and not for the establishment of America, and ordinary Americans.

In the mind of the American there is such a picture: “If you talk a lot about foreign policy, then you do not understand the inner, don’t understand how I live and what I need. It is possible to measure the horns with Putin and with anyone, but I’m not concerned. You need to be in my corner, life has become better, reduced taxes, etc.”

By the way, what trump has said about taxes, I think, is one of the main messages of his election campaign (he promises a large-scale reduction – “MK”). Republicans often talk about tax cuts, it’s one of their main tenets. Hillary will be very difficult to object to this: Democrats generally favor increasing the state’s role, accordingly, is voluntarily-involuntarily leads to an increase in taxes.

– Does this mean that the direction of the rhetoric of the trump can be rotated 180 degrees?

– Yes, it can. Trump is now in a much greater degree will focus on all voters, especially those who can vote for him, but now would not have voted. He needs somehow to seduce their opponents. As the Americans say, of the opponents to make the neutrals, and the neutrals – friends. He had to go this way and say the things he never said before. Those who are going to vote for it, and so will vote. So the rhetoric trump will change, including on foreign policy, though it will not be the main theme.

– Could it be that in case of victory, trump will not fulfill the promise?

– His task is to win elections, and the task to govern the country is somewhat different from campaign promises. Important fact: and trump, and Clinton are considered by Americans as presidents one term. And age, and political warehouse is a transitional figure. So a lot of commitments neither she nor he will not. Americans have a General sense of what is said today is not the fact that will be implemented from February, when they host the inauguration. Trump needs to show that he is not Hillary, that he controls the trends. Some things may change, but must be felt that the person in the course of key trends. It’s important for America that lives long-term trends. The President needs to get into the mainstream. On many issues he was outside the mainstream, and now it will shift to the center. From many things he will have to drop.

– For example?

– Think its position on NATO to be changed (trump said that America will defend only those countries that fulfill their obligations to the Alliance – “MK”), no he will not allow to undermine the main political-military Alliance. He has also expressed skepticism about the major international treaties, he will not be allowed to destroy them. Now it’s a beautiful phrase, and in fact the President is not as influential a position in the US to go against Congress, and against establishment. In Ukraine now trump Hillary more similar views than it was six months ago. But the position will have to change. Obama also had to do it. Americans to this very skeptical, but with understanding.

Watch the video on “Donald trump appeared at the Republican Convention like a rock star”

Donald trump appeared on the scene during the Republican Convention in the best tradition of rock stars: the first was seen only by his silhouette against the dazzling white screen, and its output was accompanied by the music of Queen. The candidate in presidents of the United States confined itself to a brief statement “we will win, this victory will be very large and the view of his wife, who gave a speech, largely copy the words of Michelle Obama in 2008.

Video published on the website youtube.com user Wechat

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