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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Personal enemy of Erdogan, Gulen reported mental illness of Turkish President

The preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is a personal enemy of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and as a result, living in exile in the United States, said that he is mentally ill.

photo: youtube.com

Gulen said this in an interview which was published by his own portal “Hizmet today”: we will remind that at the moment the Turkish authorities called the preacher of the initiator occurred in the night of Saturday the coup attempt.

According to Gulen, “the madness of Erdogan say many”. He argues that the Turkish President is accompanied constantly by a few doctors. Erdogan allegedly suffered bouts of mental illness, during which lurks in one of their “gorgeous palaces”.

Erdogan, Gulen continues, suffers from an inferiority complex, typical for “comes back from the war”: here the preacher quoted the proverb, “the Gypsy was made king, and the first thing he ordered to kill his father.

Recall that the emigrant was formerly the ally of Erdogan, but it is based on Gulen movement Hizmet and Erdogan was able in the last decade to deal effectively with traditionally committed to secular values and the rate outlined by Ataturk, the army.

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Now, however, gülen argues not only that the cooperation with Erdogan banned in Russia “Islamic state” is a well-known fact, but believes that this is a consequence of the incompetence of the President in matters of governance.

“High self-esteem, excessive ambitions, constructing a false agenda through the artificial creation of opponents to mask their previous failures – all this for centuries were typical of people with mental disorders”, concludes the preacher.

Recall now that the structures of the “Hizmet”, which is a hybrid of religious and social movements and also called the “parallel state” in Turkey is an active struggle: controlled by Fethullah Gulen more than two dozen media selected license, teachers of financed schools, and just sympathetic to the views of the preacher lose their licenses for teaching, etc.

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Gülen himself, however, confident that all charges in its address are groundless: he recalls that the same current extradition request from Turkey has sent US 2 years ago, but then the American authorities considered gülen attributed to him innocent of the charges contained 300 pages.

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