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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Artyukh attempt to hold an extraordinary Congress “pensioners” fiasco

Extraordinary Congress of the Russian party of pensioners for justice (RPPS) did not take place due to lack of quorum. The initiator of the event was the leader of the RPPS Evgeny Artyukh, whose actions were unexpected and defy explanation even for his deputies. Artyukh opposed the expulsion from the party of persons whom many members of RPPS considered partisan.

The attempt of the Chairman of the Russian party of pensioners for justice (RPPS) Eugene Artyukh to be held on Friday Congress failed. As acknowledged by himself Artyukh, if the delegates at the Congress nominated 41 regional office, “unfortunately, the Congress arrived 21 delegate”.

“We have no quorum

“Artyukh decided to cancel intra-party democracy, arguing that his party is autocratic type”

“Five people report that they go. It is necessary for a quorum at least half of the delegates regotdelenija, that is 36 people. At the moment we have no quorum,” said Artyukh, adding that the Congress is convened “urgently” after the failure of the CEC in the July 19 certification of the list of single-mandate elections to the Duma. On the convening was informed by the CEC and the Ministry of justice.

A source in the Ministry told TASS that Artyukh flagrantly violated the Charter, “not observing the requirements for the convening of the Congress.” The leader of the party “, he is entitled only to convene the Congress, formation of the agenda and norms of representation for election of delegates must approve the Presidium of the Central Council (CA), powers, most of whose members he suspended”. “Everything that is happening, is the maximum legally fit, a meeting of the members of the party and nothing more”, – said the source.

As explained by the newspaper LOOK member of the CEC Evgeny Shevchenko, all the decisions that could theoretically represent the RPPS as the outcome of a failed Congress, would be illegitimate and non-authoritative. “The Congress of the Russian party of pensioners for justice was not, was not the necessary quorum, – says Shevchenko. And even initially, it all seemed like an adventure. It is impossible for one day to hold the party Congress. Last night the notification to hold the Assembly received the representatives of the regional branches of the party. One night is not the Congress party”.

“Actions Artyukh defies explanation”

Member of the Presidium of the Central Council of RPPS Nicholas Polinata also confirmed that Congress was not held for lack of quorum. “This has resulted in unclear date (the Congress). At the last meeting of the Presidium of the Central Council we have clearly identified the date of the extraordinary Congress – 29th. And the decision to hold an extraordinary Congress this Friday) party Chairman Artyukh is not consistent. I, as a member of the Presidium of the CA have not even received a warning about his conduct,” – said Polinata the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the actions Artyukh “defies explanation.” “We are ordinary members who support us… Our previous decisions I think are right. Therefore, the purification of the party from its tarnished and discredited people is our main task and duty”, – said Mykola Polinak.

In the same vein, he expressed the member of Presidium of party Andrey Shirokov. “The results of today’s Congress was predictable from the point of view of the entrance of the party into a political tailspin,” said Shirokov, the Regnum news Agency.

The politician expressed confidence that “the event was useful from the point of view of the debate, the party gained new experience and now we need to gather new forces and to determine their own path in politics, given the modern realities on the competitiveness, openness and legitimacy”.

On the eve of the member of the Presidium of the CA RPPS, the head of the Kaliningrad branch of the Vladimir Vukolov said that “the credibility of Arthu of the regions there, he couldn’t even organize the collection of documents for the CEC, which was cleared of all single-seat districts and 42 people from the Federal list. “The so-called leader of the party nobody hears, just work out, most likely, paid in full the commitments it took in front of a number of candidates with a dark reputation,” he did not rule.

Recall that in RPPS includes 14 parties are exempted from collecting voter signatures for nomination lists for the elections to the state Duma. In early July RPPS held the Congress. However, some delegates had claims to a number of candidates included in the list, in particular to state Duma Deputy Mikhail Yurevich, starring previously with preliminary vote of the “United Russia”. Also, questions arose about the inclusion in the lists of the former head of the Nenets Autonomous district Vladimir Butov, ex-Governor of the Pskov region, Yevgeny Mikhailov, a state Duma Deputy from the “United Russia” Oleg Savchenko.

Candidates with a dubious past

After the early resignation of Yurevich as Governor of the Chelyabinsk region in 2014 against some of his subordinates were prosecuted. In the end, the ex-Minister of sports Yuri Serebrennikov for corruption was sentenced to five years in a penal colony, and the former Minister of health Vitaly Teslenko – seven years.

