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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why Donald trump did his partner anti-Russian sentiments Pence

As expected, the efforts of the cabal went to pieces and for the nomination of Donald trump voted by an overwhelming majority of delegates held in Cleveland of the Congress of the Republican party. However, his partner Mike Pence approved the candidate for Vice-President even without a vote. Who is this man – helper, supervisor or partner of trump?

Governor of Indiana Mike Pence in Cleveland approved as a candidate for Vice-President due to the “comprehensive support at the Congress” – as formulated by the Chairman at a party meeting, Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate.

“Many Vice-presidents in recent US history were more influential than others, especially in foreign Affairs”

Indeed, the vote would be superfluous – the right to choose a mate is a presidential candidate, that is the trump, which the Congress approved with a clear majority of votes. At the same time on your choice of Pens trump announced only last Saturday – this was only the information that the Governor of Indiana is trunovskom short list along with such notables as former speaker of the house of representatives newt Gingrich and the Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie.

And Gingrich, and Christie at the time was regarded as serious contenders for the White house, and the last even was opponent of trump’s current primaries (and its rating before the campaign was much higher trunovskogo and generally Christie was considered one of the top favorites for several years after the last elections in 2012). The fact that trump chose less well-known in the country of Pence, there are several reasons, the main of which can be stated simply: Trump didn’t need a second trump (who in part is very vivid and interesting politician Gingrich) and was necessary for the person giving the Republican establishment and influential of the conservative “tea party”.

Because in the primaries trump destroyed as the establishment candidates (Bush and Rubio), and the iconic “dummies” (Cruz and Paul). And now he had to lend a hand is still influential in his party seized power. And Penny was in this sense, the almost perfect candidate.

Its main drawback – the lack of awareness in the country – has to trump any difference, because the trump Megasite, and Pens are well known in political circles. Although the Penny is among the notable governors, and before that was the number of prominent congressmen, of course, he was not so promoted at the national level, just as Christie or the Governor of Ohio Kasich.

But for trump it really is not important – far more important that your Pens and for the party establishment durnovskogo period (although the candidate for Vice-President has yet to subjugate the party, and not the fact that he did it), and the “tea party”, which in recent years unsuccessfully tried to take power in the “Grand old party”. Pens at the same time and “tea”, and elitist – in 2009-2011 he was the Chairman of the Republican conference in the House of representatives, that is held the third most important post in the party hierarchy.

Michael Richard Pence born June 7, 1959 (he is younger than trump to 13 years) in Columbus, Indiana, in the family of a descendant of Irish immigrants. And all his life was connected with his native state – from school and University to work as a lawyer and radio host, from the congressional seat from Indiana in the House of representatives where he spent 12 years, until the governorship. Pence led the state in early 2013, and this year had to be re-elected for a second term, but after the nomination for Vice-President he stopped his Indiana campaign.

Indiana is not very big but quite noticeable state – a kind of personification of the Midwest. And the Pence – conservative, strong Governor, a man of action will trump the epitome of practical experience in government at all levels, which is so lacking most of the new York billionaire and showman.

Penny, incidentally, is also partly a showman – he led programmes on local radio, however, unlike trump, analytical, including a weekly political talk show. That is known as a radio personality helped the Pens in 2000 successfully a career change and go into politics – he was elected to Congress (before that, he twice lost elections in 1988 and 1990). Since then, the Penny five times re-elected to the House of representatives, and made a successful career there.

Although he has not headed any of the key committees, but was recognized as one of the most effective legislators, and in 2009 became Chairman of the Republican conference in the house, occupying thus one of the three key posts in the party hierarchy. This was soon endorsed the tea party – conservative antiestablishment movement in the ranks of the party, which advocated a radical renewal of the “old parties” and a return to libertarian principles: the limit is too bloated role of the state, especially the Federal government, free enterprise and lower taxes. And, of course, conservative values – religious, family, social.

Penny was born a Catholic (as a child even served as an altar boy in the Church) and a Democrat, but changed party, and religious affiliation. Admiration for Ronald Reagan made him a Republican, and his religious views he characterizes as “Evangelical Catholic” (essentially Protestant). The Pens specifically emphasizes that he is aware of himself as a “Christian, conservative, Republican, in that order.” And confirms it with his own Affairs, for example, last year all-American scandal fanned around adopted in Indiana law on state interference in the Affairs of citizens and organizations associated with the practice of a particular religion.

