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Thursday, March 22, 2018

A gang “seaside guerrillas” was found guilty of murder

The jury found “seaside partisan” guilty on all the main episodes

February 4, 2014, 11:41

Text: Ivan Chernov


The jury in the resonant case of the “Primorsky partisans” on Tuesday after long days of discussion, decided on their attitude toward the defendants. The defendants were found guilty on all counts about the murders, but also theft and robbery. On a number of episodes of the “guerrilla” does not pass. Defendants also officially recognized by the gang.


On Tuesday the jury unanimously recognized the gang members of the so-called seaside guerrillas guilty of all alleged killings and on all major counts.

Thus, the defendants were found guilty in murder of four inhabitants of the Kirov district of Primorsky Krai in 2009 and the murder of militiaman Ilya Kovalchuk in Vladivostok and a policeman Carp in the village of Rakitnoye in 2010.

Murderers of inhabitants of the Kirov district a jury decided Alexander Kovtun, Vadim Kovtun, Maxim Kirillov, Vladimir Ilyutikova and Alexei Nikitin, ITAR-TASS reported.

However, two – Maxim Kirillov and Vadim Kovtun – on this episode deserved leniency. The sixth defendant – the novel Savchenko – in this episode did not participate.

The jury was also unanimous in the confession of the accused in a number of thefts and robberies, particularly in thefts of vehicles and weapons.

However, the jury considered unproven guilt of the accused in the robbery and arson of a territorial point of militia in the village of Varfolomeyevka in 2010.

Also Tuesday, the jury found four of the six “seaside partisan” guilty of murders of police officers, RIA “Novosti”. We are talking about defendants Maxim Kirillov, Alexander Kovtun, Roman Savchenko and Vladimir Ilyutikova.

In addition, three of the six “seaside partisan” guilty of the shelling of a police car. Having named Vladimir Ilyutikov, Roman Savchenko and Maxim Kirillov. Alexander Kovtun was found not guilty in this episode.

In this case the jury found Alexander Kovtun and Roman Savchenko guilty of the injury of the traffic police in another episode. In June 2010, the traffic police stopped the car in which he was sitting “partisans”, for verification of documents. The defendants began to shoot them from a rifle and pistol, as a result, two security men were injured.

Guilty of wounding two police officers during the capture of the gang in Ussuriysk on 11 June 2010 was recognized as only one player – Alexander Kovtun. Earlier, the prosecution asked to punish him for it four: Kovtun, Maxim Kirillov, Roman Savchenko and Vladimir Ilyutikova.

Finally, on Tuesday the jury has officially recognized the “Primorsky partisans” gang. According to “Interfax”, the jury decided that the gang Alexander Kovtun. And then he was joined by Roman Savchenko, Maxim Kirillov, Vladimir Ilyutikov and Alexei Nikitin.

In the unanimous opinion of the jury, in the spring of 2009 in the Kirov district of the Primorsky region there is a gang, the aim of which were “armed attacks on citizens and the unlawful acquisition of firearms, money and valuables”.

However, the gang members, the jury found only five of the six defendants. The elder brother of the leader “the guerrilla” Alexander Kovtun Vadim in the gang was not involved. However, this did not prevent the latter to participate in one of the murders along with all.

The jury also issued its opinion that the defendants agreed in the gang voluntarily.

We will add that themselves “partisans” deny blame for most of the episodes. Five defendants pleaded guilty only on minor points of the case, and all the murders they allegedly committed other dead gang members. The leader of a criminal organization, Alexander Kovtun has continued to deny his guilt, RIA “Novosti”.

The difficulty of the process

On Tuesday at the announcement of the verdict of the jury, four of the six defendants came into the courtroom in medical masks, caps and hoods which cover their faces.

In the dock are now six people: Alexander Kovtun, Vadim Kovtun, Roman Savchenko, Maxim Kirillov, Vladimir Ilyutikov and Alexei Nikitin. Earlier they were charged with banditry, robbery, theft, theft of vehicles, and in three murders and three attempts at life of law enforcement officers. The criminal case against them, totals more than 50 volumes.

Last week, the jury did not have time to start discussing the verdict, as the whole day in the Primorsky regional court was devoted to a parting word of the judge. The judge spoke for more than six hours, but never managed to finish his speech.

On January 29, has been appointed the new meeting, at which he continued his speech, after which the jury issued a questionnaire for the verdict.

The jury was required to answer 225 questions related to the participation of the six defendants in 23 criminal episodes, including – three murders, three assassination attempts on the lives of law enforcement officers, banditry, robbery, theft, car theft, illegal weapons possession and forming a criminal group.

Preliminary hearings on business “seaside guerrillas” began in June 2012. And on July 3, from the courthouse went missing three volumes of the case. On the given fact criminal case under part 1 of article 325 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (Abduction, destruction of official documents”).

Originally expressed even a version that the documents could have taken the police, but the Prosecutor’s office of Primorsky Krai disproved such assumptions. According to authorities, the missing documents had no information about the suspected corruption of the police, as stated protection of the accused. Then abducted by volume in the case of the “Primorsky partisans” was restored copies.

The Prosecutor’s office also confirmed the presence of blood stains on the documents, however, denied that they appeared during the interrogation of the accused. The Supervisory Agency said in this regard about the attempt “to discredit the investigation,” the lawyers of the defendants. Examination showed that blood stains on the documents appeared “only after the presentation of the accused for examination in 2012, not after the arrest and interrogation in 2010.

Add that to assemble a jury in this case was only the fifth time. The first such attempt was undertaken in July 2012. Then in August, the court again failed to form a Collegium of jurors due to the low turnout of candidates.

The third attempt to form a Collegium was scheduled for September 18. But in the process of selection, several jurors got motivated to challenge.

17 Oct attempt to assemble a jury failed for the fourth time.

And only on November 20 was formed by a panel of 22 jurors: the 12 major and 10 spare. Basically, to the bar were women of retirement age.

As told in an interview to the newspaper VIEW lawyer Andrei Knyazev, the problem of jury selection is that when a high-profile case is seen in the region of the crime, many applicants for the role of a juror, there are friends, relatives, and influence public opinion is a significant factor in the decision.

The hearing before a jury on the merits started in the Primorsky regional court in January last year.

The background

According to investigators, in September 2009 in the woods near the village of Kirov, the attackers killed four local residents. It was established later that the bandits had committed the murder of four drug addicts to seize in latest drugs and their subsequent sale.

In February 2010, in Vladivostok on the street Davydova gang committed an armed attack on employees patrol-sentry duty of militia. One of the policemen was killed, the other seriously wounded. The attackers stole service weapon, his ID and money of the murdered officer.

11 Jun 2010 the location of criminals was established. However, not wanting to be detained, they have rendered armed resistance and wounded two police officers. On the same day the criminals were arrested in an apartment house in the street Timirjazeva in the city of Ussuriysk.

Media dubbed the gang “seaside guerrillas” because within a few days, they successfully hid in the local woods. In law enforcement they preferred to call the “Kirov gang”.

Note, the defendants actively tried to “whitewash” their lawyers, insisting that the defendants fought not against law enforcement, against the “werewolves in epaulets”. However, nearly three dozen counts related to the killings of innocent people, looting and robberies, proved the opposite.

Discussion of the verdict in the case of the “Primorsky partisans” will begin on February 27.

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