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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The state of emergency in Turkey Erdogan will facilitate a total “sweep”

The arrests of thousands of Turks on suspicion of involvement in the recent coup received strong legal base – President Erdogan imposed a state of emergency until three months. Assurances from Erdogan that the state of emergency imposed for the benefit of democracy doesn’t really convince the West. But, as experts believe, the concerns of allies is unlikely to convince Erdogan to depart from the chosen path of dismantling the secular Republic.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the country introduced a state of emergency for a period of three months, “to most effectively and quickly take steps to ensure the rights and freedoms of citizens”. The introduction of CHP, Erdogan said in a statement following the meeting of the security Council and the government of the country.

“The incident easily helped to establish a de facto totalitarian personal dictatorship with a very serious Islamic accent”

New measures have alarmed Western politicians. In particular, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: “it is Important that an announcement about the incident was restricted to only the necessary period of time, and then was abolished as soon as possible”. The head of German diplomacy reminded the Turkish authorities of the need to adhere to the principles of the rule of law and proportionality in response. “The authorities must act only in response to demonstrable involvement in illegal actions, not suspicions of political preferences”, – said Steinmeier.

What is CHP in Turkish

120-th article of the Turkish Constitution, which Erdogan had referred to, reads as follows: the Council of Ministers, which meets under the chairmanship of the President, after consultation with the national security Council may introduce a state of emergency in one or more regions or throughout the country – for a period of not more than six months. Thus, Erdogan has so far completed half the norm.

The Parliament may alter the duration of the emergency, extend the period for a maximum of four months each time at the request of the Council of Ministers, or may lift the state of emergency.

During emergency the Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of the President may issue decrees having the force of law on issues related to state of emergency”.

15-I article of the Constitution implies that during the state of emergency (as well as in time of war or martial law), “implementation of fundamental rights and freedoms can be partially or completely suspended.

Thus, from the point of view of the letter of the law, remain the inviolable right to life (except the death penalty) and “the inviolability of material and spiritual entity of the individual”. Even during the emergency, “nobody can be forced to specify their attitude to religion, convictions or opinions and be blamed for it”, guaranteed by the Constitution of Turkey.

Strengthening cleansing “within a democratic system”

Erdogan continues to insist that the Turkish democracy is not in danger. “We’ll stay within the democratic parliamentary system, we will never retreat from it”, – assured the Turkish leader in an interview with Al Jazeera. However, in the same interview, Erdogan said that the number of arrests of persons suspected of involvement in the rebellion might increase.

We will remind, soon after the failure of the attempted coup, the Turkish authorities have detained more than 7,5 thousand persons, in particular, according to the latest data, the detained 103 of General and Admiral. Also as part of the investigation detained 426 judges and prosecutors. Suspended from their posts at least 7 thousand 850 police officers in Turkey. In connection with the coup attempt conducted proceedings against more than 9.3 million people.

Later, the Ministry of education of Turkey announced the suspension of 15.2 thousand workers of the education system in connection with the initiation of an investigation against them after the military coup. Higher education Council of Turkey urged to dismiss 1 thousand 577 deans and professors of public and private universities.

According to Turkish media, the total number of those arrested and dismissed of military and civilians exceeded 50 thousand people.

Note that in an interview with Al Jazeera, Erdogan did not rule out new attempts of rebellion by the military. “The terrorist organization of gulenists organized a parallel structure within the state. Perfect their attempted coup was unsuccessful. However, I am confident that in the coming days and weeks they will take some action for your future,” said Erdogan.

Revolution from above

In fact, Erdogan “actually changes the format of the Turkish state”. “He’s taking the Turkey out of state Kemal Ataturk, with some element of endogenously in the regime of Tayyip Erdogan with some nostalgic memories of individual citizens, there was a Kemal Ataturk,” – said the newspaper LOOK President of the Institute of Middle East Yevgeny Satanovsky.