For the “Act of restoration of religious freedom,” Pence declared a homophobe and enemy of sexual minorities – condemning the law as “discriminatory LGBT community” made a lot of “stars,” including Hillary Clinton. Although in reality, the Indiana law was intended to protect believers – business owners from having to provide services to those with whom they do not want to have anything to do with religious beliefs – for example, the confectioner can not be forced to bake a wedding cake for gay couples – giving them legal protection from discriminatory action on the part of activists of various “leagues of protection of the rights” that attempted to sue their Asses.

But after Indiana to obstruct and began a campaign to boycott – both by large corporations and some States banned its officials “discriminate against minorities” Indianapolis – Pence and local legislators went on a partial assignment. Adopted amendments to the act, which, however, only partially met aggressive “liberals”.

Describing Pence, trump called him an honest man with strong character, stating that he admires “everything he did, especially for Indiana.” Pence really is considered a successful Governor, and he has consistently pursued his conservative, libertarian views in life. He spent the major reduction of local taxes, including taxes on corporations, have reduced the unemployment rate from 8.4% to 5%, proposed health insurance system, Obama promoted an alternative system of Medicare, have found additional funds for the development of the road network in the state.

Brings together with trump Pence and a tough stance on migrants and refugees, let the Governor and does not act as dramatically as a billionaire, but for example, he last year opposed the deployment in the state of Syrian refugees (this despite the fact that in the US they do a little).

Pence says that will not automatically agree with trump, that is, promises to openly Express their opinions on the agenda. Of course, they have different views on some issues, and now the press is trying to encourage a couple of on the subject of the dispute.

Of course, most often remembered sayings of a Penny in the current campaign trump – he several times criticized the billionaire for his stance on certain issues. For example, Penny, a principled opponent of abortion, announced his disagreement with trump that women who had undergone illegal abortion, sleduet “to punish”.

And in may, when trump said that a Federal judge Gonzalo Curiel, accepted the judgment against him, did it because he is a Mexican and hates trump for a promise to build on the border with Mexico a high wall, Penny stood up for fellow countryman (Curiel was born in a family of immigrants in Indiana): “I do not feel it appropriate to question the impartiality of judges on the basis of their ethnic origin”.

Remind the Trump and the Pens and their different views on free trade, trump is trying to portray her opponent. Speech about it went and during their joint interview to the television program “60 minutes” last Sunday – to which both responded that trump is not against free trade, but only for the best conditions for the United States. In the same interview, trump was asked why he never blamed the Pens that he voted for the war in Iraq, although it constantly accuses Hillary Clinton. Trump has turned out that Pence, like many others, was then little information.

This, of course, the deceit, the fact that the Pens supported the war and later, including the last years of the Bush presidency, when he led the most important for this topic, the Subcommittee on the Middle East in the foreign Affairs Committee of the house of representatives. Hawk if the Pens? Rather, it is closer to them than to the isolationists, but, first, it is not a “neocon”, that is the main force of American interventionism, and, secondly, suggests that “our troops need a commander-in-chief, trump”. The same applies to the position toward Russia: Pence has criticized the policy of “reset” of Obama–Clinton, but now a common line towards Russia will determine the trump.

Pens will be partly looking after the trump from the establishment and an agent of trump in the ranks of the Republican elite, despite the fact that the influence of the Vice-President for international Affairs in the administration of the trump will depend not only on the couple relationships trump–Pens, but also on who will be included in the Cabinet of the new President. Chances are that trump will be there quite influential figures, including as Secretary of state (among future Ministers already referred to, and the former mayor of new York Rudolph Giuliani, and newt Gingrich).

The post of Vice President in the United States is often called decorative – indeed, according to the Constitution he has no special powers. And as a launch pad for subsequent election to the highest post in the office of the Vice-President is not very in the entire history of the United States only three current Vice-presidents elect presidents (and Nixon – the former Vice at Eisenhower – had to wait eight years to return to the White house).

But the statistics of the mastery presidential seat without any elections at the Vice much better – nine people have become the masters of the Oval office suddenly, that is after the murder or death of his predecessor (and one after his resignation – all the same Nixon). So chances of the presidency to Vice trunovskogo is, especially when you consider a non-zero probability that the caller’s hatred of the American establishment and the electorate billionaire can kill as before the election, November 8, and in case of his victory to them.

But even without this, in reality, very many Vice-presidents in US history, was more than influential people. And if you take the last three decades, it is sometimes even hard to tell who had more influence on foreign Affairs, the first or technically the second person: George Bush senior under Reagan, dick Cheney under George Bush Jr., Joe Biden under Obama.

It is clear that trump, in case of victory will be unusual American President, but just the fact that it makes its way to Supreme power against the wishes of the greater part of the American elite, makes the figure of the Vice-President is even more meaningful and interesting.

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