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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The main “captain” of the Russian singers Oleg Gazmanov celebrates 65

1989. Distant and glorious days of the Renaissance of Russian pop music. When Pali chain around body, and spirit barrack-censorship, and the marching style of Soviet music suddenly went out of fashion, becoming an anachronism. On stage boom is not the only rock bands to emerge from the semi-underground, but pop and new shoots. The people, who 70 years sitting on a shoestring, not only food but also cultural rations, went insane from suddenly fallen on their heads and ears the musical abundance of motley groups, bands and artists, develop new styles and sounds.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

At the Grand festival “ZD” in the Luzhniki stadium, the young actor Oleg Gazmanov performs Eskadron, setting the stage for the audience with their energetic rhythm, the actual arrangement, the dynamic text. However, the main feature artist in addition to the obvious musical hits was his incredible jumping ability, the sportiness of the shape and especially the bow in the form of overcoats, dressed in which he actually danced his acrobatic steps.

Huge hall pounded in the throes of ecstasy, leading to “W.” cheered the successful discovery at the festival, which gave odds of any superstar of the time, but to suggest how successful will be the fate of the artist, could not then, of course, no. In a mad rhythm of time change flashed brightly and quickly faded for many, becoming a regular caliphs for an hour. But it was not the fate of Oleg Gazmanov!

“Putana”, “captain”, “sailor”, with other hits, like “Squadron”, became the strong Foundation in the rapidly burgeoning popularity of the singer, successfully adapt the formats pop-rock ballads and cherished Euro-disco on a purely Russian style. Fans gave Oleg his heart forever, and he was at 65 all the same vigorous and cheerful young man, only gray.

Biography quite explains its success, which many then saw the unexpected, and Oleg was the result of hard work and persistent path to the goal. The artist was born in the Kaliningrad region in the family of soldiers, which, of course, influenced the subject matter of his songs in the future (he is a regular guest at concerts, dedicated to the war, and hit “gentlemen” became a virtual anthem of soldier. In 1973 Oleg brilliantly graduated from the Higher naval engineering school in Kaliningrad, but in the end decided to go the creative way and joined the guitar class in the Kaliningrad music College. After graduating in 1981, began performing in the hotel restaurant (like many musicians of that time on the way to the future fame), where he helped to get his friend Michael Raine. Work in local VIA “Visit”, “Atlantic” and became a professional school and a springboard to disperse, and in 1989 Eskadron blew not only the festival and hits the “REAR”, but also other national charts, radio and television.

Debut album with all it’s Golden hits, released in 1991, finally approved Gazmanov in the star of the first echelon. Later, his “Moscow” became genoway than “gentlemen”, and still seems to be included at the Leningrad station at each arrival or departure of the train.

In 2012, Oleg took part in the recording of the official Anthem of the Russian Federation together with the Academic ensemble of song and dance. A. V. Alexandrov, and another version sang his solo. In 2013 he was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Kaliningrad and Saratov, in 2014 he took an active part in preparing and holding the Olympic games in Sochi and signed a letter of culture figures in support of Putin’s policies in Ukraine and Crimea. This caused not only the approval of sympathizers, but the barrage of criticism from artists and citizens holding another citizenship. The same year Oleg Gazmanov, along with Joseph Kobzon and Valeria were indefinitely denied entry to Latvia (it happened on the eve of their planned participation in the “New Wave” in Jurmala), and in 2015, the SBU has made the artist a list of artists, “whose actions pose a threat to national security of Ukraine”. However, despite all the hardships, the singer seems to be not discouraged and continues merrily dancing on stage and delight their impressive fan club old and new songs.

Over the years in show business, Mr. Gazmanov has released 13 Studio albums and several compilations. The latest album “Forward, Russia!” came out last year. Son Rodion continues his father’s work as a solo and in duet with him. Looking for an idyllic tandem of relatives on stage, a joke — “like twins, two of the casket”, and they seem to like to play on the similarity — to do the same hairstyle and pick up the same type of costumes. Rodion confesses that the Pope was greatly influenced by his work, but still he wants to find his own unique way, what Oleg it fully supports.

All these years, since the memorable performances at the festival “ZD” in 1989, which became a sensation and did not stop the friendship of the artist with “MK”. In the turbulent, uneasy, yet surprisingly interesting, this friendship only became stronger. “MK” with great joy congratulated Oleg Gazmanov with the anniversary, the next issues of “MK” read his exclusive interview.

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