At first glance, a formal state of emergency helps though, because can happen anything: civil war, assassinations, large-scale terrorist attacks. “In addition, a formal state of emergency easily helps to establish a de facto totalitarian personal dictatorship with a very serious Islamic accent, as we certainly can see a qualitative transformation of some of Islamization in an evolutionary way in a revolution from above”, – said the expert.

According to Satanovsky, an Islamic revolution, only in the Sunni world. “The consequences will be very serious, especially given the relationship with Egypt, where everything happened exactly the opposite,” – said the source. He recalled that the military managed to overthrow the Islamist President, who for a short period of time overthrew the President from the military.


Turkish General staff announced the arrest of the political leadership and the seizure of power in the country. The military coup caused a sharp reaction from President Erdogan and Istanbul residents who at his call came on alicycle for Turkey, the repression of Erdogan with the introduction of state of emergency “will affect everyone, not leaving anyone.” “Including the opposition in the leadership ranks of his own party, Erdogan will also be very seriously clean,” – said Satanovskiy. The statements of Steinmeier and anyone else will not change the situation. “The West can only cry bitterly and offer Erdogan to be different”, – concluded the expert.

“State of emergency for unprecedented repression”

Director of the research center Stanislav Tarasov in conversation with the newspaper VIEW recalled that during the state of emergency de facto repealed domestic legislation.

Erdogan is currently conducting a mass cleaning, and Western politicians put pressure on him, demanding to abide by democratic norms. “Therefore, it is now necessary to create a sense of tension to deal with objectionable,” said the expert.

In his opinion, Erdogan is at the moment “holds unprecedented even in the world practice repression.” Moreover, with the introduction of state of emergency, this “rigid, irrational and disproportionate violence with his opponents” could affect all of society, said Tarasov.

He recalled that Erdogan had said: the idea of a conspiracy is not entered into the army, say, in the coup attempt were only 300 soldiers, two planes, one helicopter, etc. “And he’s practically the entire top of the army was removed, and now some units are simply disbanded,” said the expert.

Similar measures against thousands and tens of thousands of people are employed in the education system, judiciary, public administration and so on, reminded Tarasov. “Apparently, it’s prepared action. They are a long time collected a dossier on every now and implement the so-called cleaning companies”, – said the analyst.

However, Erdogan is digging a hole for himself, the expert believes: “He remains without an army, the army under such conditions will not fight. The country is sliding into civil war. Turkey is now in a very difficult position.”

The white house is again faced with the harsh reality of Turkish”

“Restoration of democracy” in Turkish causes some skepticism among the Western allies of Turkey, with which relations of Ankara to the coup has been steadily deteriorating.

The New York Times notes that before the US President Barack Obama considered Erdogan “a man of principle and a man of action”, as the publication in 2011, said former national security Advisor to the President Tom Donilon.

However, when Erdogan began to slide to authoritarianism and began to transform Turkey from a parliamentary democracy to a system of “States one person,” their once intense relationship deteriorated. Stopped the frequent phone calls, and Erdogan once said that they’re talking about is extremely rare.

On Tuesday morning, however, the phone calls resumed. Obama called Erdogan to Express support and satisfaction with the fact that the Turkish President and his family safe. However, after the state of emergency and the subsequent harsh measures, which prohibit academics, teachers, even to go abroad, the White house is again faced with the harsh reality of Turkish.

“Now Erdogan may become even more bitter disappointment for Obama, but he is still better than any other option – whether you like it or not, it remains a prop in the campaign against ISIS* and a number of other important issues, first and foremost, to defend its interests and values in the chaotic middle East,” – said the publication. Washington must maintain this important Alliance in the region, said it.

“Regardless of our very justified concerns about the rate in which it moves, the Erdogan government, no one believes that a military coup is legitimate or a reasonable alternative,” said The NYT Philip Gordon, who coordinated middle East policy in the national security Council until 2015. If the coup had succeeded, Turkey would have plunged into a protracted period of instability, perhaps even civil war, and it would make it less reliable partner in the fight against ISIS. Moreover, the U.S. air force and allies to use Incirlik base, added the publication. Erdogan is well aware that it needs us, said the portal.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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