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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Traces of the collision of the moon with a giant “germ” of the planet

When the Solar system was still relatively young, on the surface of the moon fell quite a large space body, which, in all probability, was the protoplanets. The collision occurred one of the major relief features of the satellite — the so-called Sea of Rains, the diameter of which reaches up to 1,250 kilometers, and covers an area of 829 square kilometers. To such conclusion the group of researchers under the direction of Peter Schultz from brown University.

photo: pixabay.com

The sea of Rains is situated in the North-Western part of the “visible” side of the moon, and the Earth looks like a big dark spot on the moon’s surface, “right eye” of a person with a little imagination you can guess in the lunar shape. Like other lunar sea, it is called so rather traditionally, and the water is not filled (although in the past, apparently, was flooded with lava).

Scientists proved that a huge crater and multiple recesses formed around him as a result of falling space object with a diameter of about 250 kilometers. What kind of celestial body has left such an imprint on the moon, it was known and earlier, however, it was assumed that his size was two, and weighs approximately 10 times less than require a new assessment. Thus, according to the scientists, the moon has not fallen just a very large asteroid, and the object, which could be called the “germ” of the planet. After the collision the proto-planet broke away from the small fragments that also if you fall on the moon left the craters, albeit much smaller.

In the past estimates of the size of celestial bodies, which formed the Sea of Rains, was evaluated on the basis of computer simulation, however, in their study, the experts tested a different approach: they shot the gun four-meter surface from small projectiles, accelerating to 25.7 kilometers per hour, and the result was recorded with a camcorder, able to shoot very many frames per second. Only then, scientists have resorted to computer modeling to prove that their experiment reliably “reproduce” the events that occurred on the moon about 3.8 billion years ago.

It is worth noting that, according to the most popular to date version, a large-scale cosmic collisions, the Moon must not only relief, but also the very existence of a companion appeared from the fragment of the Earth itself, “breakaway” at the stage of its formation after a collision with another huge object.

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