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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Resonant road accident has sparked a debate on fines for pedestrians

Resonance accident occurred in the center of Moscow. On the Kutuzovsky prospectus the car supposedly belonging to one of the leaders of the Ministry of defense, knocked down a pedestrian. Although the fault in this case rests not on the driver, the incident caused a new round of discussions about road accident with participation of cars of public servants and to increase the penalties, this time for pedestrians.

The incident occurred in the morning. BMW seventh model hit a young man (in the media reports he appears as a 25-year-old Muscovite Cyril P.), were trying to cross the busy stretch of highway in the area of Kutuzovsky Prospekt. From the received wounds the man died.

“The car was moving with included flashing light and signal compliance with the rules of the road, with a speed of 70 kilometers per hour”

Pretty quickly there was video of the incident, which clearly shows that, unfortunately, guilty of the accident that is pedestrian. He, despite the fact that relatively close to an underpass, trying to get to the subway pass right by the highway, not even waiting until the movement appears interval. Moreover, going to a dedicated lane he ran right in front of the car, apparently hoping to slip before.

The witness of the incident, a listener of the radio station “Moscow speaking”, one of the first published the video of the accident, said the car number of AMR (Mr 607) and said that was the police.

“This is not true. He is neither a traffic officer nor a police officer,” said the newspaper VIEW, the press service of the interior Ministry.

Very soon there appeared the information that the car with the number listed for the Deputy defence Minister Dmitry Bulgakov. The defense Ministry quickly responded to the incident. They confirmed that the car indeed. As transfers RIA Novosti, the press service of the defense Ministry stressed that “the car was moving with included flashing light and signal compliance with the rules of the road, with a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.”

The driver was given first medical aid and call the traffic police. Any information about the owner of the car in the Ministry of defence said.

But it became known about the driver. Life, citing its sources, claims that driving ВMW was Sergei Kossarev born in 1968. He is a long time driver, however, according to the newspaper, discipline is no different: repeatedly violated traffic regulations and were fined for driving on a dedicated lane for public transport and unreadable. However, judging by the record in this case, it is hardly possible to show to it any claims.

However, the fact remains that the dedicated lanes and flashing beacons, which, according to those who imposed them, should prevent traffic accidents with the participation of civil servants in practice, not constitute a guarantee against accidents.

Quite often, high officials involved in road traffic accidents, consistently causing a public outcry because of the names of the people who appear in them. Statistics here are not in favor of VIPs. “The record” here today is (at least, judging by media reports) the car of the Minister of natural resources and environment Sergey Donskoy.He had an accident three times in the last six months. 4th of July car of the Minister touched another car, leaving from Rublevsky highway (both cars received minor damage). On 8 April he encountered on Tverskaya street with a taxi, which, according to the media, referring to law enforcement, has not given way to cars with flashing lights. And in December last year, the Minister’s car collided with a Ford Focus, who violated traffic rules. In accident nobody suffered.

However, the bloody outcomes of road accident with participation of senior officials missing. Thus, on 13 April this year in Prikubansky district Karachay-Cherkess Republic the car of the Minister of agriculture, Umar Begieva collided with “Lada”. Two people were killed. The Minister was hospitalized. According to TASS, the police concluded that the incident was guilty driver of “Zhiguli” who went into the oncoming lane.

Kutuzovsky prospect, unfortunately, is deservedly famous as one of the most dangerous routes of the capital have repeatedly been the scene of tragic road accidents with participation of cars of high-ranking persons. The most notorious of them occurred on 19 December 2013. It killed the Vice-Premier of Dagestan Gadzhi mahachev. He was driving a car that collided head-on with a minibus. The machine turned over, the minibus caught fire and crashed into three cars. Five people died, including Makhachev.

Traditionally, after the accident with the participation of VIP-persons in society and government begin to discuss two ideas. The first of these is to reduce the number of persons that can count on privileges on the roads: among those most often mentioned flashing beacons. It usually goes the objection, that the persons to whom they are so restricted and permanently restricted. “However, I believe that some agencies flashers do not need, in any case, they can do without them, – he expressed his opinion in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the protection of the rights of motorists Alexander Kholodov. – “Flashers” because they are on machines which have no special coloring. What prevents, say, the same Ministry of defence not to have a coloring book?” So far, however, officials prefer “flashers”.

The second discussed idea is usually to tighten measures against those individuals to blame for accidents. In the case of the current incident on the Kutuzovsky – pedestrians who cross the road in the wrong place. But this idea, according to Cold, hard to implement in practice. “At pedestrians for crossing the road in the wrong place now the penalty is small – just three hundred rubles, – he said,” it is Clear that in practice the police will not engage in such infringer, especially if the documents don’t have: because its in the site it is necessary to drag, from the workplace to leave, and for what? For the sake of a cheap ticket?” According to Kholodov, the police really will not condone the violations of pedestrian traffic rules, if there will be some crazy fine of thirty thousand, say. But in this case this measure will work, except that in Moscow. “And the country outside Moscow ends: where earn little, heavy fines simply will not pay,” – he concluded.

Therefore, in the present circumstances to the VIP-accidents will have to be approached with the same yardstick as to the usual road accidents, the causes of which are different every time, often accidental or associated with a feature space where they occur.

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