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Friday, March 16, 2018

The United States accused of multi-million embezzlement of the government of the country-ally

The U.S. Department of justice suspected the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak in the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from Malaysian Fund economic development and now plans to seize assets worth 1 billion dollars. Even assuming that the accusations of Razak fair, the question arises – why the fight against corruption in Malaysia meet US?

US urges Malaysia to return more than $ 1 billion, which, according to Washington, was given illegally. The Ministry of justice said that through the Fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd. or 1MDB managed to launder $ 1 billion, as well as assign more than 3 billion dollars. This Fund was founded by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in 2009 to stimulate the economy, writes the American edition The Wall Street Journal.

How many took a bite out of “the wolf of wall street”?

“The United States believe they have the right to resolve all questions on any subjects”

As stated in the documents of the Ministry of justice passed the day before in a California court, the assets were purchased by the stepson of the Prime Minister of Malaysia and linked to 1MDB people illegally at the expense of the development Fund, writes “Interfax”. According to American data, in total, was awarded more than $ 3.5 billion Fund, with about $ 1 billion of them were laundered through the US banking system.

Newspaper in all of this emphasizes that Malaysia is a key American ally in Asia, as well as an important partner in the fight against terrorism.

But the most comical in this whole story is another. According to the Ministry of justice, the money was used for real estate transactions, the purchase of the aircraft and works of art, as well as to Finance the filming of “the Wolf of wall street”.

In Kuala Lumpur on charges reacted quite strange. Press Secretary of the Prime Minister of Malaysia said that Prime Minister Razak agree to cooperate fully with any legitimate investigation. Earlier investigation showed Razak allegations that 700 million dollars were transferred from 1MDB in his personal account in 2013 during the election campaign.

In turn, the attorney General of Malaysia, Mohamed Apandi said that none of the investigations of the case of the Malaysian state Fund 1MDB conducted by law enforcement agencies around the world, have not revealed evidence of misappropriation of funds, reports Reuters.

The attorney General added that no criminal charges of embezzlement of funds from 1MDB was not nominated. He also expressed “strong concerns about the defamatory fabrications and accusations,” which are expressed in the address of Prime Minister Najib Razak in connection with this case.

Responded to these accusations from the United States and the government of Malaysia. The official representative of the head of the Malaysian government Tangki Shariffuddin reported that the authorities are ready to assist in the investigation. Fund 1MDB, in turn, said that does not appear in the lawsuit and has no assets in the USA. In addition, the organization noted that profited from the transactions described in the document.

Justice from the ocean

It is noteworthy that no one in Malaysia expressed astonishment and protest in connection with the fact that the authority of another state engaged in criminal cases in a sovereign state. But the opposition of Malaysia has managed to take advantage of the situation. So, the President of the opposition Party people’s justice WAN Aziza WAN Ismail urged Razak to resign after the U.S. justice Department lawsuit. Opposition parties stepped up street protests and put pressure on the government. Al Jazeera actively transmits messages from Malaysia demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister.

We will remind that it not the first case when the US government heard by “justice” not at home, and in sovereign countries.

In April 2016, the U.S. justice Department accused the daughter of Uzbek President Islam Karimov and in disregard of the requirements of us law, to return more than $ 550 million stored in Bank accounts in Switzerland.

However, the most high-profile case involved the prosecution of the President of FIFA, Joseph Blatter, whom U.S. prosecutors accused of corruption. Then U.S. attorney General Loretta Lynch has officially confirmed that the charges were brought in 16 functionaries of FIFA, including was the beginning of a criminal case against the President of the organization.

The same applies to the suspension of Russian athletes from the Olympic games in Brazil. Steps to remove the Russian track and field team are part of a larger project to discredit Russia in the eyes of the General public, undertaken by the United States, wrote the American press.

“Strong to not care about those decisions”

Head of Department of applied political science of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, Director of the national energy security Fund Konstantin Simonov said that the US intentionally look at international legal instruments, and is well illustrated by the situation in the fight against offshore tax evasion.

“In this respect, the United States may review the decisions of its courts as absolutely mandatory. The international court of justice for them is not the final arbiter, and its decision they wanted to sneeze, if they are not interested,” – said Simonov newspaper VIEW.

Most interesting, in his opinion, is that American courts make decisions that at first sight no relation to the US do not have.

“It deliberately created a legal system, when any relationship, even the most remote, to the United States may be grounds for prosecution. For example, if your shares are placed on the new York stock exchange, then you fall under their jurisdiction. There’s a huge number of reasons why the U.S. can you judge, although you seem irrelevant to them are not. In this respect, the free interpretation of international law, of course, is present. USA believe they have the right to resolve all questions on any subjects. The same doping scandal… And such examples are a huge number,” – said the expert.

According to Simon, the practice generally undermines the credibility of international courts, and therefore this system will soon collapse. “If the US can behave, so behave and other countries. The latest example is a China solution for. China does not recognize this decision, and why we need these courts? It turns out that strong to not care about these decisions, and the weak will obey them? The system will not work”, – says Simonov.

“The attempted attack, the element of pressure”

“As a significant part of transactions passes through the American circuit over 80%, and a significant portion of financial institutions are traded or are in partnerships with companies that trade on the U.S. stock exchanges, opportunities for exposure to various players wide enough”, – noted in conversation with the newspaper LOOK President of the Center for strategic communications, political scientist Dmitry Abzalov.

He noted that the U.S. justice Department has restricted the activities of counterparties in different countries. Severe penalties imposes by the American Ministry of Finance – recall the situation with the French banks. Recall that in July 2014, French Bank BNP Paribas pleaded guilty in violation of the sanctions regime against Iran, Sudan and Cuba and agreed to pay a fine of 8.9 billion dollars. Violations of the sanctions regime to monitor the Finance Ministry and part of the U.S. Department of justice, said the expert.

“It would seem that the national Fund of Malaysia has the same attitude to American jurisdiction, such as the national Fund of Saudi Arabia, Norway, the Russian Federation. However, the charges were filed serious. What is more important – a frozen account. And more importantly, investments that are made with the participation, at least in part, American capital, will be considered” – said the source.

Abzalov said that “this is an attempt of attack, the element of pressure first of all on the Prime Minister of Malaysia”. He recalled that Malaysia recently “showed some action against rapprochement with China, and the Philippines”. And Malaysia, and the Philippines, as well as China, fighting over the South China sea. Therefore, “it is attempt of pressure at the premiere,” – said the expert.

Similar to the corruption we see in Ukraine or Thailand, Vietnam or affiliated with the “American loop” countries in Southeast Asia, e.g. in Vietnam. The most serious violations of the finances were from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, saying that there were big funds, said the source. “But nobody notices. Aktiviziruyutsya anti-corruption campaign against the main geopolitical opponents”, – said Abzalov.

He added that Malaysia is one of the strategic players in Southeast Asia, in addition, it controls the phase of the largest modern artery, through which passes 20% of the turnover worldwide. “So there are elements associated primarily with economic interests”, – concluded the expert.

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