In 2011, the media reported that there were articles stating that the authorities of the Chelyabinsk region are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of rubles with the aim to remove from the results of search queries on the Internet negative information about the region and “the dirtiest city on the planet”. Blogs actively discussed spending Chelyabinsk officials, such as state contract for the broadcast of the “adult channels” in the country residence of the Governor. In the press cited estimates that in 2012 Yurevich as Governor spent nearly 0.5 billion of budget money on their own security and the transportation (helicopter Bell 429).

With regard to the figures Butova, in August 1991 he was tried for poaching. At the head of the cooperative “Buran”, it was reported that he allegedly organized an illegal catch of valuable fish species. In 2001, Governor Butov appeared in six criminal cases about the fraud with cash credits and the subsequent purchase and sale of oil, on abuse of authority, willful failure to perform judicial decisions.

Questions about listing “pensioners” Oleg Savchenko emerged for the reason that in 2000 the Prosecutor General’s office brought the case on fact of misuse of budget funds the administration of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug – the Foundation of the economy of Chukotka and the Foundation for economic development of Chukotka. Savchenko supervised these funds in the late 1990s.

From the lists was removed those whose biographies were related to criminal cases, corruption, scandals

“In RPPS formed a minority and a majority which does not allow the minority to legitimize the seizure of the party”

However, on 13 July the Central election Commission was passed on the assurance of the Federal list and the list of candidates in single-mandate constituencies. Two days later, the CEC indicated RPPS to the shortcomings in the documents of the 45 candidates, including Yurevich. The package of documents on Yurevich lacked certificates of foreign real estate of his spouse and minor children. An authorized party claimed jurewicz is not in official marriage. However, as emphasized by the CEC, children documents provide still need.

The party has promised in time to bring to the Commission the missing paper. On the same day the Presidium of the CA RPPS excluded from the list of candidates to whom the delegates were claims. It touched Yurevich, Butovo, Mikhailov, Savchenko and others.

From the lists was removed those whose biographies were related to criminal cases, corruption scandals which have caused a wide public resonance. Why Artyukh alone so fighting for them and willing to take any decisions against members of RPPS, which created the party and working in it for decades? The answer is clear, and has no one doubt the credibility of Arthu no. We are ready in court to appeal his sole judgment, lawyers are preparing a lawsuit,” explained Polinak.

However, the certification of the list of single-mandate RPPS was denied. The CEC found that three single-member districts (in Kabardino-Balkaria and two districts of the Stavropol territory), the party nominated two candidates. In addition, the Congress was put forward by 166 candidates in single-mandate constituencies, the CEC, the party has applied for 169 applicants. “Violation of the procedure for the nomination of the list of candidates in single-seat constituencies is the basis of the denial of certification of the relevant list of candidates”, – noted in the CEC.

In connection with the problems the Bureau RPPS expressed distrust Etuhu and appointed on July 29, the holding of an extraordinary Congress. In conversation with the newspaper VIEW of Polinata expressed confidence that the extraordinary Congress of 29 July will take place, and after approval of the lists of the party will be able to conduct a proper election campaign, to participate in the elections. “We were preparing for the elections. I believe that we will win,” said Polinak.

However, a member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies (ISAPI) Alexei Zudin sure that the longer inner-conflict, the more it reduces the chances of the party for electoral success. “Secondly, it is clear that in RPPS formed a minority and a majority which does not allow the minority to legitimize the seizure of the party. The party is trying to prevent raider attacks. With the course of this capture failed. An important role in this failure was the fact that the party has a reputation,” said Zudin the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, to seize such objects is difficult, because they have their own ideas about what to do and where to go. Moreover, as its name suggests, the party must first think about pensioners. And excluded from the list of candidates, the same Yurevich, Savchenko, if I hit the next parliamentary convocation, would hardly have defended their interests. As you know, these people go to MPs with the aim to lobby for their business interests. Therefore, the participation of such figures in the elections discredited the very concept of “justice”.

“The party passed through the institutionalization and turned into a small, but relatively independent entity, which is difficult to manipulate,” – says the analyst.

Agree with him the political scientist Oleg Matveychev, whose words in the party situation “when one person decided that the party belongs to him personally”. “Eugene Artyukh decided to cancel intra-party democracy, arguing that his party is autocratic type. But even “United Russia”, which say that it is the “party of power”, had a huge variety of required procedures, approvals, primaries. The EP party democracy is very developed,” – said Matveychev.

He added that “Artyukh went on the way of inner-party democracy, and wanted to become the sole owner of the brand, which, by the way, even he did not create”.

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